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Galaxy S24, S24+ and S24 Ultra costs to Europe!

Below are the Galaxy S24, S24+ and S24 Ultra costs to Europe

We know the Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24+, and Galaxy S24 Ultra look like and what features they will include. We also know the date Samsung is set to release its next premium smartphones. In the past, even the price for Galaxy S24 Galaxy S24 series has leaked revealing it that both it will cost less than the Galaxy S24 and the Galaxy S24+ will be a little lower than their predecessors and they will be more expensive than the Galaxy S24 Ultra. Galaxy S24 Ultra will be priced higher over Galaxy S23 Ultra. Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Let’s review their pricing according to the report of our partners from GalaxyClub.

Galaxy S24, S24+ S24 Ultra, S24 Ultra, and S24 Ultra pricing leaks for European market

Based on the information that it is reported that the Galaxy S24 will have a starting price of EUR899 for the 128GB version, and the 256GB model will cost at EUR959. It is expected that the Galaxy S24+ will cost EUR1,149 and EUR1,269 for the 256GB and versions of 512GB, respectively. Its Galaxy S24 Ultra is believed to cost at EUR1,449 when it comes to the version with 256GB and EUR1,569 for the version with 512GB. It is also possible to get one with a 1TB capacity variant of the handset however, the price hasn’t been disclosed yet.

For comparison, the Galaxy S23 had the lowest price starting at EUR949 in Europe and the Galaxy S23+ prices started at EUR1,199. Its Galaxy S23 Ultra was priced at EUR1,399 to buy the variant with 256GB of storage at the time it debuted earlier this year. Of course, the prices will differ slightly based on the various taxes across various countries across Europe. The gist from this report is that Galaxy S24 and the Galaxy S24+ will be a bit less expensive than their predecessors and they will be slightly more expensive. Galaxy S24 Ultra will be higher priced over its previous model.

  • Galaxy S24 128GB: EUR899
  • Galaxy S24 256GB: EUR959
  • Galaxy S24+ 256GB: EUR1,149
  • Galaxy S24+ 512GB: EUR1,269
  • Galaxy S24 Ultra 256GB: EUR1,449
  • Galaxy S24 Ultra 512GB: EUR1,569

Prices in the US market might be lower however we’ll be able the complete picture when we hear about the phones.

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