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How Web Designing Company Differs from Freelancer Website Designers


Time change, business grows. For you to maintain the status of the strongest sales and marketing, you need to adapt and expand your website. There are two ways that will help you with your website: web design or complete web redesign.

There is a difference between web design and web redesign. So, consider the web designing Chandigarh Best Web designing firm or following to learn the for various differences between web design and website redesigning:

Why Do You Need Web Design?

For web design, you will be trying a new style. It’s simple, quick, and not heavy to execute. There are changes that might trigger web design such as technology, customer needs but doesn’t have to be urgent.

● Search Engine Optimization

If you have a complete web redesign trying to respond to the Google algorithm, it would be a crazy change. However, you need to adapt that site with the current SEO practices for better rankings.

It becomes better to climb the rankings and be on top after frequent refreshes.

● Outdate or Promotional Content

You might have updated with a promotional video or related CTAs on your website homepage. After that, you think about focusing on another business aspect. Here, you need to tweak small sections of the content and avoid impacting overall website design.

● New Additions in The Business

For WordPress beauty, it will be upon the user-friendly CMS. However, it becomes easy for one to add a new team member, new service, blog post, or case study without the existence of page templates. So, there is no need for redesigning the entire site. It’s the reason why you have to use WordPress during web development.

● New Logo

In case you want to update the company’s logo, it’s vital to apply site-wide for a refresh. However, unless you have an effect on other brand assets like typeface or color palette, you don’t need web redesign.

● Improving User Experience

If you need simple changes that help the visitors to navigate easily and fast, you don’t need web redesign. You make slight changes on the menus or add the “search” filters.

Why Do You Need Web Redesign?

When you want to do a website redesign, you start with user research, discovery meetings, digital strategies, built content to work through the web design and process of development.

Here are reasons for web redesign:

● Outdated Technology

You might have a website that is reflecting your business brand and model. However, if your technology is behind, it will need a website redesign.

● Stagnant Website

If your site was stagnant for few years, you need to redesign it. It is for sites that look outdated, frustrating user experience, slow loading, and doesn’t match with current technology, update the website.

● Full Rebrand

If you want to rebrand, it will need a complete redesign. It doesn’t matter whether its acquisition, merger, or facelift of your business.

Final Words

A website redesign sounds to be a heavy undertaking. Your business will need either web design or redesign. So, whichever you need, it will help your business benefit by getting higher rankings because of performance signal and quality.


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