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Tips to Hire a Drone Photographer

Tips to Hire a Drone Photographer

A few years ago, when hiring an aerial photographer, the only options were helicopters or light aircraft. This was very expensive, and that cost meant that aerial photography was reserved for television productions. Once upon a time, drone photography was considered a luxury, but today many companies use It as a growing marketing method. Drone photography is perfect for enhancing your online presence and marketing materials. Hiring a professional drone photographer who can bring your vision to life is becoming increasingly important as drone technology develops and is adopted by a wide range of industries. Before you hire a drone photographer for your next project, consider these five things.

1. Make sure your drone photographer is licensed and insured.

Since 2016, the Federal Aviation Administration has required Part 107 licenses for commercial drone services. Part 107 is a section of the FAA’s Rules and Guidelines covering drones under 55 pounds. This license ensures that all footage is legal and will not be confiscated by authorities. In addition to asking if they have permission, ask if you can see with your own eyes. Otherwise, the company’s reputation could be at risk, as choosing to rent an unlicensed drone carries severe penalties. Although not a Part 107 requirement, it is a good idea to ask drone pilots if they have liability insurance. Professional operators do the best they can, but sometimes things go wrong. In this case, it is best to take out insurance to protect you and the operator from unnecessary legal costs.

2. Ask about flights before hiring a drone operator –

There are many questions about drones, but the first question to ask is about the airspace around the target. Ask if the location you plan to shoot is near controlled or restricted airspace. Make sure the pilot has the appropriate drone photography waivers and permits. This is especially true if you plan to shoot at high altitudes. Pilots also need waivers for night flights and flying over other people or private property. Ask questions about the condition, type, and equipment of your drone and don’t be afraid to get technical.

3. Make sure they have drone photography skills –

Hiring a drone photographer based solely on their flying skills makes no sense. Once you have the technical facts, ask about the quality of photos or videos your drone can produce. Professional drone rental companies know how to change camera settings to account for light manually, drone speed, and proper focus on the subject at hand. Please ask. A good drone can account for wind and stability, but it can all be reversed by hiring drone operators who can’t answer basic drone questions and don’t know what they’re doing. If you have another cameraman shooting on location, ensure both directors are of the same quality.

4. Hire a Drone Photographer Who Can Tell Your Story –

Drone footage is surprisingly easy to use. Everyone loves aerial photography, but it lacks dignity when trying to capture a family reunion. Even corporate photos can require intimate photos that are hard to come by. Talk to the drone photographer and the rest of the production crew about your goals before you start filming. If possible, try to storyboard what you need in advance. If you’re not good at drawing, you can hire an artist to do it for you. If you want a specific shot or location, don’t hesitate to make a special request.

5. Inquire about other drone services –

First, ask about post-production. Some drone services just store raw footage on an SD card, while others allow editing as well. It costs a little more, but it’s worth it if you don’t have the know-how yourself. Check to see if we have a portfolio of her other work to give you an idea of ​​what to expect. Ask how they cope with different weather conditions, such as rain and snowfall. If conditions aren’t ideal, don’t be afraid to reschedule. Finally, see if those prices fit your budget.

Drone Photography companies – Prerequisites

You should look for various things before hiring any drone photographer. Next time you search “aerial photographer near me”, you must read if the company has the following prerequisites to serve your purpose. Also, if you are hiring drone photography in park city, you must ask them the following questions –

  • Does your company use CAA PfCO pilots? It stands for Permission For Commercial Operations, which means drone operators can legally offer rental services.
  • Does the company have the type of aerial photography experience you need? For example, if you’re interested in being a drone wedding photographer, don’t hire a pilot specializing in roof inspection.
  • Does your company have adequate equipment? When hiring a drone aerial photographer, they need to have the right cameras and lenses to do a professional job.
  • Will your company edit the video footage for you, and in what format will the finished product be delivered?


Thus, if you search for “aerial photographers near me” in google, also ensure that you read the following prerequisites about the company before hiring them to work for you. There are many good drone photographers in park city who can help you with your project with utter expertise, but the ultimate vigilance needs to be done by you. Alex Drone Photography is a professional drone service company Which is also specializing in real estate photography and videography.

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