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Develop Mindset & Mentality

People with a positive mindset take on challenges and cannot be discouraged by setbacks. They recognize opportunities for change, work for themselves for a lifetime and develop their success mentality. Mindset means mentality and the term is used synonymously. It describes the ways of thinking, beliefs, and behavior patterns or the inner attitude of people.

A positive mindset is equally a central prerequisite for a successful business as well as for a happy private life. Everyone can develop or change their mindset and thus increase their private and professional success.

The fact is our experiences, our attitude, and the way we feel and act shape our mentality. Both positive and negative experiences change our attitude toward ourselves, toward other people, and in general.

Develop Mindset & Mentality

So what does Mindset mean? Mindset describes the general attitude and attitude of a person toward things and challenges. It represents a state of consciousness that determines how a person interprets a situation and reacts to it. The mindset is therefore of enormous importance since it largely determines social behavior. We should be aware of this important meaning.

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A flexible person with a positive mindset benefits from more success in business and private life. In contrast, there is a person with a static worldview, whose attitude is not necessarily associated with career jumps. Previous experiences in life shape the mentality.

For example, bad lectures at school can lead to someone in working life initially being reluctant to keep presentations and develop a weak business lightly.

Why is a dynamic and positive mindset important?

The mindset determines how a person deals with his challenges. The daily mentality decides on the potential success – regardless of the respective area. With the right attitude, you can get over bad behavior patterns from the past. A dynamic, positive mindset helps you to develop further development and success.

Individual further development plays a special role: If you never change your way of thinking and stare at beliefs and attitudes, you will find it difficult to learn new things. New views and insights for personal development and success are of great importance. This will for further development also play an important role in the business mindset (also: entrepreneurial mentality).

The importance of mindset: 5 examples

Anyone who believes in their ingenuity will always tell others their ideas and infect the listeners with enthusiasm. The attention and perception gained to increase the likelihood of success. This belief is elementary for the business light.

However, if you do not believe in your skills and stick to the background like a gray mouse, you will not attract attention and have little chance of being successful.

If you are convinced that you impress everyone with your charm, they collect sympathies faster than others who consider themselves average.

Example 1: Success Mindset

The right mindset is very important for people’s success. There are entrepreneurs with a corresponding business mindset that swim on a wave of success, lead a happy private life, and are also sporty high-flyers. Other people inevitably ask themselves different questions:

  • Why is it that there are winners?
  • What distinguishes these types of winners from normal citizens?
  • What do successful people do differently?

The guys with the most sought-after knowledge or the greatest talent are not the most successful. Likewise, not those with the most contacts or the greatest start-up capital. Rather, people who have a firm will succeed – a success in success – are successful.

Passionate people have the necessary positive mentality, they can never be dissuaded from the path and fight for their goals. Success takes place in the head. Those who are successful have the right mindset – the success of the success.

Example 2: The special business light set of successful people

Successful people have something in common: their mentality differs significantly from the hiring of less successful people.

What is the mindset of successful people? Many think of personalities such as Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, or Steve Jobs who have created or left something for society. They were or are visionaries in their industry and have shaped the actions and views of entire generations.

Example 3: Mindset and attitude

The mindset stands for an inner attitude and way of thinking. The question of mentality revolves around the attitude that a person shows to an event. The living mindset in companies is referred to as corporate culture or corporate mentality.

The character of a man is his fate. – Heraclitus

People either change slowly or not at all – at least that applies to their basic properties and assumptions. A change often takes place due to (suffering) pressure. A positive mindset is therefore a core prerequisite for success. This means that if you want to change and develop your mentality, you have to work hard on yourself.

Example 4: Mindset and motivation meaning

No one is always motivated, everyone needs a break. In these phases, some simply stay in bed as long as possible, no longer go to training, or neglect their diet. This is okay for individual days, but the “let grind” must not become a habit.

To support the change and development of your business measurement, we have put together 10 basic settings that create new motivation. You can use these like a mantra or an affirmation, help regular repetitions:

  1. There is no better time to start than now.
  2. I deserve that.
  3. Everyone starts small, I will grow.
  4. I can only control the present.
  5. I’ve already survived other things.
  6. Sooner or later the reward always comes.
  7. Trying it now and making a mistake is much better than never trying.
  8. I can make a change at any time and decide who I am.
  9. I can learn everything I can imagine.
  10. I lovingly deal with myself.

Example 5: Meaning for entrepreneurs

Every company and every organizational unit has a culture, which affects, among other things, the desired goals and dealing with each other.

For young entrepreneurs, work on the corporate culture begins with a meeting of the shareholders and leaders. The meeting aims to ensure that the participants reflect their mindsets and work on their relationships with each other. In the connection between Mindset and Culture in the company, it is important to find answers to the following questions:

  • What makes our company successful?
  • What distinguishes us from other companies?
  • How do we deal with each other?
  • How do new employees have to behave to belong?
  • What is allowed and desired and what is not?

It can be discussed which statement is correct:

A- “Mindset is, you have the visible and measurable culture”.
B- “Mindset and culture – you have both”.

Develop a successful mindset – that’s how it works

Note the following four points to change and develop your business light:

1- A medal has two sides

Objectively viewed, things are as they are. Experiences only turn into something positive or negative through their subjective perception. A typical example is the glass of beer that, despite the same amount, some define as a half -empty, while others see it as half full.

2- Almost everything can be learned

Personal success depends above all on the willingness to train, learn new things, and develop. The willingness is particularly important for the business mindset to work on achieving your own goals.

3- Failures are feedback

Setbacks are part of life. For professional and private success, the question is how to deal with setbacks and whether they learn from them. The higher the goals and the more you want to achieve, the greater the setbacks can be. A positive mindset means not giving up if failure and instead believing in your skills.

People with positive mindsets learn from failures and accept them as feedback. Sieger types with a business light set are not successful because they never failed. Rather, they are winners because they have failed more often than everyone else. A failure is not the testimony of a failure but only means that the current idea or strategy did not work.

The art of people with a positive mindset is to learn from their mistakes and misjudgments and to draw the right conclusions. Each error brings you a step closer to your goal because with every mistake you can exclude a non -functioning path.

4- On concentrating on what you can change yourself

There are things in life that everyone can influence, e.g. B.

  • your thoughts
  • your actions and
  • your own decisions.

There are also circumstances that nobody can influence, for example

  • your body size,
  • an economic crisis or
  • the job market.

Many people focus on things they cannot influence. However, this does not promote the development of a positive mindset. Someone influences their mentality negatively when they feel powerless or have the feeling that they cannot change anything in their situation.

For the development of a positive mindset, you should therefore focus on what you can influence. In this way, they realize in their awareness that they can master challenges and have the strength to achieve their goals.

Mindset meaning: Example of business mindset

Mr. Müller is self-employed. He talks to a potential customer and wants to sell him a product. He cannot control whether he is liable to the customer, or that he wants the product and will buy it. What Mr. Müller can control is his preparation. The following steps are necessary for good preparation:

  • Make yourself aware of the advantages of the product
  • Before the conversation, think positive thoughts and put yourself in a positive mood
  • Practice the presentation of the product until it is convincing

The following applies: the better the preparation and the more concentration runs into the influence that can be influenced, the more positive the mindset and thus the result will be. This rule does not only apply to the business measurement set, but to all areas of life and situations.

To solve a problem or if it is important to achieve a goal: make yourself aware of what you can influence and what you cannot. Focus on the things that lie in your power! Self -responsibility, and serenity represent important conditions for your positive mindset.

What is part of the mindset?

The mindset or mentality describes your way of thinking and your inner attitude. Habits and convincing are just as much a part of their attitudes and passions. The right mindset creates the prerequisites for your business success.

What is a fixed mindset?

People with a “fixed mindset” believe that their basic skills, their intelligence, and their talents are predetermined. They perceive them as fixed and unchangeable properties. Therefore, people with a fixed mindset think that they have certain default settings and that they cannot change anything.

In summary, people with Fixed Mindsets distinguish them:

  • Either can something or cannot do it
  • Give up immediately if something doesn’t work
  • Believe that failure is the limit of your ability
  • Believe in a predetermined future
  • Do not believe in sufficiently own talent
  • Do not like any challenges
  • Keep failure to end
  • See criticism as a personal attack

Change Mindset: How does that work?

People with a negative mentality are looking for the causes of undesirable things in others, the living conditions, or the coincidence of fate – this is light and convenient. For a self-determined life, however, these people have to leave the victim role taken and change their mindset.

If you want to be successful, you have to be ready to take responsibility for yourself and your own life. It must be clear that your own decisions influence your person and the environment. Everyone chooses how they behave in a situation and what words they choose. The acceptance of this responsibility is an opportunity to get closer to your own goals and to shape life yourself. Siegert types make decisions and accept the consequences.

What is a positive mindset?

A positive mindset stands for a mixture of self-confidence and motivation. People with a positive mindset recover better from setbacks and achieve their goals faster. With the following seven tips and exercises, you can develop a positive mindset and change your life:

  1. Make yourself aware that things in themselves are not positive or negative.
  2. Concentrate on what you can change.
  3. Do not point your attention to negative thoughts.
  4. Smile more to strengthen your success.
  5. Does the messages with which you deal.
  6. Pay attention to your social environment and surround yourself with people who suit you and do you good.
  7. Move more.

What is a digital mindset?

The digital mindset is defined as “the sum of behavioral patterns based on an open and curious basic attitude towards state-of-the-art technologies”. For digital transformation, there are six personality dispositions critical of success that describe a digital mindset with a focus on the job-related context:

  • Openness and agility
  • Proactivity
  • Creativity and design motivation
  • Customer
  • Ability to criticize
  • Open handling of failure

Of these dimensions of the digital mindset, the company’s success in particular influences the aspects of openness and agility as well as proactive entrepreneurial action.

Definition: What does Growth Mindset mean?

Our ways of thinking form the basis for our view of the environment, they shape our self-image. The Growth Mindset, which is often defined as a “dynamic self-image” or “growth thinking”, has people who are convinced of their skills for further development.

They address tasks with a positive attitude and constantly learn to understand things better. For example, in contrast to those with a fixed mindset, people with a Growth Mindset recognize their mistakes as an opportunity to try something new and develop further.

The greatest decision of your life is that you can change your life by changing your mindset. – Albert Schweitzer

What is part of the agile mindset?

According to Duden, “Agil” means “great mobility, rusty and agile”. The basis of the agile mindset accordingly represents the setting that the change is normal. People with an agile mentality react flexibly and situations -related to every situation.

The following points are among the central elements of the agile mindset:

  • People acquire authority, they are not awarded them.
  • Collective intelligence is more important than individual services.
  • Errors are understood as an opportunity.
  • Learning is as happy as skill.
  • Perfection is not expected from the start.
  • The focus is on customer benefit.
  • Learning together with the customer is part of the whole.
  • Visions and missions represent the content and are not just phrases.
  • People with agile mindsets live values practically.
  • They consistently implement agile processes.

What is meant by mindset work?

Your mindset works like a filter and determines how you perceive your surroundings and your skills. Realizing success is more difficult for people with a Fixed Mindset than for those with an agile mindset.

Mindset work means that people become aware of their fixed thinking patterns and change their negative mindset step by step into an agile and positive mindset. Mindset work is therefore necessary for further development. Typical triggers for behavior patterns of people with a fixed mindset are:

Challenges setbacks hard work criticism of other people

These triggers activate the old thinking patterns and thus prevent success. The mindset work is to recognize the trigger and switch them off. The best way to do this is to keep the people calm and consciously think about the necessary actions.

An automatic reaction means that the old and unusable behavior patterns win. The gradual change from a negative mindset to a positive mindset thus enables conscious action.

What makes a successful person?

Successful people perceive their feelings, allow them, and accept them. They can tell other people their feelings, put themselves in their feelings, and are emphatic. In addition, successful people often show up spontaneously and radiate their joy in life.

What are positive beliefs?

One of the most famous positive beliefs is the Bible saying “Faith can move mountains”. Do you relate this belief to your life? Do you have more positive than negative beliefs? What sentences determine your actions? Where do you stand at your current point in your life and what do your beliefs have to do with it? Positive beliefs are part of the mindset work, so they strengthen their entrepreneurs!

What do you call people who always think positively?

People anchored in positive thinking are optimists, and visionaries are also part of it. In the past, “thinking positively” in the sense of “thinking” has led to the invention of the light bulb, the steam engine, and the aircraft.

However, intensive positive thinking alone is not sufficient for success. For the positive attitude to develop its effect, it depends on the connection with technical knowledge, experimentation, and perseverance. It is important that positive thinking does not lead to unrealistic dreams and airlocks. Numerous authors have already dealt intensively with the topic. The Laws of the Winners by Bodo Schaefer is a bestseller that deals with positive thinking.

Agile mindset – basic attitude with agile values and principles

The Agile Mindset describes people with a learning self-image. It is closely linked to the Growth Mindset that psychologist Carol Dweck defines Mindset and the new psychology for success in her book.

Agile behavior is shown by actions directed at the outside world. It is based on an agile basic attitude. If agility refers to an ability, it describes an action potential, as a skill, it includes the actual application. The development of an agile mindset takes place in four steps:

  • The first step towards the agile mindset is clarity: an agile person initially creates clarity and recognizes when their behavior leads to undesirable effects due to negative beliefs.
  • The second step is the intention: the person formulates the wish and intention to change. It takes care of facing the situations in the future.
  • The third step towards the agile mindset is awareness: in relevant situations, such a person is increasingly recognizing the previous mindset. For example, personal coaching helps, in which the coach reflects their behavior.
  • The 4th step is the confrontation: a man with agile behavior is experienced and reflected on the experience. As a result, the brain can overwrite the old mindset with the new one, and the person in this way learns the new, positive habit.

Why does an agile mindset make sense?

An agile mindset is a good basis for private and professional success. People with an agile mindset face the challenges of life, they act from moment to moment. You check the consequences of your actions in a small way, you learn from the past and change your behavior for the better.

What does agile work mean?

The concept of agile work focuses on three essential points: high flexibility, quick ability to act, and high productivity. Companies with rigid structures are not up to the ever-faster innovations, because the bureaucratic processes last too long, decision -making channels are too long.

The agile management method empowers employees and teams to swiftly respond to changes, adapt effectively, and achieve success. Initially rooted in software development in the early 2000s, the concept of agile work has now permeated various industries and companies, where flexibility is a cornerstone of the agile mindset.

When am I agile?

Agility requires skills that can be described as competencies. You need agile skills so that you act in new situations themselves and are goal-oriented. They bring the required skills and are agile if they are open to changes, adapt their behaviors, change themselves, and break new ground.

For success in an agile company, for example, your willingness is important to take responsibility and bring the courage to decisions. This is characterized by the Agile Mindset.

Mindset for entrepreneurs is the setting for business success

The Mindset for Makers corresponds to the entrepreneur and revolves around the attitude of active people who implement or advance something. These people do not whine and do not refer to others, but implement tasks. Such successful people know that they can and should develop further. They are open to new experiences and work out of conviction itself and their new entrepreneur.

In her studies, Carol Dweck was able to prove that this succeeds with young people and students. She could show that your mindset can be changed through interactions. Positive thinking, therefore, promotes health and reduces pressure. In combination with entrepreneurial skills, financial freedom can be achieved.

Mindset for Founders and long -term success

Founders need a founder set. On the one hand to take the first necessary steps and on the other hand, to be successful in the long term. Therefore, you should deal with the founders’ sets if you want to start a company. Elements of the mindset of company founders are:

  • Bring motivation
  • Feel inspiration
  • Set goals and priorities
  • The proven joy of decision
  • Note breaks
  • Implement changes

Entrepreneur – Mindset

People with the entrepreneur-Mindset face challenges and master them. They act determined and take responsibility, they improve their skills, learn from mistakes, search for ideas, and implement them. If you are ready to work on your skills, bring the prerequisites for a successful business mindset.

Tip: coaching for men

In addition to seminars for the right mindset for professional and private success, there is also special coaching for men. These deal intensively with topics such as masculinity, relationships, and inner calm. With the help of such seminars, men can change their new mindset positively.

FAQ: Frequent questions from entrepreneurs about the mindset

How do I get a strong business mindset?

The establishment of a strong mindset requires that you accept challenges, allow new experiences, and cannot be dissuaded from failures. You have to believe in your skills. Accept that defeats and mistakes belong to life. Training and perseverance are important prerequisites for a strong mindset. Write down your goals to better visualize them and to be able to work on your new business mindset.

How do I train my mindset?

There are many ways for training your mindset. For example, a study has determined the positive effects of meditation on mentality. It helps you to recognize what is important to you in life and to channel your energy. With this mindset training, the focus is on intrinsic values.

What is digital leadership?

Digital Leadership is a new type of leadership style with new working models. The digital leader questions traditional corporate structures accompanying the restructuring of the company, and actively contributes to change. Dynamic corporate management gives employees more responsibility so that they can actively participate in the changes.



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