Top 5 Exclusive Yachts to Hire in Dubai

Top 5 Exclusive Yachts to Hire in Dubai

The city of Dubai, famous for its luxurious lifestyle with a blend of modernity and tradition, stands out as one of the best vacation sports. From being home to the lavish luxury resorts, thrilling waterparks, theme parks, and several record-breaking architectural marvels, it is a highly sought-after destination.

Among the many luxurious experiences this glamorous city offers, a yacht hire Dubai stays at the top as the epitome of extravagance. Here, we highlight the top 5 exclusive yachts to hire in Dubai for an unforgettable maritime experience.

As you set sail in the stunning waters of Dubai, prepare to be amazed by the breathtaking views of the city skyline, towering buildings, and iconic landmarks like Palm Jumeirah, Burj ul Arab, and Burj Khalifa. Witnessing the sight of these incredible structures on an exclusive yacht is an exceptional experience. Here, consider the list of the five most luxurious yachts for rent for those who want to enjoy the maritime lease in Dubai.

Unmatched Luxury on Dubai’s Finest Yachts

1. Julia

Featuring a spacious sun deck, jacuzzi, a remarkable interior, and an elegant design, the Julia is a creation of perfection in both comfort and performance. Explore around Dubai in comfort and style, while relaxing in its captivating, air-conditioned cabins. Relish its distinctive amenities including stylish bedrooms, modern tech, and the finest interior design. It comprises of 2 guest cabins and 1 VIP cabin. Julia yacht can accommodate up to 21 guests.

As you walk in the remarkable yacht, admire its superb design right from the doors, walls, ceiling, floors, and curtains to furniture, making it a perfect place for both leisure and fun. Regardless of the destination, whether a personal dinner, business meeting, or simple vacation, having it aboard the incredible Julia will make it exceptional.

2. Santorini

Live the sight and feel of the actual Greek Isles in the center of Dubai with the Santorini. The elegance and style of this yacht are clearly evident while at the same time possessing some of the more modern features of design. Lavish indoor living spaces include the expansive deck areas for utmost relaxation, holding fun-filled parties, celebrations, or dining at the bar. This mega yacht has a guest capacity of 70 and consists of 5 luxurious bedrooms.

As you sail in the extraordinary Santorini, witness an ideal blend of comfort, style, and luxury with its sophisticated cabins, premium bedrooms with exquisite furniture, and modern entertainment systems. Santorini’s crew will ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible, guaranteeing your comfort and a memorable cruise. It is one of the best luxury yachts that is available for yacht charter Dubai.

3. Arya

The Arya stands out with its sleek elegance and outperforms other similar yachts in most aspects. Featuring a lavish deck for sunbathing, opulent dining options, a modern, elegantly furnished interior, and the utmost comfortable seating, this yacht is well-suited for those who like to have high-class luxury at sea. Arya features 2 cabins that can effortlessly hosts up to 10 guests.

It promises a seamless sea tour with its great speed and stability. Enjoy a smooth, comfortable journey around the magnificent views of Dubai as you cruise along its coastline. Indulge yourself and your loved ones in a unique experience of luxury aboard Arya, a popular choice amongst private yacht hire Dubai.

4. Jude

When it comes to blending modern elegance into classic heritage, Jude effectively portrays it. This classic yacht guarantees an extraordinary sea journey, as per being designed with attention to the finest details. Its luxurious amenities include a large sun deck with a jacuzzi, along with sunbeds and sunshades to grant you the utmost relaxation and tranquility as you freshen up over the deck. With its 3 opulent cabins, this elegant yacht gracefully accommodates up to 35 guests.

Its interiors are equally captivating, featuring splendid cabins and a beautifully appointed salon. Jude’s professional crew guarantees to keep all the needs of the clients in mind to make the journey as comfortable and untroubled as possible.

5. Lana

The Lana represents the pinnacle of luxury and opulence. Crowning every conceivable comfort and luxury that one can imagine, this spectacular yacht provides one of the best yachting experiences. With its 2 elegant cabins, this stylish yacht comfortably welcomes up to 20 guests.

What makes it special is a spacious area for sunbathing, the latest entertainment systems, and premium bedrooms to grant its guests maximum luxury and relaxation during their journey. Enjoy touring around spectacular locations of Dubai from the comfort of this exclusive yacht. Witness the magical golden hour or the vibrant city lights from the deck of the exceptional Lana.

When you go for yacht hire in Dubai, you choose an exciting opportunity to traverse the beautiful shores and visit numerous destinations in the magnificent city. These yachts are considered the most luxurious in the market, offering various amenities and services to create an exquisite atmosphere. Regardless of whether you book it for big celebrations, intimate functions, family reunions, or corporate events, these top 5 yachts; Julia, Santorini, Arya, Jude, and Lana – are the best oceanic retreats you can find.

Sail on any of these magnificent vessels and create an experience that will remain etched in your memories for a very long time. If you are looking for yacht hire Dubai, then look no further as Beno is the best luxury yacht hire Dubai company that provides all sorts of yachts in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

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