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Get Advantage on Android Games using LuluBox

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The Android platform has begun lagging behind iOS in terms of what is available to users. While the Android app store is larger than the iOS store, users are more limited in what they can install on their devices, at least in terms of unofficial content.

Android users don’t have so many alternative app stores to get their unofficial content from but, what they do have now is a cool modification tool called Lulubox.  This is not an app store, and it doesn’t contain pre-installed modified apps and games to download, but it does modify some of the official apps and games you installed on your device.

It provides them with cool new features and functionality and is completely free to use. And, even better, your device does not have to be rooted to use i,t and you get a built-in chatroom to join other users. Here’s everything you need to know about Lulubox.

How to Install Lulubox:

There is nothing difficult about installing Lulubox on your Android device – you just need to follow the guide below as written to manually install the APK file:

  1. First, go into your Android settings app and tap on Security or Privacy
  2. Enable the Unknown Sources option and come out of Settings
  3. Open your browser and go to the linked Lulubox download page
  4. Tap the APK file to download it and head to your downloads folder
  5. Double-tap on the APK file and follow any installation instructions you see on the screen
  6. When you see the Lulubox icon on your home screen, the tool has been successfully installed.

How to Use Lulubox:

Lulubox is user-friend,ly but you must not forget – it will only modify what you already installed from the official store as it is a modification tool and not an app store:

  1. Open Lulub,ox and you will see all your supported apps and games
  2. Tap the app or game to modify and you will see all the available modifications
  3. Activate the booster to apply the modifications
  4. When you don’t want the modifications anymore, go back into Lulubox and deactivate the booster

Pros and Cons

Like any unofficial content, Lulubox has its pros and cons:


  • Plenty of cool modifications to official content
  • Many titles supported
  • Your gaming quality is not affected
  • You get a better, more competitive gaming experience


  • There are no pre-installed apps or games – Lulubox only modifies your installed content
  • You must install your apps and games from the official app store and then modify them using Lulubox but not all titles are supported
  • It can be a trick to launch and close Lulubox

Lulubox Troubleshooting

Lulubox is pretty reliable but there are a couple of errors you may come across:

Cannot Download Lulubox

Lulubox will only download if you enable Unknown Sources in Settings. If you didn’t, you must delete Lulubox and reinstall it, ensuring Unknown Sources is enabled beforehand.

Lulubox Stopped Working

Delete and reinstall it and don’t forget – it can only work if you installed your apps and games from the official store first.

Running Exception Error Message

If you get an error message reading “Running Exception! Please check the running environment of your cell phone and try again later,” you won’t be able to use the tool. This is easily fixed by deleting the Lulubox app cache and data. If you installed a hex editor on your device, you will need to delete it. Because Lulubox and Hex editors are essentially the same, they will conflict with one another.

If you are still experiencing issues, make sure you have the latest Lulubox version. If not, delete and reinstall the newest one.

Be aware that customer support is not as good as it is with unofficial app stores. While the app will be kept up-to-date and safe for you to use, there is no guarantee that the developers will respond to any support requests you make on their social media pages.

Frequently Asked Questions

These will tell you everything else you need to know about Lulubox:

Is it Safe to Use?

Yes, it is. Our tests did not reveal any malware, viruses, or anything else that could cause problems for you. And, although customer service isn’t that good, the developers do ensure the app is kept safe for you to use. However, it is down to you to install the app updates they release.

Does Lulubox Work on iOS?

No. The developers have opted to only make it available for Android but iOS users do have plenty of unofficial app stores to choose from.

Can I Use it on a Desktop?

Yes, but you will need to install an Android emulator first. Then the APK file can be installed via the emulator and used on your Windows or Mac computer. Be aware that you will need to use the Google Play Store via the emulator to access your apps and games for modification as Lulubox does not support desktop apps.

Is it Free?

Yes and there are no hidden charges, either.

How Do I Play Games Through Lulubox?

You must ensure you install your games via the official app store first, and then use Lulubox to modify them. Simply open Lulubox, tap on the game you want to modify and activate the booster. You can deactivate the booster in the same way when you no longer want the modifications.

While Lulubox is not an app store, it can modify many of your installed apps and games and you don’t need to root your device, either. It’s free to use so go ahead and try it on your Android device today.


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