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Top 10 Libraries for iOS Developers

Libraries for iOS Developers

Rating the various libraries for iOS Development services may not be as easy as you make think. A vital factor to look at is what exactly makes one library better than the other. As much as these different libraries solve a wide range of problems, none of these development services is alike. Due to this, it may be a difficult task to rank them from the best one to the worst one.

These libraries are critical development services. The article aims to show you the top 10 most popular libraries for iOS Developers.

Libraries for iOS Developers

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A popular C library mostly used for networking suitable for macOS, iOS and tvOS. This library is known, or its robust nature and has been in the market for many years. One of its significant features is networking while SSL Pinning and network reachability been an advanced feature. With downloads of over 50 million all over the world, it is clear that it is one of the popular development services.


This library is an image downloader that is not only asynchronous but also comes with caching. One of its significant features is the fact that it comes with different UIKit categories that allow a user to do a variety of things like set UIImageView to a simple URL. It is another popular library mainly because it makes things easy for iOS developers and development services.


As much as this library is a successor of AFNetworking, usually is written in a language called Swift. Both of these libraries are similar, but the language used in writing them is what differs. If you are starting up a new project, it would be advisable to make use of Swift so that the networking library coincides with your source code.


This unique library comes with a unique class that displays HUD short for Heads up display. The HUD comes with text, spinner, images that show progress, loading, failure, success or any other alerts useful to a user. These are some significant features that any developer needs when looking for development services.


This is one of that iOS developer library that makes working on your AUtoLayout a walk in the pack. The syntax of this library is simple and easily understandable. Additionally, it provides users with a chainable DSL that makes the AutoLayout code to be more readable and concise.


When you are handling or dealing with JSON USING Swift language, this library makes life easy. Because of the endless type casting issues, it may be a bit difficult to parse JSON with the swift language. With this library, you don’t need to make use of a load of nested if statement.


A library similar to MBProgress mainly because it usually creates what is known as a singleton. All a user will have to do is to call Hide and show when making use of it. It also comes in handy when developing apps, especially if you are looking for an MBProgress alternative.


If you are looking for a more comfortable alternative to add in your pull-to-refresh function to your UITableView, this library should come in handy. It is also an excellent library for adding in an animation, text or UIView.


A compelling yet straightforward framework for all the logging needs you may have. If you want to do so much more than print or NSLog, this library is ideal. It should help you log in to your local files, write to a variety of loggers as well as the creation of different logging levels.


Compared to core data, realm makes things easy for iOS developers and other development services. Not only is it persistent and faster, they recently launched a platform that allows users to sync their data between different applications in real-time.


All the above libraries are essential and useful. All come in handy depending on the kind of problem that you are trying to solve. Development services are a major factor in any development process of iOS. The only thing that you need to learn is how to implement them into your applications. You will also need to learn how to install them as well as make use of them in your iOS apps. There are still other libraries online that may come in handy for iOS developers. If you are always looking into this, it won’t hurt to check on them.


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