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Photographer Removes Smartphones From Hands To Show Strange & Lonely New World

Photographer removes from hands smartphones to show strange and lonely new world

As most of the readers are reading this post on a handheld device. Now imagine how would you look if that device suddenly disappeared. Lonely, Slightly crazy, Perhaps next to a person being ignored? As we’ve lost our lives in ever more by the screens we carry around, even in the company of friends and family gatherings, the hunched pose of the phone-absorbed seems increasingly normal.

The US-based photographer Eric Pickersgill has created “Removed,” a series of photographs to remind us of how strange that pose actually is. In each portrait, electronic devices have been “edited out” (removed before the photo was taken, from people who’d been using them) so that people stare at their hands, or the empty space between their hands, often ignoring beautiful surroundings or opportunities for human connection. The results are a bit sad and eerie—and a reminder, perhaps, to put our phones away.

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