10 Awesome Game Pass Games for your Xbox

Awesome Game Pass Games for your Xbox

Xbox Game Pass might have experienced a slow 2022, but it’s value has been rewarded in 2023. There are over 400 games to play and I’ve struggled to choose just a few games I’d like to recommend this year. With a monthly fee that ranges between $10.99 or $16.99 you can play a variety of games such as Starfield, Sea of Stars, Tunic along with inside.

If you’ve recently purchased an Xbox Here’s a list of 10 excellent Xbox Game Pass game titles which are worth your time during the holidays.

1. Pentiment

Pentimentis A murder-mystery in manuscript which takes place during the 16th century. The game the game, players play the role of Andreas Maler, a painter working on manuscripts with illustrations in an abbey located in Bavaria. The game is played like an illustrated novel, and you’ll make choices throughout the game which have a huge impact on those around you. After you’ve made the decisions and have lived by the results.

2. PowerWash Simulator

I like to lie on my couch and let the pressure wash through my day, removing the dirt off of pavements and vehicles. It’s very satisfying getting rid of grime and dirt without leaving your living space to do the laborious task of cleaning. If you’re a purist and love to clean, then you’ll enjoy this product better than me.

3. Tunic

Tunicis an Zelda-style adventure that appears like it could be a simple ride, thanks to the cute fox, however the enemies are just as difficult like anything you’d encounter in the Dark Souls game. The design of the levels is stunning and the animations are stunning throughout. As you swoon over the gorgeous Tunicis is, the mechanics and combat will keep you engaged for long hours. Be sure to check the game’s manual to guide you through the game and learn how to make the most from your your Tunic.

4. Starfield

Starfield The new space-based RPG by Skyrimmaker Bethesda Game Studios has finally launched this year, and the most exciting thing is that it’s available on Xbox Game Pass. Starfieldis similar to Games like Falloutand Skyrim,as it’s huge and packed with adventure and exploration. Be aware, however, that you’ll have to invest an hour or so to Starfield before you can really enjoy it. actually starts to get going. Bethesda is striving to improve Starfield’s system which include city maps, mod support from the official and innovative methods of traveling across.

5. Inside

Insideis an action-platformer that opens in a bleak and dreary forest. This will set the stage for a tense and continuously shifting landscape. You play as a boy trying to escape from a tense world full of unexpected plot twists. Inside is only a couple of minutes, however if an avid player of 2D puzzle games, then this game is one you must play.

6. Cocoon

Cocoon is an easy puzzle game in which you transfer orbs between different devices. They grant you specific abilities and encompass whole worlds. They provide a an easy but complex game. It must be played in order to understand and is well worth up to an hour of time.

7. Jusant

Jusant is a game for climbing by the same team that created the Life Is Strange series. It starts at the bottom of a massive tower, ascending and traversing obstacles. The scenery is stunning as you climb. However, I’d prefer that the story was not a swarm of text that make you to hit that skip key. It’s still worth putting your effort through the plethora of dialogue for this excellent game to add for the Xbox Game Pass library.

8. Lies of P

In the game “Lies of P” you’re Pinocchio the silent protagonist that leads you through an Soulslike world in which you need adapt your weaponry to fight the numerous enemies within Krat. Krat. The game features a weapon crafting system that allows you to combine weapons to build your own design. “Lies of P” also comes with a lying system. This means that any decisions made throughout the game could lead to three different outcomes. If you’re a lover of the fight scenes of Bloodbornethen the game’s title, Lies of Pwill be familiar to you, and it does an excellent task of standing apart from the Soulslike genre.

9. Hi-Fi Rush

Hi-Fi Rush was released as an early shadow drop earlier this year, then straight to Xbox Game Pass. Tango Gameworks, the developers behind The Evil Withinseries and Ghostwire: Tokyo, has created a smooth and elegant rhythm-action brawler. You’re rewarded when you land hits to the beat of the music, making it feel like playing live music. The game also has a lot of pop culture references with a lively visual style that includes animated 2D characters.

10. Sea of Stars

I used to play SNES RPGs, and so Sea of Stars felt like being transported back to the 1990s and playing games with 16 bits. The gorgeous pixel art shines in the dungeons of the game, and I frequently found myself simply admiring the retro RPG. The story can take a while to start however, there’s a fantastic music track and an excellent battle system to make up for the somewhat generic storyline.

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