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Product Photography Tips to Make You Look Like a Professional Photographer


Are you thinking about starting your brand? Or are you already working on a start-up? Needless to say, one of the biggest struggles when starting up a new brand is its marketing.

It’s a digital world, so having digital is crucial to promoting a business successfully. It is quite beneficial, but we cannot deny that digital marketing requires lots of investment.

The question is, how can you market your brand without spending a fortune? It’s simple. You need to start with product photography. I would suggest you do the photography yourself.

Confused? Well, it’s easier than you think. In this article today, I’m going to share with you a few incredible product photography tips that will make you look like a professional photographer. Ready, set, go!

Use the Right Equipment 

First and foremost, you need to have the right equipment for product photography. From a tripod to the best professional video camera as well as multiple lenses, it includes everything.

I’m sure you must be wondering, why a video camera? It is because product photography is a lot more than just images. You need to make videos and boomerangs other than still shots.

Most people prefer watching videos before buying a product. Still, shots fail to cover the little details when it comes to product photography. On the other hand, videos work well in covering the details that are neglected otherwise.

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Keep the Visuals Trendy 

It is said that more than 90% of customers consider photography a must when buying a product. Photos and videos represent the quality and value of the product. In simple words, they serve as a medium of communication between the brand and the target audience.

For this, you need to be very careful when creating visual content. Make sure the photos and videos look eye-catching and trendy.

Also, plan the product shoot according to the product niche. For example, in the case of women’s fashion, take care of the new trends. Read the daily fashion updates and plan your shoot accordingly. If it’s a summer fashion shoot, use bright-colored backgrounds. On the flip side, use earthy nudes if it’s a winter clothing shoot.

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Take Care of the Lighting 

If you want to succeed in product photography, you must be friends with natural light. You heard that right. Natural light comes first. It’s the first thing that you need to look for whenever doing product photography.

Have you ever seen pictures from prominent fashion brands like Chanel or Gucci? They mostly post product images at sunset. Do you know why? It’s called the golden hour of photography. The time when the sun is almost setting, there comes a golden hour when there’s a beautiful orange light and a few sun rays that make everything glow. Golden hour pictures are indeed exceptionally eye-catching.

Still, it doesn’t mean that you cannot take product images without natural light. Simply make sure that the light is prominent and the product is entirely visible. If you ask me, I’ll suggest you get yellow bulbs for this. Yellow lights can make everything glow.

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Be Careful with the Setting 

Another important aspect of product photography is the setting of the product. You must be careful with the setting. The product needs to be in the center of the background so that it can catch the user’s attention instantly.

The setting of the product depends on the type of product. In the case of shooting a jewelry piece, you ought to use a bust. If you’re on a budget, you can cut the cost of a bust by using cardboard instead. Similarly, if you’re shooting decorative pieces like little wall hangings, you can use the fishing net, and remove it later when editing the images.

Besides that, you can also use scotch tape and transparent glue to fix smaller items. If the products are constantly moving, it can affect the photos negatively. Once the product is set, be sure to check the lights once again. When everything is in place, you’re good to go.

Consider the Season 

Make no mistake; product photography is used to market different products, especially the new ones on the block. One thing that you must consider is the season. There’s no point in doing product photography for winter seasonal stuff in the summer. Isn’t that right?

Adding to it, product photography needs to be done before the respective season arrives. For example, if you’re promoting summer clothes, you need to start product photography at the end of the winter season. It will provide you with the required time to post pictures on relevant social media channels.

Post the Photos at the Right Time 

Whether it’s the videos or the photos you’re talking about, you must post them at the right time on the relevant social media channels. It may not be directly related to the product photography, but incorrect image timings can ruin the central idea behind product photography.

Whenever launching a new product line, be sure to start posting its images one to two months earlier. You can divide this item into mini parts. How? Start by posting animations about the products.

Use different key visuals with captivating captions. It will increase user engagement. Once you know that the target audience is getting curious, throw pictures of the main product on your social media page. It will bring an instant overwhelming response.

What do you think? It’s easy. Isn’t it? Product photography appears to be complicated when in reality, it’s the simplest thing ever. Moreover, you do not have to have a lot of resources like a photo editing company to become a professional photographer. Follow the photography hacks mentioned above, and enhance your product photography skills today. I wish you good luck!


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