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Upgrade Your Photography Game Choosing the Best Camera Phone for Indian Travellers

Upgrade your photography game choosing the best camera phone for Indian travellers

Strapline: Epic journeys, epic photos: Top camera phones for Indian explorers

The travel industry is booming day by day, and travellers are recording everywhere they go. They need the best kind of camera phones to make the photo and videography exceptional. But with so many choices of phones out there, choosing the most suitable can be tricky. This blog will help you find the perfect fit for your future adventures.

Google Pixel Series

The Google Pixel phones are known for having excellent cameras. They use special software made by Google that makes your pictures look fantastic, even if the lighting isn’t perfect.

Even though Pixel phones don’t have the highest number of megapixels like some other phones, their software makes up for it by giving you super clear and detailed photos. But here’s the catch: if you use your phone a lot, you might find that the battery doesn’t last as long as you’d like.

Realme GT Series

The Realme GT series phones are satisfying because they give you a lot of power for a reasonable price. They have really good cameras that can take stunning pictures of big landscapes and the small details of buildings in India. Plus, these phones have batteries that last a long time, which is an advantage.


The OnePlus phones are popular for being powerful yet not super expensive. They have strong cameras that are great for taking pictures of things happening in moving, like sports or moving objects. But when it’s less-than-ideal lighting, the pictures might not turn out as well compared to some other phones, like the Pixels.


The iPhones are well-known for having easy-to-use camera apps, especially the iPhone 15 and iPhone 14. When it comes to recording videos, iPhones are excellent, and they usually work great all the time. But, they are more expensive compared to other phones.

However, in case you’re someone who likes to have quite a little control over your camera settings, you may discover the iPhone’s app is a piece of restricting. Also, even though the battery life has progressed, if you use the phone plenty, you may still have to compromise.

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Samsung Galaxy S Series

The Samsung Galaxy S phones have really good cameras, especially for zooming in on faraway things and getting clear pictures. They come with lots of different camera modes and options, so whether you’re a beginner or a pro, you’ll find something that works for you. But, they can be on the pricier side, and some people find the way the phone’s screen is set up a bit cluttered and confusing.

When picking a camera phone for travelling in India, think about what matters most to you. The Google Pixel takes breathtaking photos but might not last long on a single charge. iPhones are easy to use and effortless for videos but can be at a premium price.

Samsung S Series has good zoom and features, but it’s costly and a bit complicated. Other Realme, Oneplus are also fine for their price. Ultimately, it is you, your camera preferences, and your needs that have to be considered which will be suitable for you.

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