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30+ Heart Touching New Year Wishes For Friends 2024

New Year wishes are a beautiful gesture, showing attention and connection. In private, family and friends look forward to happy New Years’ greetings – but greetings for the New Year are also part of a good business relationship at work. But what do you wish for the new year? It can be more than “happy New Year”. After all, the New Year’s wishes should show that you have thought about it and that you want to make the recipient happy. Unfortunately, words are often missing. We’ll help! Here you will find the most beautiful sayings, examples, and formulations for New Year’s wishes. You will also find tips on what to look out for when you want to spend New Year’s wishes …

New Year's wishes

New Year’s wishes: short sayings and formulations

There is no need to formulate long texts or write long cards for happy New Year wishes. Short New Year’s wishes can also be appropriate and get to the heart of what you want to say and wish for the coming 365 days. Here are some nice examples and formulations for short New Year’s wishes:

  • “For the New Year, I wish you luck, health, and many wonderful days.”
  • “Happy New Year! May all your wishes come true. “
  • “I wish you all the best for the new year and all the best for your endeavors.”
  • “May the new year be the best of your life.”
  • “The new year should keep all the best and leave everything bad behind.”
  • “I’m looking forward to another year with you and every moment that we share.”
  • “I wish you all the luck in the world also in 2024.”
  • “We wish you and your family a very happy new year.”
  • “Listen to your heart and make the most of what the new year brings you.”
  • “With the new year, I hope that you just stay the way you are. Happy New!”
  • “To a happy, healthy, and great year.”
  • “I hope you had a happy new year – and an even better new year.”
  • “When a difficult year ends, it can only get better. To a great new year. “
  • “I wish you that you implement all your resolutions and wishes come true.”
  • “With the new year, there is new hope and opportunity. Use it!”

Happy New Year

Funny New Year Wishes

With good friends, family, or dear colleagues, New Year’s wishes can be funny and spiced with humor. For inspiration, you will find funny New Year’s wishes, sayings, and formulations here:

  • “My goal for 2024 is to achieve the 2023 goals that I set for 2022 because in 2021 I had planned to do what I wanted to achieve in 2020 because in 2019 I failed to achieve the 2018 goals. “
  • “New Year is the day when last year’s resolutions are recommended.”
  • “The very best for the New Year, health, fun, and good luck. But stay ‘always friendly and humble, otherwise, worries will come back soon.”
  • “If the new year begins like the old one left off, it can be cheerful …”
  • “You don’t need any new resolutions, your old ones are practically unused. Happy New!”
  • “In the New Year, I wish you a glass of wine for every problem to bridge the gap until a solution.”
  • “If the old year was successful, look forward to the new one. And if it was bad, then even more so. “(Albert Einstein)

Happy New Year

New year wishes poems

Poems are often used to emphasize wishes. Especially if you cannot think of suitable words yourself, you can make use of the literary skills of well-known personalities and writers. Beautiful poems that you can use to send New Year wishes:

“The old year has passed overnight;
went away in silence.
The new one is still a small child;
it doesn’t even know who we are.
And yet he is our Lord today;
has power over so many thousand people ‘.
So we want, without looking around,
to entrust all of our things to him.
It comes from a big house;
it will definitely know its way around soon. “(Richard von Schaukal)

“A new year has started
the last days have passed.
I wish you luck for the new year,
just look ahead, not back. “

“The old year passed quickly;
it could hardly be patient.
And with joy left behind
the big sack full of debts. “(Wilhelm Busch)

“In the new year happiness and salvation,
good ointment for ailments and wounds!
A rough wedge on a rough block,
on a rascal one and a half. “(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

“The old year made it smart.
It’s gone in fog and at night.
Fortunately for far and near,
there was someone else there. “(Johann Peter Hebel)


New Year Wishes

New year wishes for business

New Year’s wishes can also be a great way to send greetings or wishes to business partners, customers, or colleagues at work. That shows appreciation and attention. The beginning of the new year already gives you the topics for business new year wishes:

  • The review of the past year and its successes.
  • The outlook for the future and its opportunities.

Business New Year’s wishes are particularly popular if they are individually tailored to the recipient. If there was a situation in the past year in which he or she was particularly helpful, you should mention it on your New Year’s card. You can use the New Year’s wishes to thank you again and to express your appreciation.

How should I formulate the New Year’s wishes?

  • “Dear Mr. Müller, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again from the bottom of my heart for the trust you have placed in me and my company in an economically tense situation. Without you, we would not have been able to handle the past year so well. Thank you very much for that! “
  • “Dear Ms. Schmidt, looking back on the past year, I once again noticed our business relationship extremely positively. We are very happy to have counted you among our customers for many years. “
  • “Dear Mr. Meier, our cooperation has only just begun, but I really appreciate our many similarities and the respectful interaction on your part. Thank you for allowing us to cooperate over the past few months. “

New year wishes intercultural

In our global world, you often work with colleagues or business partners abroad. You can of course also send them New Year’s wishes – but you should demonstrate intercultural competence. For example, make sure that not all cultures celebrate New Year on January 1st. In China, for example, it is a moving holiday that is based on the lunar calendar and falls between January 21 and February 20.

For specific formulations, you should find out about the customs of the respective country. Those who respond to this show consideration for other customs and also that they have made an effort.

Tips for new year wishes

Sending New Year’s wishes at all is already the first important step and – with the right wording and nice words or sayings – is generally received positively. But even with New Year’s wishes, there are some rules and advice that you should heed to achieve the best possible impression:

Make sure you use good-quality paper.

If you want your New Year’s greeting to stand out from the crowd, choose expensive paper that fits comfortably in the hand. The recipient will notice this and take a very close look at your card. Another advantage: a high-quality card has more of a chance of landing on the addressee’s desk – so you will be fondly remembered after the holidays.

Write the card by hand.

A handwritten card shows appreciation. Avoid prepackaged cards that only require you to sign. One or two personal sentences are enough to make your business partner feel respected. If you write it all with a fountain pen

Avoid hackneyed phrases.

Phrases always seem impersonal and meaningless. The nice and attentive gesture of your New Year wishes can quickly be lost. It is better to write a short sentence or two that have something to do with the person and their relationship to one another.

Check your spelling and grammar.

Mistakes can happen but have no place in New Year’s wishes. Make sure you use correct spelling and grammar. It is better to proofread your New Year wishes several times and ask another person for help if you are unsure of yourself.

What do you wish for in the new year?

To find the right words for New Year’s wishes, the question arises: What do you think of in the New Year? In addition to very general phrases such as “Happy New Year” or “I wish you all the best for the coming year”, there are numerous topics that you can address in your New Year wishes.

Happiness, health, success, hope, opportunities, future, goals, or resolutions for the new year are particularly popular. Other motives for your New Year wishes can include love, relationships, peace, or overcoming fear, worries, and doubts.

When to send New Year wishes

In business life, before Christmas, the question arises as to when the New Year’s greetings can be sent. Company holidays or the vacation of the contact person can get in the way. Therefore, the rule of thumb is that the New Year wishes should arrive no later than the first two weeks of January. So if you send the card in the first few days of the new year, it should reach the addressee in good time.

How long can you wish a happy new year?

For most, the winter holidays end in early January. Then we meet our colleagues at work again. You then wish each other a “Happy New Year”. But how long can you do that? There is a kind of etiquette rule: You can wish a Happy New Year until mid-January. Then that’s the end of it. After that, you can of course continue to wish yourself the best, luck, or success in your job. The topic of New Year’s greetings is then through. At the end of January, New Year’s wishes only seem strange. Or they give the impression that you have forgotten them at first.

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