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Video Editing And Distribution Tips For Small Businesses Looking To Expand Their Audience

Video Editing And Distribution Tips For Small Businesses Looking To Expand Their Audience

Video content has always been popular online, but the format has recently seen an incredible surge as a result of the rise of popular video-sharing apps and platforms.

For any modern business, video content is now an integral part of a digital marketing strategy. However, for those unfamiliar with the tricks and techniques involved with the format, the process can seem confusing and overwhelming. We’ve put together some video editing and distribution tips for small businesses looking to expand their audience. Read on to find out more.

Work With A Media Partner

A lot goes into the production of online video content, you’ll need to contend with things like planning, filming, editing, and distribution. If you can streamline this process, then you will be able to focus more on particular aspects and produce better results.

Working with a media partner like Red Bee can help optimize your video content strategy. Red Bee’s Playout services can deliver your video content to specific, targeted audiences across a range of different devices, including mobile, tablet, and desktop. By letting a partner handle the distribution side of things, you can commit more time and resources to the creative aspect of video content creation.

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Use The Right Tools

There are countless different apps and platforms available for video editors today. Choosing the right one is important, the software you use will determine the extent of your editing capabilities. If you are a total newcomer to video editing, your best bet is to try one of the more accessible apps or platforms. Often, video-sharing social channels have their own in-app editing functions, which can be all a beginner needs to get started.

If you’re looking to create something that looks a bit more professional, it might be worth considering one of the industry-standard video editing programs. These offer an incredible degree of customization and creative control, but they do come with a steep learning curve and can be difficult to understand and operate.

Think About Your Audience

The particular audience you are targeting will be a major influence on how your video is edited and presented. For example, younger audiences will appreciate a more modern editing approach, using quick cuts and lots of stickers and animations. For older audiences, a more conservative editing style may be more suitable, where you convey your message and information in a clear and concise way without too many bells and whistles.

Look at your competitors and analyze how their videos are edited, this can give you an idea of the kind of style and tone your particular market expects from video content.

Use Sounds and Music

Music can be an incredibly powerful tool for marketers. When humans listen to music, the brain releases a chemical called dopamine, which can create feelings of happiness and euphoria. By including music in your video content, you can elicit these feelings in your audience and ideally associate them with your brand.

Sounds and sound effects are important too. These can be used to add life and character to your videos and make them more engaging and memorable for viewers. Many modern video-sharing social channels use trending audio, which are audio clips that are popular among a large group of creators. Pay attention to trending audio and incorporate it into your videos whenever possible to maximize your reach.


Don’t feel discouraged from creating video content due to a lack of knowledge or experience. Modern technology has meant that a video production is now an option for everyone, regardless of their training or skill background. Use the tips in this guide to expand your audience through video content.

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