Ces 2024: Lg’s Transparent Oled Tv Disappears When Turned Off

CES-2024-LGs-transparent-OLED-TV-disappears-when-turned-offYou’re used to watching TV shows on your television’s screen But have you thought of looking through the display? Let us know.

The announcement was made at the CES 2024, LG Signature OLED T, LG’s brand-new OLED TV which is virtually transparent. And it’s more than an idea as per the Verge that it’s close to being a finished product that consumers can buy at some point in 2024.

LG Signature OLED T LG Signature OLED comes with an 77-inch screen that comprises two main components: the translucent display panel and an underlying contrast filter that can be adjusted or raised to convert this Signature OLED TV into an “regular” television.

In addition to looking stunning in transparent mode, this television has some advantages that standard TVs can’t. It is for example, it can effortlessly blend in with your home decor, and even transform into a living artifact that is fascinating to view even when you’ren’t actively watching television. It also has a range of software widgets designed to work with the transparent screen.

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