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Earn Money Online Through Photography

Lots of people take photos these days. Most of the photos are created by taking photos with a smartphone. Right? You probably also take photos very often with the camera on your smartphone. Or?

Earn money online through photography

But, do you know how you can make money from these photos?

Now you’re sure to say: “Sure thing, that’s a simple question. I just became a photographer. Because every photographer earns his money by photographing people or selling his photos to newspapers or magazines or for advertising.”

True, you’re right. But that’s not what we meant by this question.

We meant the following with our question: Do you know how you can earn money with your photos without being a professional photographer?

We’re guessing you’re not aware of this. And we also guess that you are unaware of how you can make money online with photography. Or? Good, because on this page “Earn money online through photography” you will learn from us how you can earn money online through photography.

Furthermore; Even if you don’t want to make money from photography yourself, you will need good photos in almost every online space. Of course, you can also take these photos from photo databases. There, however, it is never entirely certain whether you will then have copyright problems with these photos. For this reason, it is better if you can take and design your photos yourself. After all, you want to earn money while traveling and thus have the opportunity to be on the road forever.

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Make money online with photography

The digitization that we are currently experiencing is giving us enormous opportunities. Making money wherever you are has never been easier. And that is too often independent of the time.

While a photographer was able to earn his money almost exclusively on-site or offline up to the year 2000, he can still earn his money online without any problems today. However, many photographers have not yet recognized this opportunity. That’s good because you have the opportunity to do exactly that and we explain to you here on this page “Earn money online through photography” how you can earn money while traveling. Because that’s exactly what we do: earn money with photography on the go.

What you need to make money online with photography

To be able to make money online from photography; For this, you need a few prerequisites.

Surely you are now saying: “Hey, I’m already taking photos with my smartphone, which I also post online on Facebook and Instagram.”

We agree with you. But did you notice anything on Facebook and Instagram? 80 percent of the photos there are snapshots. To document his experiences on and from a trip with it … the quality is sufficient for that. Breathtaking and emotional for strangers who have no connection to these photos…but they aren’t.

Do you want to be in the 80 percent with the more or less boring or perfectly normal photos, or would you rather be in the 20 percent of those who present breathtaking and fascinating photos on their Facebook or Instagram profiles?

Do you know how to use your smartphone to compose an image in such a way that it becomes truly breathtaking?

How to take stunning photos

We didn’t know this until a while ago either. But then we learned how to take pictures, especially Tom with his iPhone correctly through the “iPhone photo course“, which is an online course, he learned how to properly take photos with his iPhone.

How to take stunning photos

Which photo equipment we can recommend to you

If you know the basics of photography, you can take great photos with a smartphone. But, the problem here: in dark light conditions or if the photo subject is very far away, or if you want to take very creative photos, then a “real” camera such as a digital SLR camera is the better choice.

As we already wrote in the “Earn money online” overview on our “Earn money while traveling” website, the Nikon D5100 camera with the Nikon 18-105mm kit lens was our first SLR camera. Tom bought it in 2013 for his first vacation together with his now-wife, Nicki. He later wrote a review of the Nikon D5100 camera on his website.

If you don’t have an SLR camera yet, we can provide you with one Nikon D5600 camera  * Recommend the latest camera from the Nikon 5xxx camera series.

Why? Very simple… It is light and quite compact and you can take photos with it even in difficult situations. Precisely because it is quite compact, it is very suitable for taking photos when traveling. Because that’s exactly what it’s all about here on our website “earn money while traveling”. That you, just like us, can earn money on the go.

As a lens for the Nikon D5600 camera, we can recommend the Nikon 18-105mm kit lens. But what is a kit lens? Very easily; if you buy a lens at the same time as a camera body like the Nikon D5600 camera, then that lens costs less than if you bought it separately. You then buy a kit consisting of a camera and lens at an attractive price.

However, not every lens is offered as a kit lens by retailers or camera manufacturers. Tom also wrote a detailed review of the Nikon 18-105mm lens on his Camera Tester website. There you can also see what wonderful photos we were able to take with this inexpensive lens.

However, sometimes it pays to buy a camera body without a kit lens and go straight for a very high-quality lens instead. Because you have to know that a kit lens is usually a good lens, but there are still many high-quality lenses.

These high-quality lenses are not usually offered in a kit with a camera. However, the term “high quality” only partially refers to the high quality of the high-quality lenses; but above all these high-quality lenses have a larger maximum aperture than the kit lenses. This allows you to take photos more creatively and even in darker light conditions.

Do you know those pictures where a photo motif is totally clear and everything around it is blurred in the picture? You can only achieve this with the right lens, which usually requires the widest possible aperture. 

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What photographic equipment do we take with us when we travel

In addition to my Nikon D5100 and D5200 cameras and our smartphones, we usually take the following lenses with us when we travel:

  • Nikon 35mm 1.8 lens  *, because it is nice and small and therefore compact
  • Nikon 50mm 1.8 lens,  *, because it is very well suited for portrait photography and is still quite small
  • Kit lens Nikon 18-105mm  * because it is very flexible in terms of focal length and I can use it to take landscape photos with a focal length of 18mm as well as animal photos with a focal length of 105mm in bright conditions
  • Sigma 18-35mm 1.8 lens *, because it has a continuously maximum open aperture of f1.8 from 18mm to 35mm and we can use it to photograph the starry sky or landscapes with a starry sky very well at night
  • Sigma 105mm 2.8 macros*, because with a focal length of 105mm, we can photograph animals as well as people or head portraits very well, and because macro photography is possible with it
  • Walimex Fisheye Lens*, because extraordinary shots are possible with this lens
  • Nikon 55-300mm lens*, because with this lens we can primarily photograph very distant subjects, such as the blood moon during a lunar eclipse
  • Tripod to be able to make long exposures or to be able to take pictures in the dark
  • Gray filter to be able to make long exposures
  • Remote trigger * to be able to release the camera for a long exposure without blurring
  • Bellows and microfiber cloth to clean the camera

Which photo equipment do we recommend for on-the-go

If you want to take photos on the go and earn money while traveling, then we can recommend the following camera equipment for on-the-go. It is always important that you see how much luggage you can and want to take with you. Since we travel the world or Europe with a van, our focus is of course on traveling with a van or something similar.

If you are traveling with a van

If, like us, you are traveling with a van, mobile home, or caravan, you can take as much photo equipment with you as you think is right and as it fits into the total weight of the vehicle. Since we travel with our pets in a van or mobile home and therefore have a lot of space for our photo equipment, we take all of our photo equipment with us when we travel.

This enables us to take photos from many different areas of photography and thus we have a broader spectrum of where we can earn money online with our photography or where we can earn money while traveling.

So if, like us, you are traveling with a van with a mobile home, or with a caravan … then we recommend that you always take all your photo equipment with you. Another tip from us: please ensure your photo equipment is well. We may not have had any of our photo gear stolen since 2013…but you never know.

When you’re traveling without a van

Not everyone travels in a van like we do and can therefore take the photo equipment we mentioned above with them when traveling. For example, if you are a backpacker with only one backpack, then you do not have much space for a camera in your backpack. So your camera has to be as compact as possible and light at the same time.

In this case, we would recommend the Nikon D5600 camera plus the Nikon 35mm 1.8 lens. Why? Quite simply, the Nikon D5600 camera body is quite compact and lightweight.

The Nikon 35mm 1.8 lens is also very compact and very light. In addition, the Nikon 35mm 1.8 lens is very bright due to its maximum open aperture of f1.8 and is very well suited for creative photography.

The downside of this lens; as a lens, it only has a fixed focal length and is therefore not a zoom lens. However, its advantages such as great compactness and large maximum open aperture outweigh this.

If it is an even more compact camera than the digital SLR camera we have mentioned, then we can recommend one of the following mirrorless cameras or system cameras.

  • Sony Alpha A6000
  • Fujifilm X-T20
  • Olympus OM-D E-M5

But no matter which camera you choose for traveling with small luggage, on one high-quality tripod you should not do without a gray filter. Because without a tripod, it is very difficult to take decent photos in dark lighting conditions. And without an ND filter, you can’t take spectacular long-exposure photos during the day.

How you can make money with photography online or while traveling

There are several ways that you can use photography to make money online while on the go. The most important requirement for this, however, is that you can photograph properly. To be able to successfully make money online or while traveling with photography, you must first have the basics of photography down.

It is therefore very important for you that you first read the upper part of the first part on the subject of this page “Earn money online with photography”. If you haven’t already read through this important top or first part of this page, then read through the top of this page NOW.

How you can earn money with photography online or when traveling through image databases

Do you know image databases like FOTOLIA or PIXABAY? If so, then you surely know how you can earn money online through photography with the help of these image databases. If you are not familiar with such image databases, we would now like to explain them to you. We also want to explain to you how you can earn money with their help while traveling or online with your photography.

What is an image database?

As with a normal database, data is stored in an image database. Except that in this case it is not data from text or numbers, but data from images such as photos or graphics or illustrations.

If you save images on your smartphone on your computer on an external hard drive or online in a cloud; then you already have an image database.

Fotolia and Pixabay are image databases that are based on a cloud on the web and to which hundreds of thousands of people have access every day. And that online.

Now that we have explained to you what an image database is; we want to explain to you how you can earn money with such image databases

Earn money online with photography on Fotolia

Like Pixabay, Fotolia is a database of images. You upload an image or several images to Fotolia and specify how much money you would like a user to use your image for and how they can use the image at what price.

After you have uploaded an image to Fotolia, it will be viewed. The people at Fotolia pay very close attention to the very good quality of the photos. I’ll put it this way; you don’t stand a chance there with snapshots.

Later, when your photo makes it through quality control, your photo will be approved and users can then purchase the rights to use your image. A certain percentage of the price goes to Fotolia.

We hardly ever use Fotolia to make money online with photography. But we prefer to use Pixabay.

Make money online with photography on Pixabay

After explaining to you how to make money online from photography on Fotolia; we now want to show you how we make money with photography on Pixabay.

But here’s what you need to know: while Pixabay is built quite similarly to Fotolia, it’s quite different. It starts with the fact that Pixabay is much simpler and clearer than Fotolia. It continues with the fact that the quality check is not quite as strict as with Fotolia and you give up the use of your picture completely free of charge with all rights of use to your picture. To be clear, you don’t necessarily get paid for using your image on Pixabay.

Why don’t you get any money on Pixabay for using your images… that’s just like how Pixabay is structured. Pixabay is designed as a platform where you can upload your images and then release them for full use free of charge. But Pixabay is also a platform where you can simply use the images from other photographers without payment or free of charge.

For example, if you have a website or blog with a large scope and therefore need many photos or images; then you can get exactly these pictures from Pixabay. Of course, this makes working on a website or a blog much easier.

So you can’t make money with Pixabay? no Yes, you cannot make money with Pixabay the conventional way.

And no, you can also make money with Pixabay. Just not in the conventional way, but via a detour.

If you create a profile for yourself on Pixabay; then you will be asked if you would like to receive donations to your PayPal account using a coffee fund. Of course, you want that. After all, you want to earn money online with your photography on Pixabay.

You won’t get rich with it; but if you are good, you can get around 500 euros in donations via Pixabay. And that per month. We don’t make that much money with Pixabay ourselves, but one of our friends does. By the way, he introduced Tom to the Pixabay thing.

To get a lot of donations from Pixabay, i.e. to earn a lot of money through Pixabay with your photography, you now have two options:

  1. You take high-quality and extraordinary photos
  2. You don’t take such high-quality and unusual photos, because as I said, the requirements for your photos are not that high, but you go to mass or take a lot of photos

When it comes to our photos for Pixabay, we tend to bulk up ourselves, but we still try to deliver the highest quality photos possible. That’s why we go to mass; because we might find a photo of very high quality and exceptional, but the viewer doesn’t see it that way.

Speaking of viewers; In contrast to Fotolia, Pixabay is a community that is almost a social medium. Speaking of social media; You can also use the images you take for Pixabay for your Instagram account. Here you can find out how you can make money with Instagram while traveling.

So, now let’s wrap things up with Pixabay. 

How to make money with your photography website

Earning money online with our photos on Pixabay is the easiest and preferred way for us to earn money with our photos while traveling.

However, you can also create your website or have it created and then offer your photos for use on this website for a fee or sell these photos as individual works.

However, this option is also the most difficult way to make money online with photography while traveling.

Our final word on the topic “Earn money online with photography”

Even if earning money online with photography may not be for you, we still recommend that you learn how to take photos. Because if you are very good at photography, then you have the following additional options to indirectly use the photography you have learned profitably:

  • You can also earn money offline with photography while traveling.
  • If you create your website or blog, you can use your photos.
  • You can build up a super good Instagram account of yourself with your photos.


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