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All the Things Samsung Has Announced at Ces 2024 Including to the Ballie Robot to the Transparent Microled Screen

All the things Samsung has announced at CES 2024 including to the Ballie robot to the transparent MicroLED screen

The holidays are over but there’s one winter-time tradition that remains. CES is back, again changing Las Vegas into a haven for those who are tech-savvy. Samsung will be hosting the annual CES press conference on January 8th at 2PM PT or 5 PM ET, just a few days before the official opening of the exhibitions. Engadget will have around a dozen of its staff members on the ground at the CES 2024 in Las Vegas, and you can follow the proceedings from your at home via the live stream through Samsung’s Global Newsroom site or watching the YouTube video below.

Samsung is, naturally a huge company that has its fingers in almost every cookie jar, and you might be wondering what the conference’s press call will be focused on. The answer is already. It’s AI. The press release is entitled “AI for All Connection within the Age of AI”, that manages to include the word twice.

What do we think

It will be hosted by Vice Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Samsung’s DX (Device Experience) Division, Jong-Hee Ha. Samsung has been pretty quiet about the details, being a part of the overall concept of “AI for everyone.” We may get more details about the company’s soon-to-be launched chatbot Gauss, which can create emails, code and you know, everything else. It is, however, able to also up-scale images with low resolution, which is quite impressive.

As per the Korea Times, Gauss is scheduled to debut in the coming Galaxy S24 devices, so CES 2024 could be the perfect opportunity to announce that. The S24 line is scheduled to be released in mid-January that is, in the next one week or so.

Of of course, Samsung is primarily a hardware manufacturer, and it’d be unnatural to spend the whole keynote discussing AI. The press conference last year was a good example of Samsung announcements of everything from the creation of a smart oven that has an in-built camera to 8K and MicroLED televisions. In any case it’s not long to wait.

What did Samsung announce? Samsung revealed

If you didn’t catch Samsung’s CES news conference in person, here’s the version: Samsung has presented its first-ever transparent MicroLED screen that is truly a show-stopper. Samsung also stunned us with it bringing back their Ballie robot that now comes with built-in projection and an overall new design. On the hardware-you-can-buy-soon front, we also got new TVs, projectors, an HDMI 2.1 soundbar, a Music Frame speaker to go with the company’s Frame TVs (which we also got hands-on with), a smart monitor that works without the need for a PC, and a new interface for its TVs that lets you use your television as a smart home hub.

As of now, on the moment, we’ve gotten an intimate view of Ballie. Engadget’s deputy editor Nathan Ingraham concluded that, while it’s adorable, it doesn’t accomplish much.

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