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Best 7 Seater Car – Split and Go

Best 7 Seater Car – This time Yankodesign’s Designer Kenan Haliloglu really won my heart with their recent concept design of Ultra Future Electric 7 Seater Car plus conventional van that splits to turn into a two-seater small car for urban use. Perfect for …
Triumph Hover-Bike Concept Artwork by squiffythewombat

12 Ultra Tech Future Concept Bikes

I’m dedicating my this article to all the Concept Bikes lovers & thrill chasers out there!! I love these machines for their extreme designs, and i’m sure you will be in love with them. To many, motorcycles are their first love and …
Lambo Logic - Ultra Concept Design

Lambo Logic – Lamborghini Concept Car Design

The Lambo Logic ultra Lamborghini Concept design is an evolution of the classic brand language that also integrates new visual elements. The structural core of the Lamborghini Concept is a lightweight and extremely rigid carbon fiber monocoque shell. Surfaces have precisely defined, sharp edges …

VolksWagen Aqua Concept Cars

Imagined by young Chinese designer, 21 year old Yuhan Zhang, a recent graduate in Industrial Design with honors from the University Xihua-China, The “Volkswagen Aqua” is an amazing concept, a hybrid vehicle half way between a car and a hovercraft. The vehicle …

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