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Natural & Healthy Living with Solid Wood Furniture

Solid wood furniture - combining stylish interior design with a healthy room climate

Solid wood furniture

Bring the irresistible style of nature into your home with solid wood furniture. In addition, your new furniture also ensures a healthy indoor climate. Why is it like that? Solid wood regulates the moisture in the air – it absorbs water vapor that is produced when you breathe and sweat. If the room air becomes very dry, it releases the water vapor again.

This means that there is a constant balance between air and wood moisture in the room. That is why the wood also “works” or “breathes”. In the professional world, this process is called “hygroscopy”.

The unique buffer function, therefore, makes solid wood an optimal material for healthy living furniture, whether in the living room or bedroom, in the kitchen and hallway, in the conservatory, dining room, or children’s room. Open-pored solid wood is also antistatic, meaning that house dust hardly has a chance of settling on it.

Natural blemishes – solid wood as a guarantee for sustainable quality

Solid wood is pure wood. Purely because it can only be assigned to one tree species. There is even a standard for this – DIN 68871. In addition to wild oak and walnut, stone pine, beech heartwood, cherry or spruce, but also maple, pine, and elm are very well suited for furniture production.

Whether dining tables, chairs, shelves, chests of drawers, showcases, beds, or hallway furniture – solid wood always provides a unique look. This is due to the natural blemishes of the raw material. Furniture made of solid or veneered wood is always unique. Your wood does not have a homogeneous structure.

Color gradients and natural features in the grain such as knotholes or inclusions are unique and a sign of the growing individuality of a natural product. Above all, they do not represent any reduction in quality. The organic material works through hygroscopy for life. The visual characteristics of swelling, warping, and fine cracking are completely normal.

AERA, RIVA 1920, Andrei – discover premium brands with solid wood furniture

A whole range of well-known manufacturers specializes in high-quality solid wood furniture. These include well-known premium brands such as AERA and RIVA 1920, Asco, Andrei, and the sustainable collection brand name from the GARANT Group. How about a tabletop from Asco made of rustic oak, white oiled, and fitted with stylish metal feet? Or with a dining set made of knots or mountain spruce from the Austrian manufacturer Andrei?

AERA and RIVA 1920 also offer sideboards, shelves, showcases, dining tables, and chairs made of solid walnut or knotty oak in their joint Linea collection. Pure, noble, and sustainable, RIVA 1920 and AERA show how Italian design and ecological standards can go together. But no matter which style or model you choose – with furniture made of solid wood you always make the right choice.

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Care of solid wood furniture – We give you more than a few valuable tips

Wood is a living material. The “working of the wood” often results in light-colored edges on the surfaces. This is a direct consequence of the design, which cannot be avoided. A correction pen, which your specialist dealer will be happy to obtain for you, can help to correct these light-colored edges.

Treat your piece of furniture to a treatment with natural oil or beeswax once or twice a year to care for and refresh it. The protection is renewed and the silky shine of the surface makes everything look new. Otherwise, you should be careful with the care. Massive does not mean that you can go to work with a scrubbing brush and high-pressure cleaner.

For daily cleaning, the furniture is wiped with a dry, possibly damp, but never wet cloth. Please steer clear of microfiber towels. These can cause fine scratches. Light soiling can be easily removed with a woolen cloth and special furniture soap.

Proper care for solid wood furniture – even dents and scratches disappear

Please do not let any fat-dissolving household cleaners or even steam cleaners get on your solid wood furniture. This attacks the structure of the wood and permanently destroys the noble look. Heavier soiling that cannot be removed by simply wiping off oiled or waxed furniture can be easily removed with fine emery paper.

Unless the surface is painted. The treated areas are then treated again with suitable oil or wax. Stains caused by moisture should only be treated after they have completely dried. Even small quirks or dents can often be easily removed from oiled or waxed furniture.

Sand them with emery paper, place a damp cloth on top, and steam out the dent with the iron – the wood will swell and the dent will disappear. To avoid burn marks, however, the cloth must be sufficiently damp. So you can enjoy your solid wood for a long time.

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