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What to Ask iOS Developers During an Interview


We all know interviews are important. They allow you to get to know the candidate, their qualifications, and if they would be a good fit for your company. iOS developers are in high demand. But the market is not limited to them. With the increasing popularity of Apple products, the iOS developer market is becoming increasingly crowded. Every day, new iOS developers come onto the scene. This can make it difficult to know what to ask them during an interview.

To develop iOS applications, one needs expertise in Objective-C or Swift programming language and Apple’s Xcode IDE. For small companies and startups, it is important to save costs wherever possible. Hiring an iOS developer can be expensive, so it is important to ensure you get the most bang for your buck. So when you are interviewing an iOS developer, you need to ask questions that reflect these skills. Below are some sample questions you can ask an iOS developer to gauge their skills and expertise during an interview. Let’s begin.

What Is The Difference Between An Objective-C Category And An Extension?

Objective-C categories are used to group related methods. They are typically used to add functionality to existing classes. On the other hand, extensions add new functionality to a class without subclassing it. Objective-C categories are useful for adding methods to existing classes without having to subclass them.

This can be helpful when you want to add functionality to a class you don’t have the source code for. Extensions are useful for adding new functionality to a class you have the source code for.

Also, ask about the candidate’s experience adding categories and extensions to existing classes. If a candidate is not familiar with either of these concepts, you should consider hiring some other candidate.

Which JSON Framework Is Supported By iOS?

iOS supports the JSONSerialization class, which is part of the Foundation framework. This class provides methods for converting JSON objects to and from Foundation objects such as NSData, NSString, NSArray, and NSDictionary. It offers flexible options for controlling how the conversion is performed, such as the ability to specify the encoding and decoding options.

Asking about JSON support is a good way to gauge a candidate’s experience with data serialization. JSON is a popular format for data exchange, and knowing how to work with it is essential for many iOS development tasks. An experienced iOS developer should be familiar with the Foundation framework’s JSONSerialization class and learn how to use it to convert JSON objects to and from Foundation objects.

How Is Volatility Achieved In Swift And Objective-C?

The two main ways to achieve volatility in Swift are using the ‘weak’ keyword or closures. The ‘weak’ keyword indicates that a property should not keep a strong reference to an object. This means that the object can be deallocated if no other connections exist.

Closures are also a way to achieve volatility in Swift. This is because they capture variables in their environment. If a closure captures a variable that is not volatile, then the closure will keep a strong reference to that object.

Mobile developers who work with Apple’s iOS operating system must use Objective-C or Swift programming languages. In an interview, you want to assess a candidate’s proficiency in both languages.

What Do You Know About Deep Linking In iOS?

Deep Linking can open specific content within an app using a URL called Deep Linking. It is a useful tool for iOS developers because it allows them to create links that can be shared with other people, and when those links are clicked, the specific content will be opened in the app. Deep linking requires the use of a custom URL scheme, which is a unique identifier that is registered with the operating system.

The interviewer must keep a keen eye on how the candidate responds to this question. They should be able to explain deep linking and why it is useful. Furthermore, they should be able to show that they understand how to implement it by mentioning the need for a custom URL scheme. If the candidate cannot answer this question, it is likely that they do not have a strong understanding of deep linking and would be unable to implement it in their projects.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Storyboards?

Storyboards are a visual way to create the flow of your app. They allow you to see all the screens in your app and how they are connected. This can be helpful when you are planning the structure of your app and figuring out how users will navigate through it.

Storyboards can also make it easier to create segues and transitions between screens.

The benefits of using storyboards are that they help you visualize your app’s flow and make it easier to create segues. If a candidate cannot answer this question, it is likely that they have not used storyboards before and would not be able to take advantage of their benefits.

What Are Subscripts?

Subscripts are a way to access the elements of a collection, list, or sequence. They are similar to the square bracket notation used to access an array’s features. However, subscripts can take any index, not just integers. It is also possible to define multiple subscripts for a single type.

If a candidate is unfamiliar with the term “subscripts” then you can ask them how they would access the elements of an array. This will give you a good idea of their expertise with the Swift programming language.


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