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20+ Best Social Network Scripts (Create your own social networking site)

social network script

Hey guys how are you? hope you are doing well! Have you ever think of being famous and rich like Mark Zuckerberg Today’s hot post is about “Php Social Network Script” by which you can easily create your own social networking site within few minutes without any coding skill. If you don’t want to do it yourself you can also hire someone to do this for you at Envato Studio.

Here I’m sharing 20+ Most Popular Social networking & facebook clone scripts. You may also create a website like BuzzFeed with social media clone scripts. as everyone knows 2016 is the trend of viral content. by spending a few $$ on these scripts you may own a famous social network site.

To be honest with my reader. I must share something which I’m planning to do in the future. Social media platforms for the specific audience are being popular as compared to old ugly designed forums. So I’m planning to create a small social network for Ultra Updates audience. But before launching I need to do some research and study to make it successful.

Best Social Network Script Collection 2016

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QuickDate – The Ultimate PHP Dating Platform

Demo / Download / More Info

QuickDate is a dating social script, QuickDate is the best way to start your own dating website! QuickDate is fast, secure, and it will be regularly updated.

QuickDate - The Ultimate PHP Dating Platform

Miam-Miam – Social Network Platform for Foodies

Demo / Download / More Info

foodie social network

Miam-Miam is a powerful php script (Laravel) with a modern UI/UX design, smart functions that will allow you to create an amazing food social network site in few clicks only. Miam-Miam script works perfectly on mobile, tablet, and desktop, which can help you to create a professional website as Social network, Recipes Listing, Fitness Diets, Community Food. Miam-Miam it also allows users to upload their recipes and share them with other users or follow other foodies. Miam-Miam is highly customizable and super-easy to setup .This script included 2 click site installer to install the script without any technical knowledge.

InfixBio – Portfolio Showcase social Networking Platform for Digital Designers and Creatives

Demo / Download / More Info

InfixBio script is a self-promotion and social networking platform for digital designers, best for designers to share their work online. InfixBio is a advanced, responsive portfolio gallery for digital works or design project portfolio with unique photo gallery styles, portfolio widgets and project showcase.

PHP FansOnly Patrons – Paid Content Creators Platform

Demo / Download / More Info

Start your own websites like OnlyFans.com or Patreon.com and grow like mad. It’s like a social network but allows content creators to directly earn MONEY from their FANS for their PREMIUM content.

patreon copy script

MusicEngine – Music Social Networking

Demo / Download / More Info

music social network

What if you could get a single platform where you can share your music, reach out to like minded musicians and fans to connect with them? Well, for all established and aspiring musicians looking for one such platform, MusicEngine provides all that. MusicEngine is a social networking website dedicated solely for musicians. It is a unique concept that brings together the power of both social networking and music sharing at one place.

Kwike – Dating Website Php Script

Demo / Download / More Info

dating social network php script

kwike is a php script for dating website, Kwike dating script is the readymade package of code which helps you create a beautiful functional dating site in a short period of time. It is the complete package, all it requires, install this package and you will be able to create dating site fast and easy.

PixelPhoto -& Photo Social Network Platform

Demo / Download / More Info

The Ultimate Image Sharing

MusicEngine – Social Music Sharing Platform

Demo / Download / More Info

MusicEngine is a Social Music Sharing Platform similar with Mixcloud, SoundCloud, allowing users to upload their music online and share with the world.

SocialKit – The Ultimate Social Networking Platform

Demo / Download / More Info

SocialKit is a Social Networking Platform that consists of various features including Live Chat, Pages, Groups, Messages, Stories, Comments, Likes, Shares, Notifications, #Hashtags, @Mentions, etc. It allows users to socialize with each other, share with their favorite community, connect with their favorite brands, artists, celebrities, and much more.
SocialKit is the fastest, most secured and regularly updated Social Networking Platform.


Belloo – Complete Premium Dating Software

Demo / Download / More Info

Belloo is a Complete dating software with incredible out of the box ready-to-use functionality.
Its a fully Ajax script for a fast response of every action on the script, also allowing users to videochat and keep using the site durning a videocall.
I have to emphasize that there is no dating sites with a built in videocall system like ours, that let you videocall without expend crazy amount of money by using external services like Twilio
Belloo have all the features that a powerfull dating software needs to success.
This script is built on simple PHP making it very easy to edit the code.
Customize to fit your needs or contact us to for individual customizations.


WoWonder – The Ultimate PHP Social Network Platform

Demo / Download / More Info

WoWonder is a PHP Social Network Script, WoWonder is the best way to start your own social network website !
WoWonder is fast, secured, and it will be regularly updated.


Create a Site like BuzzFeed

Buzzy – News, Viral Lists, Polls, and Videos

Demo / Download / More Info

Breaking News, Viral Lists, Awesome Polls and Popular Videos.
Buzzy brings all of these contents into one system.
Create beautiful viral websites like BuzzFeed with Buzzy!
You have advanced tools to do that. With Great Post Editor, Powerful Admin Panel and Impressive Design.



Facebook Clone Scripts

Sngine v2 – The Ultimate Social Network Platform

Demo / Download / More Info

Sngine v2+ is a Social Network Platform is the best way to create your own social website or online community. Launch it in just 1 minute with ultimate features. It’s easy to install.


phpSocial – Social Network Platform

Demo / Download / More Info

phpSocial is a Social Network Platform similar to Facebook, allowing users to interact with each other by live chatting, sending messages, comments, likes, share photos, life events and so much more.


Open Source Social Network

Demo / Download / More Info

Open Source Social Network also know as OSSN is a social networking software written in PHP. Open Source Social Network allows you to make a social networking website, helps your members build social relationships with people who share similar professional or personal interests.


Twitter Clone Scripts

Socialite – Laravel Social Network Script

Demo / Download / More Info

Create your own social media site with Socialite, Socialite is the FIRST Social networking script developed on Laravel with all enhanced features, Pixel perfect design and extremely user friendly. User interface and user experience are extra added features to Socialite. Months of research, passion and hard work had made the Socialite more flexible, feature-available and very user friendly!

Vadoo – Social network dating script

Demo / Download / More Info

Vadoo - Social network dating script

TalkToExperts – Social Platform to Share Knowledge

Demo / Download / More Info

TalkToExperts is a social network where you will find experts on various topics that share their knowledge creating articles, uploading photos and adding videos. But best of all is that they share their knowledge answer personalized to your question.

Bootstrap Social Network

We present to Your attention a new script, with which You can create on your website a social network. This script is perfect to create a large Dating site or a small community. During the creation of the script we’ve thought of: Beautiful and easy interface, Fast structure, A protection system against external attacks, Responsive design for all devices.

Demo / Download / More Info

Fricon Social Networking and Chat App

Fricon is the next generation social networking and chats app that includes realtime chat between members. The application fully built with material UI Framework which gives you access like Mobile App.

Demo / Download / More Info

Wchat – Fully Responsive PHP/AJAX Chat

Wchat is a popular responsive PHP ajax inbox messaging (Chat) WebApp for websites, mobile apps, and control panels. It is a responsive chatting app that is Built with PHP/MySQL-PDO and design with CSS framework Bootstrap 3.3.6 It utilizes all of the Bootstrap components in its design and restyles many commonly used plugins to create a consistent design that can be used as a user interface for the web and mobile applications. Wchat is based on a modular design, which allows it to be easily customized and built upon. This documentation will guide you through installing the wchat and exploring the various components that are bundled with the wchat.

Demo / Download / More Info


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