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SAP Field Service Management – Recording Working Hours

The topic of recording working hours has been a hotly debated topic in the world of work, and not just since the judgment of the Federal Labor Court. Employers are faced with the question of which method employees should use to record their working times and, above all, which application.

Do new applications have to be used or do the existing ones offer the possibility of recording working hours at the same time?

The SAP Field Service Management (FSM) product offers the option of recording the workload of individual employees as part of the processing of service orders. In addition to these order-related times, there are also administrative times (internal meetings, training courses) or absences (sick days, vacation days), which must also be documented.

SAP Field Service Management
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Does SAP Field Service Management also offer options here? The answer to this question is unequivocally: Yes!

The different types of working time recording in SAP Field Service Management are presented below and how they complement each other. We focus on capturing in the mobile application, which is available for Windows, iOS and Android.


Efforts are the times incurred during the processing of an assignment. These can be recorded both automatically and manually. The automatic recording of expenses is linked to steps in the service workflow that is used in the processing of assignments. SAP Field Service Management saves the start and end time of the workflow step and uses this to calculate the duration.

Depending on the system settings, the employee still has the option of adjusting these times if a workflow step was started or ended too early or too late. Travel times can also be recorded automatically using the Travel workflow step.

With manual entry, on the other hand, the steps of the workflow are not connected to an automatism, but the employee has to enter all times themselves. This can be very helpful, for example, if it is not possible to take the recording devices to the work site for safety reasons.

Incidentally, it is of course also possible to combine automatic and manual recording. In the mobile application, these times are then displayed together in the expenses area. The only exception are the travel times, which can be found in the Expenses and materials section.

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Working Hours

In contrast to expenses, working hours cannot generally be further invoiced. This includes, for example, administrative times such as internal meetings or participation in training courses or absences such as vacation or illness. The recording of working hours can also be linked to the service workflow, which is useful for recording breaks, for example.

SAP FSM Working Hours

In addition, the working hours can also be recorded manually, so that this can be done in advance (for vacation and training) or afterwards.

An overview of the recorded working times can be found in the corresponding area of the mobile application.

Time Tracking

In the previous sections, we got to know the different times that can be recorded using the SAP Field Service Management. As stated in each case, the times can be found in different areas of the application. As a result, the employee does not initially have a complete overview of all recorded times.

The still relatively new area of time recording was published for this purpose, in which expenses, travel times and working times can be displayed both in a list and in a calendar. This helps the employee to check whether all times for a specific day are recorded or whether there are accidental overlaps. If you select the calendar view, you also get a summary of the times.

Do you also want to record your working hours properly with SAP Field Service Management or do you still have questions? Then please contact us. We look forward to you!

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