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Horses in Art – Symbolic Horse Paintings in Modern Art

Only a few animals have driven mankind to the extent horses have until now. Like the permanent ink on manuscripts that have always stood the test of time, horses in art have helped humankind come up with chronicles of the divine journey on the planet. Out of all animals that we have encountered until now, the horses have stayed with us through thick & thin. This is why they are beautifully depicted in different forms of art -including horse paintings 

Horses symbolize vigor, strength, courage, stability, endurance, and movement. As per the principles of Feng Shui, the famous seven horse paintings for your home décor symbolize vitality. Therefore, when you place a seven-horse painting in your home décor, it will stimulate you to move forward. At the same time, having a painting or art depicting horse running or galloping will bring ample positivity in the given space.  

Horses in Art – Symbolic Horse Paintings in Modern Art

What Different Forms of Horse Paintings can You Have in Your Home?

A horse has always served to be an indicator of the overall power and wealth of the respective owner. The animal is the ultimate hero of sport competitions and military battles. The image of a horse on a painting or canvas is aimed at telling the viewers about the respective occupation, the class status, and even the overall success of the portrayed individual. In some cases, it can even be an attribute of fashion.

With several theories and stories about the origin of using horses in art and paintings, the principles of Feng Shui recommend using different types of horse paintings throughout your home décor. Here are some for you to look into:

Feng Shui Lucky Seven Horses

Feng Shui horses help in representing success and vitality. A feng shui picture depicting lucky seven horses in your interior décor helps in guaranteeing financial stability in your life. The same seven horse painting in the office space offers the guarantee of job promotion, financial stability, and success in your business.

The placement and direction of the famous painting depicting seven horses in your house or workplace also matter significantly. As you hang the popular seven horses painting in your home, it is important to make sure that it should be within the house premises – horses should be moving within the premises or perimeters of the house. In the office, you should consider hanging this painting on the south or east wall.

Feng Shui Golden Horses

The iconic golden horse in the principle of Feng Shui is regarded a tribute horse. The horse is believed to have set its glorious foot on grounds of unending treasures and coins. The painting featuring golden horses is symbolic with good fortune, stability, wealth, nobility, and vitality.

The best place to keep the golden horse painting in your house interior is the southern corner of the existing room. You can also place this famous painting in the southern corner of the office space to bring about impressive fortune in your business. This classic horse painting helps in bringing ample mobility along with fame, popularity towards life, and the overall desired respect.

Fortune and good luck can be easily achieved when you keep this esteemed painting on your working desk. People who might be constantly worried about the respective careers while looking forward to ensuring the best outcomes in all possible aspects of life can also consider using this horse painting to bring about good fortune.

Galloping Horse Painting

In the principles of Feng Shui, a painting featuring a galloping horse or multiple galloping horses can be effectively positioned in the cabin or office space. This type of horse painting in your office space helps in improving your overall luck when you come across work-related challenges.

Horses are known to represent unmatched courage, speed, power, endurance, and strength. As you hang a wall painting featuring galloping horses on the south wall of the workspace, it helps in fulfilling all your aspirations, including fame, recognition, rapid growth, and victory. It also assists in bringing ample success to your professional life as well as career.

Eight Horses Painting

The famous horse painting featuring eight horses helps in bringing fame, recognition, victory, dynamism, and ample promotion -both in your career and personal life. The eight core life career helps in representing the core eight aspirations of life -including health, career, recognition, marriage, happiness, education, children, and personal development.

It is advised that you should hang an eight horse painting in the south or fame field and in the north or career field. When you hang the classic painting featuring eight horses in the living area near the entrance area of the home, it helps in bringing good fortune and wealth to your house.

Horses in Motion

Statues or painting of a single or multiple horses in motion helps in strengthening your overall power and bringing goodwill in general. Horses in motion depict forward motion along with prosperity, loyalty, promotion, growth, success, and endurance. A horse in motion or even a galloping horse can help you to be focused in life while treading the road to success.

Fly Atop Horse by Feng Shui

The famous fly atop horse by Feng Shui is a depiction of a victorious horse that can be used for building a major fly on the back for increasing the overall flow of good energy while improving the scope of existing opportunities in your professional life. The combination featuring fly horses is exclusive for interior décor and design in several ways. It is because it helps you in climbing the ladders of success, bringing out the best opportunities, and continuing winning.

The classic feng shui horse painting

The classic feng shui horse painting can be hung on the northern end of the work desk or office to win common adversities of life while also gaining ample opportunities.


With a myriad of variations of horse paintings available out there, you can choose the best as per your need and objective. With Artoreal, you can get access to bespoke horse paintings to accentuate your home or office décor.

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