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Know Top Interior Design Tips for People with Special Needs

Know Top Interior Design Tips for People with Special NeedsSometimes people try to make their houses beautiful but they end up making it complicated. People with medical conditions cannot live normally in these complicated houses. Disabled people have special needs for better mobility and accessibility in the houses.

If you are looking for interior design services for disabled people in Perth, then you can go for the best providers like DisabilityServicesPerth. The top things that must be included in houses for people with special needs are discussed in this article. Continue reading to know the details!

Top Interior Design Tips for People with Reduced Mobility

Here are some interior design tips that you should follow while creating houses for people with disabilities. Check them out!

Build Wide Hallways

The first thing you look for while creating a house for disabled people is building-wide hallways. It helps people with instruments like wheelchairs to move easily inside the house. The hallway of the house must be five feet. The wide and spacious hallways help them with Perth household tasks. Consider all these decorative elements. Adding more, you can even hire house cleaners in Perth to create a positive and peaceful environment for people with reduced mobility.

Go for a Walk-In Shower

A walk-in shower helps disabled people to walk and also roll their chairs without facing any difficulty. With this shower, the chances of accidents are reduced to higher levels. Adding more, you should also not add any curtains to make the shower more accessible for people with disabilities. For privacy, you can install glass or brick walls to take a shower without any obstacles.

Go for Spacious Room

Spacious rooms are the best option for people with disabilities. They can easily move inside the rooms for different household tasks. You should go for five-foot margins on the room borders. Adding more, you should go for four-foot margins between every piece of furniture in the room. With the help of NDIS household task services, you can easily manage house cleaning.

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Install Light Switches at the Lower Level

Many people don’t pay attention to the light switches while designing a house for the disabled. If you want to make your house disabled-friendly, then you should install switches at the lower levels. You can install switches at lower levels with the help of the best NDIS service provider. When you make your house accessible, disabled people can live peacefully and comfortably.

Use Handles for Doors

When you use knobs for doors it can cause a lot of difficulty for disabled people. For this, always use handles at the doors of your house. It helps house cleaning for disabled people without any issues. Adding more, a handle at doors is easy to pull for disabled people from any position. That’s why using handles for doors is a better option in comparison to knobs for people with reduced mobility.

Build Cupboards on Lower Levels

Try to build cupboards at lower levels for people with wheelchairs. When disabled people need any accessories inside the kitchen, they can easily open the cupboard to use them. If you hire house cleaners in Perth, it helps to clean every nook and corner without a hitch. Try to create a spacious kitchen so that disabled people can move freely inside the kitchen. Adding more, you should also place ovens at lower heights in the kitchen. While designing your house, placing cupboards at a lower level is very crucial.

Install Non-Slip Floors in Houses

Always consider non-slip floors for the bathroom, kitchen, and other areas of the house. Many luxurious tilings are available for house flooring. But, all of these are too dangerous for people. The expert-level disability services Perth recommends always going for flooring that is not slippery for disabled people. To avoid accidents and other problems, you should go for floors that are not slippery and also match exactly with your bathroom.

Build Wide Doors

The recommended door size for people with disabilities is 2.6 feet. The size of the wheelchair is 2.2 feet, that’s why 2.6 feet of doors are enough for building a house. The disabled person cannot get stuck and easily move inside the room without any issues. Another good thing about the wide doors is that they give your house a luxurious look and are also a better option for people with disabilities to move.

Use no Texture Flooring

The floor of the house is very crucial. You should go for floors that have minuscule grains. Never go for smooth floors because it is very dangerous like disabled people can get slipped. You should also not go for heavy-textured flooring because you can get stuck. To make your house look attractive and easy to walk for household activities, always go for separate floors for the washroom and bedroom. It helps in giving disabled people with outclass feels.

Final Remarks!

These are the top tips that you should consider while designing a house for people with special needs. These types of houses are easy to access for people with disabilities. They can live comfortably, independently, and peacefully in well-designed houses based on their needs.

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