How To Get The ‘Escape From Tarkov’ Free New Year Gift

How To Get The 'Escape From Tarkov' Free New Year Gift

In keeping with tradition, Battlestate Games is giving each Escape from Tarkov player a complimentary present to commemorate the season of giving and the beginning of the year. However, there are some steps you need to complete before you are able to unlock the present.

The previous year’s gifts have provided you some valuable loot which is why it’s an excellent addition to the latest wipe that many players are struggling with. Because of the newly released Ground Zero map and the quests that are available many players are getting out of cash in the latest Tarkov wipe so the present for Christmas will be more appreciated than usual.

How To Claim The Escape From Tarkov New Year Gift

In order to get the escape from Tarkov for Christmas or New Year gift, you’ll have to enter Tarkovand create your character to wipe. It’s fairly easy and shouldn’t take more than just a few minutes. If you’ve already started playing the wipe, it is easy to move on through the steps.

You must then go to your website Escape from Tarkovwebsite then sign in. Once you’ve completed that, go towards your account home page and scroll down to the bottom of the page, where you’ll find a small picture of loot along with an image of a paper clip on the. Select that symbol and your prize is activated.

After that, you must launch Escape from Tarkov and then access your messages. Then you will receive the latest message from SYSTEM and it will include your New Year’s present. Select the button to get it the way you would with an insurance reward or quest reward, and you’ll be transported back to the present. Transfer the items to your storage and the treasure is available all year long.

What Is In The Escape From TarkovNew Year Gift?

The present doesn’t come with the same containers as the past, but you receive some helpful items which include some new items that came along with the patch. You’ll receive the RKPT-25 backpack and the VSK-94 gun with four mags and plenty of ammunition and the NeoSteel helmet, three Christmas decorations and a balaclava.

If you have the Christmas decorations, you’ll instantly be able to create the Christmas tree inside the hiding place, which will make your home more festive when you begin building it. Then, you can make Car Medical Kits that you can then utilize to create Salewas that are becoming difficult to locate.

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