A Brief Guide to Renting a Car in Spain (Leiebil Canaria)

A Brief Guide to Renting a Car in Spain (Leiebil Canaria)

If you are curious and wish to enjoy a specific country, you should visit Spain at least once in your lifetime. You can find notable regions and cities where you can drive and enjoy sightseeing and the perfect combination of culture, history, and nature.

Spanish outdoors features numerous aspects, including Atlantic Beaches, Mediterranean, desert, and scenic vineyards. The best way to fully understand and experience the natural and cultural diversity is to drive alone, without public transportation and other tourist arrangements.

Your adventure can start with a car rental. Generally, people pick their cars up at Madrid Barajas Airport or Barcelona El Prat Airport. However, dropping off and picking up a car near the airport is the cheapest and most convenient solution. We recommend you enter here, which will help you learn more about Grand Canaria.

You should know that July and August are the most popular months for tourists to arrive, but you can choose off-season months to enjoy the scenery without too many people on the roads and at specific destinations. Besides, off-season visiting is always cheaper and more appealing.

For instance, if you are in Barcelona, you should take a trip to the Pyrenees or Girona, while people who rent in Madrid should visit Toledo and Segovia. We recommend you travel down the coast, which will provide additional excitement, meaning you can enjoy excellent inland areas such as Sevilla and Grenada.

Still, you should remember that Spain is not just Mediterranean, Madrid, and Barcelona. You can find a wide array of smaller towns and diverse areas you can enjoy. For instance, you can enjoy other destinations such as Basque Country, Galicia, Asturias, and many more because they are cheaper than popular destinations, but you can still enjoy the culture.

The main idea is choosing the best rental car provider, which will offer you peace of mind. We can differentiate a few of the highest-rated rental companies; you should analyze them before visiting. It is better to rent a specific car before arriving, meaning you can enter it when you reach the destination.

Of course, getting familiar with rental conditions, including fuel and mileage policies, is critical. Speed limits and traffic rules are also essential, meaning you should read them wildly because some things may vary depending on the country you are from.

If you decide to increase your enjoyment, we recommend you learn basic Spanish, especially if you wish to explore inner destinations not commonly visited by tourists, meaning people may not know English or other languages. It is the best way to communicate with locals.

Exploring the interior of Spain is a rewarding experience, but you should plan everything which will offer you peace of mind. It is better to plan the accommodation and gas stations before it gets too dark or you run out of fuel.

When Should You Visit Spain?

When Should You Visit Spain?

You should know that Spain has a mild and warm climate, making it highly appealing to millions of visitors yearly. Of course, you should also remember that Spain is a large country, meaning each part has a specific microclimate that can change during specific periods.

For instance, the Mediterranean resorts of Spain have excellent climates all year round, but they are most prevalent during spring and autumn. Although summer months are also popular, temperatures can exceed 35 degrees C, which may be problematic for people not used to heatwaves.

Another important consideration is that the weather in Andalusia, for instance, is mild and pleasant, without heavy snow or cold weather. However, it is still too cold to swim in the winter months. Of course, you can visit it at any time, because during winter it is not packed with people.

The average temperature in Malaga is twenty-four degrees C all year round. On the other hand, Barcelona is also on the Mediterranean Sea, meaning the weather is perfect during the late spring and early autumn.

Regarding Madrid, the largest city and capital, the average temperature is lower due to higher altitude than Barcelona and other areas. Still, it is enjoyable all year round. Suppose the weather is not the most relevant priority you have. In that case, you should visit these cities whenever you want.

Some people may choose winter or late autumn because the crowds are smaller, meaning car rental and accommodations are cheaper than other periods. Regarding the north of Spain, known as the Basque Country, Galicia, Asturias, and Cantabria are perfect for visiting during summer.

However, it can be windy and rainy during late autumn and winter, especially next to the Atlantic Ocean. If you are into Spanish Pyrenees, the best time to visit depends on what you wish to do. For instance, skiing season starts in December and peaks in January and February, while you will catch snow from November to April.

Still, driving in the mountains requires snow chains, meaning you should request a car rental agency to offer you relevant protection. At the same time, you should rent a car that can easily handle inclines. Visit this link: to determine the best areas to enjoy in Grand Canaria.

Where Should You Rent a Car in Spain?

Where Should You Rent a Car in Spain?

As mentioned above, most people pick up a rental car near the airport. There are approximately twenty-four Spanish airports, with a few million travelers annually. The busiest and most popular options are the ones in Madrid and Barcelona.

Still, each region in Spain features at least one international airport, while some of them come with a few. Catalonia features four airports, while Andalusia comes with five. You can find rental companies next to the most significant Spanish airports.

Besides being convenient because a car will wait for you when you exit an airplane, car rental agencies that operate next to airports are more affordable than others due to high competitiveness.

Most car rental companies will offer you one-way options. That way, you can use this option to enjoy the freedom to explore as much as possible without returning to the same point you started. One-way options between countries are also possible, depending on your chosen agency.

The fee for international one-way rentals is more expensive than domestic solutions. The main idea is to check online for the best deals, compare them, and determine the one that works based on your plan and itinerary.

Is It Challenging to Travel Around Spain by Yourself?

Is It Challenging to Travel Around Spain by Yourself?

You should know that Spain is one of Europe’s most straightforward driving countries, mainly because everything is perfectly interconnected, meaning you can rest assured along the way. Roads are high quality, locals are friendly, and you can book accommodation online.

They have a developed tourist industry, meaning they already know how to interact with foreign travelers. It is a perfect country for a road trip because you will have unique experiences and sights.

You should know that Spain’s southern and northern coasts are heavily built up and developed. You can drive away from large cities to the interior, offering additional enjoyment and a peak into their culture.

The population, gas stations, and accommodation are scarcer in the interior than in popular areas, which is vital to remember. Although most tourist agencies tend to avoid inland Spain, you should travel there yourself and enjoy numerous off-the-radar destinations. Still, it would be best to plan your pit stops and places where you wish to sleep and rest.

Inland Spain is generally mountainous, meaning you must prepare for steep, narrow, and inclined roads. The general quality is good, meaning you will enjoy the process if you are an experienced driver. However, if you have not driven in the mountains before, we recommend you be extra cautious and avoid driving after dark.

As soon as you check out this website, you will learn the importance of renting a car when you visit a Gran Canaria. In a subsequent article, we will talk about areas people avoid visiting due to the lack of advertisements.

Underrated Travel Destinations

1. Asturias

Although people have heard about this region, you should know that it is a hidden gem that will provide you with additional enjoyment. It features incredible historical aspects, industrial heritage, architecture, and specific tourist attractions that will offer you peace of mind.

People visit Asturias mainly because of the most appealing natural habitat, awe-inspiring beaches, and the wildest areas in Europe. For instance, Picos de Europa National Park is an appealing mountain range in the center, perfect for enjoying wildlife, hiking paths, and cozy cottages at night.

2. Murcia

Murcia is an autonomous community located between Valencia and Andalusia. Due to its unique surroundings, people tend to neglect Murcia. If you wish to enjoy an off-the-beaten-path destination with beautiful beaches surrounded by nature and historical landmarks, you should choose this area.

We are talking about the city of Cartagena, which is a dream for people who enjoy history because it features monuments and ruins of numerous empires. Besides, La Manga is a long coastal resort with twelve miles of sand beaches.

Final Word

Final Word

If you wish to visit Grand Canaria and avoid public transportation, we recommend renting a car to enjoy the island’s beauty. These archipelagos are treasures of Spain, meaning you must see them to understand their importance.

Still, we recommend you book a specific car you wish to use upfront, which will spare you time while searching for the best option available on the market. As a result, you should familiarize yourself with regulations and choose a vehicle accordingly.

That way, a car will wait for you when your airplane lands, making the process seamless and enjoyable. It is as simple as that.

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