A Coffee Lovers Paradise: Types of Coffee Beans


“Coffee History: According to the legends goats were the first living being to taste coffee. The herders noticed that the goats were dancing after consuming the coffea plant. Later the local monk made a drink out of it. “

Coffee is the best thing that has been discovered! Don’t you agree? If you are a lover of coffee like the rest of us, you most definitely will node yes. This seed has proven to be the solution to most human problems. It is so tasty that there are separate fan pages on social media and even some coffee blogs for it. People who enjoy coffee do not go a single day without consuming it. There are various ways to consume this heavenly gift of mother nature to the human kind. One can have it with milk or water. It can be cold or hot. There are various dishes that take coffee and induce its essence to make it edible in solid form, for example, coffee jel-o-shots, coffee cakes, etc.

And that is not just it. Coffee is also known for the various benefits of its consumption. Some of them are:

  1. Energy Levels – that is the most famous and loved benefit of having coffee. This is a result of caffeine that is found in coffee beans. This ingredient has the ability to stimulate the central nervous system. Which helps in increasing productivity. And if you are a type of person who isn’t affected by caffeine and still want to continue working on your project try taking help from assignment writing services
  2. Lowers the risk of certain diseases- consumption of coffee over a long period of time has been known for lowering the risk of developing diseases like,


  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Depression
  • Kidney disease
  • Coronary heart disease
  • Parkinson’s
  • Colon cancer
  • Alzheimer
  • Strokes
  1. It helps the body process glucose, which is sugar, faster.
  2. Coffee is an efficient way of managing weight. Research shows that coffee works as a hunger suppressant. Coffee has the ability to alter fat storage and support gut health.
  3. Improved performance: Coffee has served many athletes as an energy booster. They consume it before their performances to get that extra kick.

“Coffee Data: Coffee is the most consumed beverage in the entire world. Data shows that in the year 2020-2021 about 166.63 million 60 kilogram bags of coffee were consumed.”

There are so many different types of coffee beans and from them is extracted various delicious coffee powders. Here is the list:

  • Arabica
  • Robusta
  • Liberica
  • Excelsa


It is most common and famous type of coffee. It has been covering around 70 percent of the global coffee production.

Originated inEurope and America in the 17th century
Popular inWest and Central Africa, Southeast Asia, Central – South America mainly Brazil
Tastemilder taste and less bitter, reminds of nuts and flower flavors
Aromadelicate, mild and aromatic coffee
ContentCaffeine: 1.5%

Sugar: 6–9%

ProcessingArabica coffee is usually processed wet
Price2.93 USD per kg

higher priced then Robusta


“Coffee Fact: There exists a term called “PROCAFFINATION!” It means the tendency to not start doing any work before having coffee.”


It is an easy-to-grow plant and very resistant. Its production is on the rise. It is second to Arabica in terms of consumption, as it accounts for 30% to 40% of total world coffee production.

Originated inCentral and Western sub-Saharan Africa
Popular inSouth East Asia and Middle East
TasteBitter and has more tartness with a strong earthy flavour
AromaStrong and greater mouthfeel


ContentCaffeine: 2.7%

Sugar: 3–7%

ProcessingRobusta coffee is usually processed dry
Price2.289 USD per kg

Price much lower priced than Arabica

“Coffee Fact: We call them beans but they are practically seed. They are extracted from flowering shrubs and appear like cherry berries when plucked. After drying they resemble like legumes, hence the name coffee beans.”


It accounts for 1.5% of the world’s commercial coffee. It is locally grown in Asian countries and consumed locally too. Here are its characteristic details:

Originated inPhilippines, Indonesia, Seychelles, the Andaman & Nicobar Islands, and Malaysia.
Popular inLocal areas only
Tastewoody taste
Aromafloral and fruity aroma
ContentCaffeine: 1.23 g/100 g
ProcessingUsually processed wet
Price4 to 7 USD per kg

 “Coffee Quote: Deja Brew: The feeling that you’ve had this coffee before.”


It is one of the rarest type of coffees in the world. And that is what makes it premium and expensive. Have a look at its disincentive character details:

Originated inSoutheast Asia and India
Popular inAfrica and Asia
TasteDistinctive fruity, dark, mysterious taste
AromaWoody and popcorn-like taste
ContentCaffeine: 0.86 to 1.13g per 100g
ProcessingUsually processed dry
Price5 to 10 USD per 500g

These are some of the amazing and mind blowing facts about different types of coffees. Hope you enjoyed every bit of it and are ready for an espresso shot.


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