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Funny Christmas Wishes: Over 30 Poems & Saying

Spread Laughter This Festive Season with Funny Christmas Messages

Not everyone likes to celebrate Christmas only in a contemplative way. Some also have fun funnily formulating Christmas wishes. Whether briefly or as a poem – funny Christmas wishes are suitable for employees, colleagues, friends, and family. We give you a selection of the best funny Christmas sayings to make you laugh and tips on how to use them …

Funny Christmas sayings & poems

In the heart of Christman traditions lies the delightful exchange of laughter and joy. Elevate your festive celebrations with over 30 funny Christmas wishes, sayings, and poems. These witty and whimsical messages are sure to bring smiles and merriment to your holiday gatherings, making cherished memories with loved ones.

When should Christmas wishes be funny?

At Christmas, of course. But it also depends on the addressee. Quite a few associate the birth of Jesus with Christmas and want to celebrate this festival in a particularly solemn and dignified manner.

Nevertheless, humor and jokes are part of it – after all, the occasion is a happy one. This is also reflected in the Christmas wishes – regardless of whether they are funny or neutral: after all, you wish yourself a “merry” or “happy Christmas”.

It takes some caution with people you don’t know very well. And anyway: fun is allowed, but humor is also individual. Not everyone finds Christmas wishes funny if they contain sexual innuendos or other coarse formulations. You should refrain from such Christmas sayings (not only) in the work context.

Christmas wishes + cards

Are you looking for free Christmas wishes, Christmas greetings, or Christmas sayings? We have a selection – free of charge for you. Especially Christmas wishes and greetings are addressed to loved ones, employees, and colleagues as well as friends.

Funny Christmas wishes Funny Christmas wishes Funny Christmas wishes Funny Christmas wishes

Funny Christmas wishes Funny Christmas wishes Funny Christmas wishes Funny Christmas wishes

Funny Christmas wishes Funny Christmas wishes

Short Funny Christmas Wishes

Are you looking for free funny Christmas wishes, Christmas greetings, or Christmas sayings? We have a selection – free of charge for you. Especially Christmas wishes and greetings are addressed to loved ones, employees, and colleagues as well as friends.

The following Christmas wishes are funny and short. They are suitable for friends and colleagues, as long as you are on the same wavelength in everyday life and joke with each other.

These examples can be sent well via Whatsapp or as a virtual Christmas card. The latter is especially ideal if you run out of time for postal greetings. You can still come on time via the Internet, provided that you send your Christmas wishes by Christmas at the latest:

  • “I wish you a merry Christmas with lots of cookies and useful gifts!”
  • “Merry Christmas! May streams of mulled wine and a crispy roast goose accompany you to the festival. “
  • “I’m sending you this Christmas card to remind you of the real reason for Christmas in addition to all the commerce: the birth of Santa Claus!”
  • “Hard to believe, but true: Christmas is this year too! Have a great Christmas for you and your family. “
  • “I wanted to send you something lovely, exciting, and beautiful for Christmas this year. But at the post office, I was ordered to get out the package, otherwise, they would call the security service. “
  • “Christmas is when the best presents are at the table and not under the tree.”
  • “I wish you a Merry Christmas and that you don’t eat my gingerbread!”

Funny Christmas Sayings to make you laugh

Everyone likes funny sayings. So it goes down well when you send funny Christmas sayings to laugh at, for example via WhatsApp. These are not tied to the exact time between December 24th and 26th. Rather, they give an insight into the pre-Christmas and Advent seasons. This is stressful for many, which is why the month is also jokingly referred to as “stress December”.

But it is well known that many things are easier to bear with a wink and a smile:

  • “Today was a successful day.
    I bought all of my Christmas gifts.
    The only thing missing is those for everyone else. “
  • “What did I get for Christmas?
    A belly! “
  • “Dear Christ Child, please don’t mix it up again:
    – My account: bold.
    – Me: slim.
  • “When shopping just before Christmas, you get a better idea of ​​how many people have.”
  • “My winter fat is from last year, but it still looks pretty good. Maybe puff it up a bit and I can wear it again! “
  • “If the guests have eaten the presents, then Santa Claus has forgotten the goose.”
  • “I’ll get you the (cinnamon) stars from the sky.”
  • “Why have you opened all the little doors on the advent calendar now?”
  • “Intermittent ventilation.”
  • “Roses are red, the mulled wine was hot.
    Funge burned – what a feiff. “

Funny Christmas Sayings to make you laugh

  • “First of all, wrap up the ‘We-don’t-give-ourselves-anything-gifts’.”
  • “Dear Santa, just put your credit card under the Christmas tree.”
  • “In my mind, I’m ready for Christmas.
    Unfortunately not financially. “
  • “9 out of 10 ducks recommend beef steak for Christmas.”
  • “I won’t buy you silk, I won’t give you a scarf. Because I’m broke, that’s why there’s only my visit to the festival. “
  • “If I have eaten all the chocolate from the Advent calendar, should I be ashamed or should I be proud of myself for being a time traveler ?!”
  • “When it comes to wrapping gifts, the following applies: Missing talent is replaced by adhesive tape!”
  • “A cookie a day keeps the stress away.”
  • “Accept two more parcels for the neighbors and I have all the Christmas presents together.”
  • “Lie under the Christmas tree to remind my family that I am a present!”
  • “When the quiet time is over, it’ll be quieter again!” (Karl Valentin)

Christmas Sayings: Short and funny

  • “So, survived ten minutes of small talk with the family. Time for mulled Christmas! “
  • “9 out of 10 ducks recommend beef steak for Christmas.”
  • “What did I get for Christmas?
    A belly! “
  • “At Christmas, I only annoy the people I like.”
  • “The Christmas season will certainly be a success – as long as you spend it alone.”

Christmas greetings staff funny

Funny Christmas greetings for or from employees can be written neutrally or contain allusions to work. In any case, they should express a positive mood and benevolence.

  • “It’s snowed in outside
    and in the office I’m ready
    with the speech for the boss
    that she has to like too.
    Merry Christmas and many gifts
    good food to go with it.
    Contemplative days with pleasure
    work are over now. ” (Unknown)


  • “Christmas greetings should be written
    |But it becomes a plague for me
    So there’s a short request:
    Merry Christmas! ” (Unknown)

Short funny Christmas poems

Short funny Christmas poems are suitable for funny Christmas wishes in cards. But they can also – depending on the corporate culture – be learned by heart and recited at a Christmas party,

For example. The same applies here: Small start-ups are probably a little more relaxed than large corporations. Tip: If you are rather unsure, you should discuss such an idea in advance with the staff.

  • “Hello little Christmas tree,
    oh are you beautiful, it’s a dream!
    You made yourself fine
    for that very special night.
    How nice that you are with us now,
    you will be missed in the forest.
    We look forward to seeing you here
    and saying thank you! ” (Unknown)


  • “A festive mood is spreading,
    the time will come soon.
    Christmas is just around the corner
    a nice party for everyone here! ” (Unknown)


  • “Around Christmas time – it seems crazy –
    suddenly no one is depressed anymore.
    Everyone is happy, laughs, is in a good mood,
    how amazed I am every year.
    Where’s that glee for the rest of the year?
    Then it comes to me: It’s because of the mulled wine – that’s probably clear! ” (Unknown)


  • The tree burned, the gift forgotten,
    the goose has already been eaten
    and only stupid gifts on the table,
    well then have a nice Christmas Eve! “(Unknown)

Christmas poems in Denglish

For many, Christmas wishes also sound funny when they are written in a mixture of English and German. Employees of an English VHS course could, for example, send this to course participants under the keyword “English for runaways”. Such a stupid act is also suitable for colleagues and friends:

  • “When the snow falls wonderfully
    and the mulled wine tastes so great
    when we always chew cookies,
    then we know, it is so far:
    She is here, during the Christmas season. ” (Unknown)


  • “Oh you happy Christmas time
    I’m not ready for you
    because I could not get
    Presents for Christmas morning,
    because I don’t have a lot of cash
    in my pocket, in my pocket.
    Maybe you can come everywhere later this year.
    And cookies I have also not,
    because my oven is not hot,
    and the delicious Christmas roast
    is wrong this year.
    And that’s why, dear Christmas time,
    I’m not ready for you. ” (Unknown)

Long Christmas poem

Finally, a long, funny Christmas poem. This is well suited for employees in the legal field, such as a law firm:

“Dear good Santa Claus,
now the time has come, now it’s your turn.
Because my boss is a lawyer.
He accuses you, he turns you cold.
For hundreds of years
have you now driven through the country,
without a license plate and light?
There was also no TÜV or ASU.

Your sled is difficult to use
to participate in air traffic.
It will have to be clarified in court:
Do you have a pilot’s license? Coming into the house through the chimney is strictly legally taken
Trespassing – even a break-in.
That gives the prison, that is clear. And don’t you steal from the visitors?
from other people’s plates of fruit and cakes?
That will be punished, that must be punished.
The police are looking for you. It is also common knowledge
You don’t come from this country at all.
As you can hear, your house looks good
at the North Pole so it looks
as if you didn’t come from the EU.
That is added to the application! This is where German law comes into play.
Every judge will ask
whether your work is legal
because you are without permission. The angel who always accompanies you
is a minor and prepares
therefore really worries us.
The youth welfare office wants to talk to you! Now we come to serious matters.
We don’t find it laughable at all
that you threaten children with beatings.
my boss is angry about that.

Coercion is called an offense
and will be punished, you will see
with a couple of years imprisonment.
Sledding will soon be over.

The craft will soon be over
unless this letter moves you
to give rich gifts to the firm.
Then my boss will reconsider it. “(Laura Breneman)

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