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How to Earn Money with YouTube

Anyone who is often on the US video portal will have noticed it: there are numerous video filmmakers (content creators) who post videos on YouTube almost every day, and also with a professional look. How can that be where do the YouTuber get the time next to normal work and leisure?

Quite simply: creating YouTube videos is their job. They earn money with it and not a little. Some earn so much that they even have employees. But how does that work? In this practical tip, we show you how you can make money with YouTube.

So you earn money with YouTube

How to Earn Money with YouTube

YouTube channel requirements

The most important prerequisite: first you need a YouTube channel with “honest” content. This means that you should build up your number of subscribers, i.e. follower community with your special content and under no circumstances.

Before you think of monetization, create a platform that interests people and invite its content to follow you and share your content. YouTube (or Google) does not set any limits on the selection of topics, but you should be careful not to take the guidelines for advertising-friendly content.

For example, content with impotent or inappropriate language, depictions of violence, and content with reference to drugs, tobacco, firearms, or sensitive events are not allowed. Run well with a personal touch, i.e. you can see and in which you do something extraordinary.

Before youtube unlocks your channel for the YouTube partner program, your channel must have reached at least 1,000 subscribers and a playback time of more than 4,000 hours for public videos. To do this, you should at least 18 years old or your parents (legal guardians) wrap your payment via Adsense.

With good and interesting content you can do it, but also with networking. So follow other channels, comment on other videos and thus draw attention to your unique channel.

YouTube channel intake options

There are currently five different ways to make money with YouTube:

1. Advertising revenue:

The best-known source of income is the advertising revenue, i.e. the overlapping of advertising in the form of display, overlay, and video displays. Even during the upload of your video, you can choose these forms of advertising:

The “skittish video displays” are common, they are not annoying the user because they run for about five seconds and are then tipped (skipped) by the viewer. On the other hand, the “non-skittling video displays” must be viewed before a video can be played.

These ads can be between 15 and 20 seconds. Here you have to decide whether the video showed it is worth forcing this form of advertising on users. It is possible that users then jump off directly. A weakened shape would be the bumper ads, which cannot be skipped but can only run for about six seconds.

There are also overlays that you know from classic internet advertising, which consist of overlay or text ads and which can be displayed in the lower fifth of a video, but also click away.

2. Channel membership:

With this source of income-you have paying members who regularly send you money every month and receive certain advantages. For example, videos that others cannot see would be possible. Or live streams, previews, or longer videos.

3. Merchandising:

Here you can sell your own products directly via your YouTube channel. The prerequisite is that your channel has at least 10,000 subscribers. You can sell your products directly via the playback pages of your videos. If you are entitled to merchandising, your channel will receive the “Shop” tab in which up to 30 articles can be presented.

4. Super chat and great stickers:

This is an option, especially for live streams. Your own subscribers can pay you something during a stream and your messages in the live chat will be particularly highlighted.

This type of gimmick is also good to strengthen its community. According to Google, content manufacturer / Creator (i.e. you) currently receive 70 percent of the Super sales confirmed by Google.

5. YouTube Premium turnover:

Users who have switched to YouTube’s subscription model no longer see any advertising. That means at point 1 you have no income. Nevertheless, Google participates in the subscription fee of YouTube Premium subscribers if you watch your videos.

YouTube: How much money you can earn

Let’s only look at the points advertising revenues and YouTube premium sales. What comes out with the self-produced videos at the end of the day.

This is not easy to answer, since each channel controls a different target group and other advertising is played out. As a rule, a playback-based CPM can be expected from one euro. So 1,000 advertisements for one euro.

Now you could expect that several advertisements will bring more money in a video. But that’s not the case either. It should be assumed that when 1,000 people have seen the video (and also the advertising), which in the end probably jumps out one euro.

Sometimes it can of course be more. The normal advertising revenues are still making a large part and the YouTube premium turnover can be almost neglected. But who knows what the time brings.

By the way: The development of revenue can be seen well in his YouTube channel in the studio and analytics. There you can quickly see which videos run and which do not.

Set up a YouTube channel and win the subscribers

At least 1,000 subscribers and a playback time of more than 4,000 hours enable participation in monetization. Contents with a personal touch are required.

Five possible sources of income

Advertising revenue (AdSense), sewer membership, merchandising, super chat and super stickers, YouTube premium sales

How much money you can earn

As a rule, a playback-based CPM can be expected from one euro. So for 1,000 advertisements (i.e. 1,000 people see the video), you can create a euro (as of 2022), but sometimes more. How to do that is in our tip.


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