5 Ways How Digital Marketers Can Take Advantage of Proxies

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To secure the future of your business, you must focus on advertising. The impact of technology on this sector is becoming plain as we move away from standard marketing methods.

Your job as a digital marketer entails a lot of web research. You will come across websites that are password-protected. This is because certain network operators restrict access to particular content or areas. But proxies can help in this scenario.

Below we have discussed 5 different ways of how digital marketers can take advantage of proxies. Proxies act as a middleman between you and the server. When you browse the internet, a proxy masks your IP address so the site that gets your query has no idea who you are.

Your IP address, as well as your current location, will be inaccessible. This is only workable if you deploy a proxy server to intercept your query and change your IP address before connecting to your desired website.

There are many different sorts of proxies, but we’ll focus on the two most common ones.

  • Data Center proxy
  • Residential proxy

Data Center Proxy:

As defined by the name, Datacenter Proxies are located in Big data centers. The IP address is generated virtually. They are not assigned by ISPs. Which implies they don’t need an internet connection. They do not belong to a particular device. This way, your IP address will not be linked back to you.

Datacenter proxies are less expensive and speedier. It can be used to browse anonymously and bypass geo-locations.

Residential Proxy:

This kind of proxy is costly and tricky too. ISPs (Internet service providers) give users real IP addresses using a real physical address. Residential proxies offer a lot of confidentiality. Residential proxies treat as real persons by websites, making them more difficult to block.

Now that we have a basic understanding of what proxies are let’s see how a digital marketer can use proxies.

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5 ways how digital marketers can take advantage of proxies

A good digital marketer understands the importance of data. It’s for this reason that they invest so much energy / cost in market analysis in the first instance. When marketers are aware of their target demographic, products, and competitors. Their marketing activities are more likely to succeed.

1. Search Engine Optimization

Digital marketers’ effectiveness nowadays is determined by their ability to comprehend and use SEO tactics. But, how can a proxy assist with SEO?

Many SEO tasks can advantage from proxies because SEO isn’t about content development. For many digital marketers, content creation is the beginning. Keyword research, marketing, and link-building are some of the other aspects we need to take care of to rank higher in google.

Proxies can help with these and other similar actions. When other IP addresses are restricted, massive advertising may need many IP addresses. This is where proxies came in. Proxies can provide many IP Addresses while using the same internet connection. In local or targeted marketing research. Masking your geolocation and browsing sites and search engines can be valuable. Proxies can address all these issues and help in achieving all the campaign’s goals.

Source [FreePik]

2. Competitor Research

To keep ahead of the competitors, you must know what they are doing. What new items have they introduced? What kind of content do they create? What kind of feedback are they getting? This is the data you need. This is where proxy servers come into play.

Proxies can provide your information. You will be able to browse your opponents’ sites without being restricted. You will not only have confidentiality, but your network will also be safe. You will have access to all the data you need for your investigation.

With competitor research, you can see what works for your competition and replicate it, as well as see how they price their items.

Data miners can use spinning proxies to guarantee that their IP addresses vary with each communication session. A rotating proxy will use 1,000 distinct IP addresses if you crawl a webpage 1,000 times. As a result, the queries are less visible and are less likely to be caught for crawling.

3. Social Media Marketing

The first question that arises in mind is, as a digital marketer how you can take advantage of proxies in social media marketing?

You will first register many accounts on various social networking platforms. Each login will have its own individual IP address when using proxies. You will not be barred since the social media algorithm will not detect the number of accounts that you have ued from the same device.

By engaging in online debates and forums with various accounts. You may raise awareness about your business and products. Start conversations about specific themes and present your business as the “go-to” for solutions to your viewer’s issues. This will drive traffic to your website because visitors will be interested in learning something about you.

You can also use unconventional platforms like newsgroups in Usenet to reach a wider audience. Unlike other social media platforms you would need the help of usenet providers to access newsgroups. Test the performance of different things on different websites. This will allow you to see what works best for you and what doesn’t.



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