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Ipados 16 is delayed, release only according to iOS16

At regular intervals, Apple publishes updates for the in-house operating systems iOS, Watch OS and Mac OS. Here we keep you up to date with the current updates, problems, error fixes, or exciting news about Apple’s hardware.

What is the current version of the operating systems for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and other Apple devices? Here we inform you about the latest updates, announcements, and error loans.

iOS 16: Release and functions

On Monday, September 12th, Apple will provide the new iOS update iOS 16 for general Download. The company announced this on Keynote 2022. The update for all iPhones from the year 2017 is usable, which includes the iPhone X and the iPhone 8. Older models such as the iPhone 7 or iPhone 6S are no longer supported.

For the first time, iOS 16 enables the lock screen with numerous widgets that can be arranged directly above and during the time. Other new functions include the following areas:

  • Messages
  • Live activities
  • focus
  • photos
  • news
  • Mail
  • Medication
  • Passkey
  • Live text
  • Dictate
  • Faster updates
  • Car Play
  • privacy
  • Clipboard
  • Blocking mode

iOS 16: Update for iPados 16 will only be delivered later

Apple will publish iPados 16 as iOS 16 at a later date, the company now officially announced in a statement. Even a version number is skipped, so Ipados starts directly with version 16.1. Apple told Techcrunch that it was a “particularly important year for iPados”.

According to rumors, new iPad models are also to be introduced on the market in October – so Apple may also be waiting for the new iPads with the release of iPados. Another reason could be the function and greatest novelty “Stage Manager”. This is to enable multitasking on the tablet using freely movable windows. However, the function received criticism from beta testers, so maybe Apple will readjust here again.

Important iOS update 15.6.1: Apple recommends rapid update against security gaps

Surprisingly, Apple released operating system updates for numerous iPads and iPhones on Wednesday. The reason for this is two serious security gaps, which, according to a report, could actively be used by attackers. So all the more important is to close the gaps as quickly as possible.

Among other things, the change of the update states that the weak point in the kernel allows unauthorized persons to carry out any code with kernel rights. Another weak point concerns the web kit. This allows the processing of web content created with evil intent, which can lead to the execution of any code.

  • The update is highly recommended and contains the necessary safety patch to close the gaps.
  • As a rule, the update already available to iOS 15.6.1 should be displayed directly on the devices.
  • How to find the update on your device: “Settings” -> “General” -> “Software update” -> “IOS 15.6.1.”

iOS 16 update: These iPhone models do not get the update

The new iOS 16 updates from Apple is to be released this year. In the meantime, however, it is clear: Not all users will benefit from the update because some iPhone models are not compatible. Only iPhones that are not older than 5 years are supported. The following devices from 2017 and later can download the new operating system.

  • iPhone 14 (not yet published, but is expected to be provided directly with the final iOS-16 version)
  • iPhone 13 (Mini, Pro & Pro Max)
  • iPhone SE (2022)
  • iPhone 12 Pro (max)
  • iPhone 12
  • iPhone 12 mini
  • iPhone SE (2020)
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • iPhone 11 Pro
  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone 8 Plus

In contrast, iOS 16 will not be used for these models: iPhone 6 (plus), iPhone 6S, and the first generation of iPhone SE. The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are no longer supported.

iOS 15.6: Last update before iOS 16 especially intended for error fixes

The specific publication date for iOS 15.6 has not yet been determined, since the version is already a release candidate, a timely publication is likely. Apple has already explained what the new update this time has this time in the notes. Accordingly, it is primarily intended to be minor error loops, such as:

  • The problem in Safari is fixed, in which a tab can return to a previous page
  • The TV app can now restart and stop, back or pre-spool the new function.
  • Fixes a problem in which the settings can still be displayed that the device memory is full, even if it is available.
  • Fixes a problem that can lead to Braille devices being slower or no longer reacting if you navigate in the mail by text.

Users with a beta profile can already test the release candidate from iOS 15.6. Ipados is also available as a version 15.6 RC.

New Apple update in June: When will iOS 16 come?

IOS 15.5 is currently the current operating system version for the iPhone. At the Worldwide Developer Conference 2022 (WWDC), the group has already presented the successor iOS 16, which should be available from autumn 2022.

Highlights could be an always-on display, the adjustment of the lock screen, several simultaneous timers, a new calculator, and a new design for the control center. The possibility of performing apps in your own, several windows side by side is also often discussed. With this option, Apple would also be even stronger competition for Windows from Microsoft. In addition, more likely details about the support of VR/AR and Apple Glass are also more likely-after all, one of the figures of the official WWDC invitation carries glasses and thus indicates this.

All current Apple software updates at a glance:

  • iOS 15.5
  • iPad OS 15.5
  • Mac OS 12.4
  • TVOS 15.5
  • Watch OS 8.6

Important: If you have installed the latest update on your end device, you can no longer return to the previous version.

Detailed information about the Apple Security Updates is available on the corresponding support website.

iOS 15.5: All changes and innovations

Most recently, Apple has provided the new operating system update 15.5. This includes only a few smaller updates and bug fixes. Is the update worth and what innovations does it contain? An overview of the new functions and error fixes:

Podcast app and SmartHome

Managing downloaded consequences is simplified in the Podcast app. The app restricts the number of stored podcasts in the future, so that subscribed podcasts occupy less memory. On request, old episodes can also be deleted automatically. The HomeKit was also optimized-occasional errors in smart home automation that occurred when people entered or left the home were fixed.

Apple Cash and Wallet app

Apple Cash is currently not available for some markets, but at this point, it should be mentioned for the sake of completeness that Apple has simplified the request and sent money in the wallet app.

System stability and safety patches through iOS 15.5

Apart from the few new functions, iOS 15.5 is particularly relevant because of the remedial of various security gaps. A variety of small corrections for different safety problems are covered by the update.

Download iOS 15.5 and install the Apple update

To download the current iOS update, connect your device to a power source and connect it to the Internet via WLAN. The update can be carried out via settings> General> Software update. If the update is not displayed on the device, an update is alternatively possible via the computer.


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