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7 Best Facility Management Software to Streamline Operations in 2024

7 Best Facility Management Software to Streamline Operations in 2024

It’s probably time to get facility management software.

Maintaining harmonious communication between departments and managing multiple assets is undeniably a chore, even for experts. It is even worse when you have a large scope to cover including security, maintenance, and HVAC.

Without a proper facility management system, your business facilities start experiencing inefficiencies often manifested in poor maintenance operations.

The strong need for an effective management system to improve productivity has seen massive growth in the FMS market. A survey by Future Market Insights found that the facility management software industry revenue totaled $20985.1 million in 2024.

Your business can leverage the power of the best facility management software in 2024 for sought-after capabilities to streamline operations and maintenance and enhance productivity.

In this article, we will discuss the best facility management software to streamline operations in 2024 and manage your staff, repairs, and maintenance programs.

Let’s get started.

3 Tips for Choosing a Facility Management Software

a) Integration Capabilities

It helps to have facility management software that seamlessly integrates with other business tools and software you use every day.

Therefore, I recommend that you take time to ensure that the FMS can exchange data and information with other systems such as document management and human resources software.

b) User-friendliness

User-friendliness plays a crucial part in the successful adoption of any software.

When picking out facility management software, ensure that it is intuitive enough with easy-to-navigate menus for your workforce. Such a system will not require you to spend a lot of time training your employees.

c) Features and Functionality

Different facility management software packs a plethora of features that can differ from one system to another.

To pick the right FMS for your business in 2024, consider the features you cannot do without and that are essential to your business. For instance, if you are in construction, consider software with a tool inventory.

Let’s now dive in and explore the best tools for facility management today.

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1. ResortCleaning

ResortCleaningResortCleaning is a housekeeping software made for rentals.

If you own an AirBnB business or vacation rentals and are having a hard time managing your facilities, this is the software for you.

In all honesty, managing such businesses is not a small feat, and software like ResortCleaning can streamline and simplify things for you.

ResortCleaning brings all you need in one place for better convenience. The software allows you to maintain communication with your team and keep them in the loop thanks to the mobile application. Additionally, integration with several management platforms allows you to work more efficiently and increase productivity.

Other features include bookkeeping, scheduling, and inventory management.

ResortCleaning is perfect for cleaning businesses and property management companies because of its managing features that optimize productivity.

Key Features:

  • Full integration with other tools such as the client’s PMS so that you can manage all your work from one platform rather than switching through apps.
  • ResortCleaning has powerful inventory management tools that make it easy for you to keep a supply inventory and manage property.
  • ResortCleaning has a mobile app that allows you to take all your facility management operations everywhere you go and to keep all your staff in the loop.


Starting plan: $5.00 per property per month.

2. Floor Plan Mapper

Floor Plan MapperFloor Plan Mapper helps businesses map their buildings for easier management.

This software touts an interactive platform that helps your employees locate essentials like printers and people, to save time.

The software can integrate well with other platforms like Microsoft Office 365 to allow you to work from the same place instead of switching between applications.

Once you have your floor plans, you can upload them into the software in any image format and then import your employee data. While you can do this manually, it saves you time to upload a spreadsheet and Floor Plan Mapper will do the rest.

From there the rest is kind of a breeze, thanks to the drag-and-drop interface that allows you to “drag” employees and equipment to their current location.

Floor Plan Mapper is designed to help businesses of all sizes save time locating things and employees finding their way around the building.

Key Features:

  • Floor Plan Mapper is fully integrated to allow you to work with other software such as Microsoft Office from one platform.
  • The desk booking feature allows staff to book a desk on the floor plan for however long they need to use it.
  • With Floor Plan Mapper’s admin portal, you can quickly create a seating plan of a particular office.


Starting plan: $28 per month.

3. SysServe Solutions

SysServe SolutionsSysServe solutions help businesses optimize resources and increase productivity.

The software provides Instanta, a suite of smart tools designed for smart businesses to help effectively manage facilities, fleets, inventory, and equipment from one place.

You can save a lot of money by implementing a preventive maintenance program using SysServe. With the software, you can create maintenance schedules and tie them to assets.

SysServe will automatically remind you when the maintenance date is due. Additionally, within SysServe, you can monitor compliance with the maintenance schedule to ensure that everything is running as it should.

Since communication is critical, SysServe allows all decision-makers to remain looped in using Instanta’s SMS and Email notification engine. And the good thing is, no one has to be tied to their desk, thanks to the SysServe mobile application.

If you are running a multifaceted business in 2024, you need software like SysServe with all essential tools to help you manage all aspects of your business.

Key features:

  • Instant facility allows you to have all your assets recorded in a central database where you can quickly add or remove any asset.
  • SysServe has a booking interface that allows your clients to see the availability of a bookable workspace and send a booking request.
  • With the work management features, you can create tasks and track the resolution time. The tool also allows you to view the maintenance history for all facilities.


Get in touch with SysServe for pricing.

4. Flowscape

FlowscapeWhether you work remotely or full-time, Flowscape is the best solution for you.

Flowscape is one of the best facility management software because it is packed with incredible features like the immersive 3D map that provides an almost accurate model of your office giving you a bird’s-eye view of everything.

Say goodbye to challenges involving finding office resources and managing your property. With this software, it is possible to find things around the office with ease thanks to the filter functionality for seamless browsing and color indication for resource availability.

Regardless of the industry you are in and the size of your business, Flowscape is designed to be highly customizable allowing you to create an interface that suits your unique needs—this includes creating bookable resources that you need.

Flowscape is perfect for large businesses with several offices and departments as it helps in easy management and to streamline communications.

Key features:

  • Flowscape’s FlowMap provides a 3D overview of your property and office allowing you to know where all your resources are.
  • FlowPlanner helps employees make decisions about attendance based on office spaces available. It also helps them to plan on-site collaborations by scanning through other employees’ future office attendance.
  • USB Desk Sensor helps automate booking. While docking your laptop this feature will automatically check you in or notify you if you have taken someone else’s workspace.


Get in touch with Flowscape for pricing.

5. EarthvisionZ

EarthvisionZEarthvisionZ is the best software for disaster recovery.

The software is designed to help you prevent damage to your facilities by providing you with information on what is likely to be a threat.

Earthvisionz integrates thousands of weather gauges and monitoring stations, saving you countless hours searching during a critical event. Property alerts are delivered right to you giving you peace of mind for over 140 kinds of threats to your assets.

EarthvisionZ can do this with the help of its VAST data visualization platforms and its ability to integrate with IOT networks to analyze large data sets about people and places.

In addition to that, you can communicate and get your team onsite promptly to take appropriate measures to avoid further damage. You can also use real-time satellite imagery to assess the level of damage after the disaster has passed.

In 2024, implementing a top-rated facility management software like EarthvisionZ will help you track severe weather and other threats to your business to minimize risks.

Key features:

  • EarthvisionZ provides real-time satellite imagery of your properties which can help you assess the damage after a disaster such as a storm.
  • EarthvsionZ’s flood module provides information about flood risks to facilities that are important to you, ranked based on the level of risk.
  • The FieldTeam Tracker helps you easily manage your field workers with abilities such as push notifications for when a job assignment changes or a task has been completed.


Cheapest plan: V-Alert Pro for $1 per property per month

6. Andcards

AndcardsAndcards is a space management software for you and your clients.

The software helps you organize and manage all your tasks and simplifies how your clients receive your service.

Andcards has a user-friendly interface that customers can easily navigate through, sign up for, and access services like booking meetings. The software automates important tasks such as desk and room booking for common workspaces.

Besides that, you can sell spaces or other amenities externally by making them available to the general public. Anyone who has the app can book the amenities and help you grow your revenue.

To give you control over your meeting rooms, Andcard is highly customizable allowing you to customize your booking system to fit your needs. For instance, you can set booking rules, preparation time, cancellation policies, and other configurations.

I recommend Andcards of businesses in 2024 that prioritize user experience and want to deliver services in a streamlined manner.

Key features:

  • Andcards centralized dashboards allow you and your clients to quickly access what you need from one platform rather than juggling between multiple applications.
  • Andcards can be integrated with multiple other software to allow you to have all your favorite tools under one house for easier access.
  • Andcard’s booking system lets customers book their desks and rooms easily. There is also a desk-sharing option included for this feature.


Starting plan: $162 per month, when billed yearly.

7. Cogran Systems

Cogran SystemsCogran is one of the best recreation management suites for businesses in 2024.

It is a mobile-friendly and cloud-based solution packed with a host of features that does what you need.

Designed to reduce paperwork, Cogran today has managed to achieve its goals by providing management tools to manage rooms, cabins, and more, at different prices.

You also have the option to include add-ons that you think your customers may require.

For enhanced security, the software can set up door passes, access codes, and other methods of attendance tracking to manage access to locations.

If you are looking for the best facility management software that can streamline online recreation management, Cogran is the one for you.

Key features:

  • Cogran is highly customizable allowing you to design it to fit your business and needs with your colors, forms, and graphics.
  • The reservation management tool allows users to easily scout and book locations on Cogran. The software provides all information about the client and what add-ons they would like to make the entire process easier.
  • Cogran has an easy-to-read calendar that is packed with important information such as which rooms, fields, or parks have been booked or are available to help simplify the booking process.


Get in touch with Cogran for pricing plans.


It is agreeable that FMS can turbocharge your business in 2024.

Managing facilities and ensuring assets are in good condition is a backbreaking task.

In fact, according to Statista, almost 30 percent of facility management employees surveyed in 2023 stated that they maintained more than 20 facilities.

With several management features like maintenance management, facility management software is designed to help you increase facility efficiency while minimizing costs.

All you have to do is choose a solution that will fit your unique needs and preferences and provide all the essential tools you need. Hopefully, our list of the best facility management software will help kickstart your search.

All the above are great for most businesses, but ResortCleaning and Floor Plan Mapper are perfect for tracking more than just assets. They can be great tools to help you manage and monitor employees and events to optimize performance.

Schedule a free ResortCleaning demo here and explore all its management features firsthand to better manage your property.

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