Five Factors That Contribute to a Better Settlement in an Atlanta Car Accident Case

Five Factors That Contribute to a Better Settlement in an Atlanta Car Accident Case
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Atlanta, the capital and largest city in the state of Georgia, possesses a public transportation system that has a large population extending between the city and suburban areas. With this come the highways and major roads, causing a high traffic density. With no surprise, Atlanta has become the hotspot for car accidents.

Despite the state being locked down, the city has faced 21,478 car crashes in 2020 alone. It is the role of Atlanta car accident lawyers to handle the complexities of personal injury law and to act as a legal protector. They deal with insurance companies, medical bills, and potential legal actions, ensuring the protection of your rights. They are also helpful in getting a better settlement amount.

Factors Contributing to a Better Settlement in an Atlanta Car Accident

Fault and Liability Percentage

You can recover all of your damage costs if the other person is entirely responsible for the collision. But your recovery will likely be reduced if you share in the responsibility for the crash.

Georgia crime law relies on a modified comparative fault rule in determining the recovery of legal liabilities with a 50% bar line in car accident cases. In simpler terms, if the person is found to be more than 49% responsible for the collision, they are not eligible for compensation for their damages.

If a person is less than 50% responsible for the crash, they can still claim for their damages. However, their amount of recovery will be reduced by the percentage of liability they cause in the collision.

Seeking an Immediate Medical Evaluation

You should seek a medical examination right after you have been hurt in a car accident. Some insurance providers find ways to minimize your recovery amount. If you fail to secure medical care after an accident, they may claim that your car accident was not the reason for your injuries.

Your Statements about the Accident

You must be very careful when speaking with the other driver and the insurance adjuster after the accident. Here are some general guidelines to be followed while speaking with the insurance adjuster:

  • Never say anything that might signify that you share responsibility for the accident.
  • Never use polite words like “fine,” “okay,” or “good.” Insurance companies can use these statements against you during recovery time.
  • Never agree to provide a written or recorded statement explaining your version of events.

It is advisable to seek legal representation before communicating with an insurance provider.

Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer

Most car accident victims believe they can handle the negotiation process with insurance providers on their own to avoid spending money on a car accident lawyer to represent them. While it is possible to take on their own, it has been repeatedly proven that individuals who represent themselves will receive smaller settlements than those experienced car accident lawyers represent.

Filing a Lawsuit

Filing a Lawsuit
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Even after a series of negotiations, if the insurance provider is not ready to make a decent offer, with your lawyer’s advice, file a lawsuit against the at-fault party. The insurance company will increase their offer once they understand that you are serious about the claim.


Atlanta faces an average of 4,593 car accidents every month, 151 car accidents every day, and 6 car accidents every hour. About one out of every three collisions causes injury to the parties involved.

Regarding compensation, factors like fault and liability percentage, seeking a medical examination, mindful communication with the insurance provider, hiring an experienced car accident lawyer, and filing a lawsuit will improve the settlement of Atlanta car accidents.

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