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Ways to Make a Statement With Your Home Furniture And Furnishings


Design and décor have come a long way in the last few years with a huge range of exciting and innovative pieces now available, which allow you to make your mark on your home.

In today’s highly competitive retail environment, designers and manufacturers are constantly looking to outdo one another with increasingly novel, forward-thinking designs. Coupled with improved manufacturing and design processes, today’s furniture goes a long way beyond the purely functional designs so prevalent in the last century.

Modern designers aren’t afraid to employ bold, striking patterns and design touches to add that ‘Je ne sais quoi’, and ‘Wow’ factor to pieces. Here are a few ways you can integrate these cutting-edge items into your home for a touch of panache and style.

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Statement Bean Bag Seating

Bean bags might seem a slightly unlikely choice to make it onto a statement furniture list, but when you see the range of modern bean bags now available, you’ll soon see why you need one in your home.

Bean bags these days are almost unrecognizable compared to the much-beloved – though mostly badly-produced – sacks so common in the 70s. A giant bean bag has ample space for two to lounge comfortably. Still, it can also easily accommodate up to six, shaping entirely around the form of those seated on it to provide the ultimate comfortable seating.

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Adding Lighting For Effect

Statement lighting can take many forms – both in terms of the light it provides and the actual fixture itself. Applying strategically placed lighting to a room can completely change its mood and ambiance while placing a statement light fixture provides an immediate focal point to space.

When looking to add a statement lighting feature, you need to try and think in three ways:

  1. The lighting feature – whether that be recessed spotlights, a chandelier, or other statement design.
  2. The light it provides. For example, precise projected light like a beam or a wider light source illuminating the whole room. Also, don’t discount color from the equation.
  3. The transforming effect it has on your space. Downlighting or up-lighting will have a completely different effect compared to a light centrally located in a room. Think about how this changes the feeling and atmosphere in a room.

Use Of Mirrors In A Room

Depending on the size of the room (and the size of the mirror), the use of mirrors can make a room look much bigger than it is. Mirrors are also very useful for reflecting natural light from a window or other source. In contrast, a mirror frame can be a design statement in itself, adding personality and decoration to a room.

Try A Statement Rug

Although in some circles, patterned carpets are making a bit of a renaissance many designers argue wall-to-wall carpet patterns are a bit too bold and distracting to the eye. Instead of adding a full-room, patterned carpet, instead, look at accentuating a particular space with a bold rug. Not only will you have the functionality to rearrange it if you tire of its effect (unlike a carpet) – you can also easily remove it altogether to restore the space to its previous look.


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