Mysterious ‘Highly Acclaimed’ Xbox Exclusive Could Go Multiplatform

Mysterious ‘Highly Acclaimed’ Xbox Exclusive Could Go MultiplatformWith games like Starfield being an Xbox exclusively available, Microsoft seems quite keen to keep a few of its IPs exclusive to it. However, there’s an rumor that a game may be released to other platforms like PS5 and Nintendo Switch. PS5 as well as the Nintendo Switch.

Most likely isn’t Redfall

In the latest Nate the Hate podcast episode there’s a chance that an unidentified Xbox exclusive might be coming to other systems that aren’t Microsoft.

Although there’s no information on the game’s release date but the host of the show has said that it’s a game that will receive “high praise,” adding that “fans enjoyed it” and that a PS5 or Switch version of the game will “be welcomed with a lot of anticipation.” The show’s discussion starts around 1:06:00.

According to a report by VGC the fans are convinced that the theories could be in reference to Tango Gameworks’ rhythm game Hi-Fi Rush. The podcast also discusses the possibility that it could be Redfall and it’s welcomed with laughter and the assurance that it will not be the case that it’s going to multiplatform.

It was released without much publicity, Hi-Fi Rush went down as one of the most unexpected smash hit games of 2023. Actually, it was the number 8 in the Game of the Year list which was just ahead of Street Fighter 6 and Amnesia: The Bunker.

It is important to note that they are only speculation until Microsoft, Tango Gameworks, or Bethesda (the game’s publisher) comment on the theories.

It’s not a secret the fact that Hi-Fi Rush was a success this year on the Xbox which is why there’s no doubt that there’ll be plenty of gamers who would love to to play the game on Sony and Nintendo’s gaming consoles.

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