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100+ iOS 8 Icons Set Free Download

iConMind offer 2,086+ icons sets in 53 different categories including iOS 8 icons, designed pixel are Perfect with 30px grid for iOS and 24px grid for Android. ICONMIND also gives 100+ iOS 8 Icons set for free. At the free pack you will find: …
Beautiful WhatsApp Redesign for iOS7

Beautiful WhatsApp Redesign for iOS

WhatsApp is a one of most popular messaging app that most probably inspired Apple to create iMessage. and facebook tried its best to compete but couldn’t succeed so finally Facebook bought WhatsApp for $19 Billion.The great thing about WhatsApp is that it’s …
Download iOS 7 Free UI Kit

Download iOS 7 Free UI Kit

if you’re going to Start designing iOS 7 apps today. Then this iOS 7 GUI Theme Design kit from Medialoot. is best for you. Absolutely every element you see is 100% vector and completely editable! Most of all its Free Hurrry :) …
The Apple iPhone Evolution - Infographic

The Apple iPhone Evolution – Infographic

To Celebrate the launch of Apple’s Latest iPhone 5s. Hard Core fan of Apple Samer Hadi created an interesting Infographic details the evolution and developments of Apple’s smartphone from the initial iPhone in 2007 to recent iPhone 5s. it Contains interesting data …
Facebook iOS 7 Redesign Concept

Facebook iOS Redesign Concept

Facebook is making rapid changes with the app editions for Androids and iOS, but its look has fallen behind recent design trends, Designer Monish from India took matters into his own hands Rather than just sit around and complain, He Redesigned The …
ios vs android The Battle Never Ends

iOS vs Android The Battle Never Ends

Seven years ago, Apple’s OS X Kicked of the touch revolution. but whil competitors like HTC, Samsung, Lg, Google, Mircosoft, and blackberry. have constantly shown off new and better version of their own operating system, but leaving all mobile phone company behind …

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