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Where to Get Instagram Followers and Likes: Top 10 Websites for 2024.

Where to Get Instagram Followers and Likes Top 10 Websites for 2024.Most users check the number of followers before following an Instagram account. The more followers you have, the higher your chances of getting more followers. However, growing an Instagram account isn’t easy. That is why most big influencers resort to buying Instagram followers and likes. This article will review the top 10 sites for buying Instagram followers.

Is It Worth Buying Instagram Followers And Likes?

Here are some great reasons to consider buying Instagram services:

Get more followers.

As noted earlier, social media users consider the number of followers before deciding to follow an account. Nobody will follow if your account has only a few or a couple of followers. Before you gain organic followers, you can bridge the gap by buying followers. Similarly, getting likes for your posts will result in a higher engagement level.

Possibility of brand deals.

When brands search for influences to market their products, one of the factors they consider is the number of followers and post engagements. As you would guess, every brand wants to work with influences with thousands of followers and a high engagement rate. Therefore, when you buy followers, you increase your chances of brands working with you.

Increase your credibility.

Picture a situation where you come across two Instagram accounts; One has 50 followers, and another has 20K followers. Which of these accounts are you likely to trust?  The one with many followers. That means when you buy followers, Instagram users will likely consider your business legit.

Top 10 Best Sites For Buying Instagram Followers.

If you need followers, here is our review of some top options:

1. SubscriberZ

After reviewing tens of sites, we concluded that SubscriberZ is the best site for buying Instagram followers. It has glowing reviews from many satisfied customers, meaning it is renowned for its top-notch services. Our research found that this is because of its commitment to providing its users with genuine followers at an affordable price.

Besides, SubscriberZ delivers fast and organic followers and engagement. This ensures the safety of your account while boosting your account through likes and engagement.


  • Most reputable service provider.
  • Non-drop followers.
  • Exemplary customer service.
  • Free trial services.
  • A refill guarantee.


  • No packages for less than 200 followers

2. Mixx

With a commitment to genuine followers, safe services, and unmatched customer service, Mixx makes it to the second position of our best sites to buy Instagram followers and likes. Even though they deliver genuine followers, they have some of the most affordable services. You can buy likes starting from $0.49 for 200 followers.

Despite selling millions of followers, likes, and comments, Mixx has received thousands of positive reviews. Once you order, you will receive followers within a few hours.


  • Delivers genuine followers fast.
  • No password is needed.
  • Accepts a variety of payment methods.
  • Use Instagram-approved payment methods.
  • Free trial period.


  • Doesn’t offer Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram services.


What we love most about SocialGreg is its strong focus on delivering authentic followers. Since the followers come from genuine accounts, you can be assured of real engagement. Buying followers who react to your posts adds to your numbers and builds a community.

When you look closely at the followers you get from SocialGreg, you will realize they regularly have profile pictures, bios, and posts. Besides, they have well-balanced numbers regarding the accounts that follow them and the ones they follow. Therefore, with the straightforward approach ofSocialGreg, you can be assured that your profile will get an instant boost.


  • Real engagement from real people.
  • Unmatched customer service.
  • Offers a free trial service.
  • Automatic refills.
  • Safe and discreet.


  • You need to provide an email to order Instagram services.

4. Owlet

When you order followers from Owlet, they will deliver within 24 hours, which is considerably good. However, according to our research, they are not good quality followers and will start dropping in less than a week. Even worse, their customer service is poor, and they will not respond to your inquiries and emails.


  • Delivers followers considerably fast.
  • Wide range of services.


  • Followers drop fast.
  • Lots of negative reviews.
  • Have no refill guarantee.


SuperViral has been around for some time now, so we decided to try them. However, when we ordered from them, we received fake followers who added no engagement to our account. While we received our followers fast, they will drop after some time. The followers they send devalued the ones we already have. Therefore,their services are more detrimental than the value they offer.


  • Discreet service.

  • Easy to use site.


  • Devalues your genuine followers.
  • Followers have no data like profile pictures, bios, or posting history.

6. Instafollowershub

When you order followers from  Instafollowershub,  they will be delivered within one hour. According to the information on their sites, they claimed the followers were genuine and non-drop. However, this wasn’t the case, as they dropped after some time. A closer look at the quality of followers shows they add no real engagement to your account.


  • Will deliver followers within one hour.
  • Ordering doesn’t require a password.


  • Fake followers.
  • It can pose a risk to your Instagram account.

7. Famoid

With packages starting from $3.95 for Instagram followers, Famoid is an affordable service. The site is safe and secure to order from, as it is secured with the latest SSL technology. However, they fail in the most important area: the quality of followers.

They deliver fake followers that add no value to your Instagram account. These followers either have no people following them, or they themselves follow thousands of people, a sign that you are dealing with fake followers.


  • Well-secured site.
  • Affordable packages.
  • No password is needed.


  • The followers delivered get removed by Instagram after some time.
  • Fake foreign followers.

8. Twicsy

Twicsy has a simple ordering process that enables you to buy followers in 3 simple steps. When you order from them, you can expect your order to be delivered within 24 hours. This is considerably good and compares well with the delivery period of other service providers in our list.

However, when we independently checked review sites to determine what previous customers were saying, we found many previous customers who claimed to receive fake followers.


  • Delivered within 24 hours.
  • Easy ordering process.


  • Has lots of fake reviews on its site.
  • Poor quality followers.


QQTube offers a wide range of Instagram services, including followers, likes, and comments. You can order US-based followers at the click of a button. You can also choose whether you need male or female followers. This targeting capability makes it worth a try.

With all their services available on the homepage, it’s quite easy to order from the site. However, judging from the quality of likes we got, they also deliver bot followers and engagements.


  • Easy navigation on their site.
  • Great targeting options.


  • Bot followers.
  • Followers drop as Instagram removes them.
  • Pose a risk to your account.


With a lower price than most other services, XtraFollowers is worth trying. When you order from the site, they deliver within 48 hours, which is a bit slow compared to other services on our list. This site is also user-friendly, meaning you can easily find the service you are searching for. Their wide range of packages means they cater to different users’ needs.


  • Customized packages.
  • User-friendly sites.


  • Followers delivered by software.

Faqs on Where To Buy Instagram Followers And Likes

Is it legal to buy Instagram followers?

It depends. Buying followers and engagement from sites that send bots is illegal. However, buying from companies that promote your account to people in your niche is completely allowed and within the terms and conditions of Instagram.

Where can I buy real Instagram followers and likes?

If you need to buy genuine followers of real people, we recommend buying from  SociaGreg, Subscribers, and Mixx.

Will Instagram penalize my account for buying followers?

Buying fake followers delivered by bots may penalize your account. Instagram will remove the followers from your account, leading to a drop. But if you buy real followers consisting of real people, this will give your account an instant boost with zero risks.

Final Thoughts

Buying Instagram followers is one of the easy ways to boost your Instagram account. In a short time,you can see a sudden spike in your following. However, you need to be careful with whom you buy from, as you don’t want to be scammed. For genuine followers, we recommend you buy from SubscribeZ, SocialGreg, and Mixx.

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