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French Windows: A One-Stop Guide for Indian Homeowners

French Windows: A One-Stop Guide for Indian Homeowners

When constructing a new home or renovating your existing residence, selecting the appropriate windows and door design is crucial. This will directly impact how well-lit, well-ventilated, comfortable, energy efficient, visually appealing, and secure your home will be. Ever since their inception in the 17th century, French windows have steadily risen as a global phenomenon. Inspired by the erstwhile Italian concept of huge, door-like windows, this stunning window design traditionally has multiple glass panes and symmetrical designs. Over the years, several modern features and elements have been incorporated to meet the requirements of contemporary homeowners.

Concept and Advantages of French Windows

Given the constant evolution, a French window doesn’t have a set definition. But its salient features include:

  • The windows are much larger and wider than regular windows (typically floor-length).
  • The large glass panes are divided into smaller panels by metallic or wooden frames.
  • A vertical post that divides the window into two symmetrical sashes. Ideally, both the sashes are hinged and can swing both inwards as well as outwards.
  • French windows often have sliding panels without a centre mullion since today’s urban living spaces often have space constraints.

Irrespective of these modifications and the latest window designs, the essence of a French window remains unchanged: to flood interiors with ample natural light and fresh air. As a homeowner, you should be aware of the myriad advantages of installing these gorgeous windows:-

  1. Illumination and Energy Efficiency- Compared to other window types, French windows enable more sunshine to enter your house. This facilitates excellent natural lighting during the daytime, thereby reducing electricity consumption owing to artificial lighting.
  2. Ventilation- Owing to their large surface area, French windows are great to keep your home well-ventilated. Not only can you enjoy the fresh air and cool breeze in the room, but the possibility of festering mould and mildew is eliminated.
  3. Eye Appeal- The picturesque beauty of French windows is simply unparalleled! Available in aluminium, wood, vinyl, and fibreglass, these elegant windows have a multitude of inspiring designs and colours to complement your home décor. Furthermore, the large glass panes allow stunning views of external surroundings.
  4. Space Optimization- With ample natural lighting, French windows instil an aura of brightness and spaciousness in small/medium urban households. Also, you can eliminate the swing space by installing state-of-the-art sliding panels. Several globally renowned manufacturers have developed pre-engineered, space-optimized French windows with wide glass.
  5. Security- Contrary to the prevalent misconception that large windows pose a security risk, French windows are equipped with top-notch security features like crescent lock systems, toughened glass, and security glazing. Additional safeguards include motion sensors, alarms, and safety grills, further fortifying these structures.

Check out the Latest Window Designs

Several innovative designs of French windows have been improvised over the last decade.

  1. Modern Aluminium French Windows- Design-optimized Aluminium French windows with performance uniformity are getting reviews from homeowners across the globe. The windows are designed in line with new-age ergonomics and aesthetics for maximum convenience, comfort, safety, and eye appeal.
  2. In-Swing French Windows- If your home exteriors have obstructions and do not allow for the window panes to open outwards, always opt for in-swing French windows.
  3. Out-Swing French Windows- To install traditional French windows in smaller rooms, the best option is to have the window sashes open outwards.

Apart from these, the use of sustainable and recyclable materials like aluminium is gaining increasing popularity in the manufacture of French windows. Smart technology, like built-in sensors for automated opening and closing, is in vogue. The use of Japanese technology to pre-engineered French windows with rubber gaskets for better sealing against dust, noise, and water has made these modern designs highly sought-after. Apart from that, the texguard coating from some established brands provides long-lasting lustre and strength.

French Windows: Purchase Guide for Indian Homeowners

Before investing in French windows for your property, make sure you go through these important points.

  1. Specifications- Always assess the available space and get a professional site inspection done before investing in French windows. Make sure there is maximum glass coverage. Wide glass panels and narrow sightlines provide the best panoramic views. Apart from the French window styles mentioned above, there are several other designs, such as Bifold French windows, Curved-top French windows, Stained Glass French windows, French windows with integrated blinds, and so on.
  2. Material- If you want recycle-friendly, strong, yet lightweight material for your French window frame and sashes, opt for Aluminium. Vinyl is a relatively inexpensive option, but it is not sustainable. Ornate wooden French windows were extremely popular earlier, but their maintenance woes are making homeowners switch to low-maintenance options today.
  3. Quality Assurance- Leading French window manufacturers today certifiably adhere to the latest industry benchmarks. They also have metrics to depict the resistance of these pre-engineered windows against wind, noise, water, and other adverse external conditions.
  4. Transport, Assembly, and Installation- Whether it is a new home design project or a renovation activity, opting for French windows that are easy to box, safe to transport, and convenient to assemble/dismantle is important.
  5. Safety Features- As mentioned above, a host of modern safety features and add-ons are available when you install branded French windows nowadays. You can choose the right model or version as per your requirements. Given the expansiveness of these windows, having a multi-lock system is a basic necessity.
  6. Cost- Investing in patented, factory-made, and quality-tested French windows assures you of durable and secure windows. With perennial surface and colour protection, the maintenance costs will be close to zero. Hence, these prove to be highly cost-effective in the long run.

The key to purchasing and installing French windows in modern households is to find the right balance between old-world aesthetics and new-age convenience. As a homeowner, you need to consider the climate where you reside, think about your privacy, meticulously assess the safety parameters, and make sure that the windows are easy to clean and maintain. Most importantly, make sure your purchase comes with a suitable warranty and complies with the latest industry standards.

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