The OpenAI App Store for GPTs Will Be Launched This Week

The OpenAI app store for GPTs will be launched this week

OpenAI plans to open a store for GPTs and custom applications built on its AI-generated text models (e.g. GPT-4) at some point in the next week.

In an email that was viewed, OpenAI said that developers creating GPTs must review the updated usage policy of the company as well as GPT Guidelines for brand to make sure that their GPTs meet the requirements prior to being able to be listed in the store, which is known as GPT Store. GPT Store. They’ll also need to check their user profiles and ensure that their GPTs are listed in the form of “public.”

GPT Store was announced in November of last year. GPT Store was announced last year at the OpenAI’s annual Developer Conference, DevDay, however, it was delayed until Decemberprobably because of the change in leadership which took place in November, shortly following the initial announcement. (The shorter summary of this story reads that the CEO Sam Altman was forced out by the OpenAI board of directors and later — after employees and investors panicked was reinstated with the new board.)

GPTs do not require any programming experience and can be as straightforward or complicated as a developer would like. For instance an GPT could be taught on cookbooks so it can be able to answer questions about the ingredients in a specific recipe. Also, the GPT could be able to access an organization’s proprietary codebases to ensure developers can review their code style and generate it that is in accordance with the best practices.

GPT store launching next week
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Developers simply have to type in the features they would like their GPT to have in plain English and the tool for building GPTs, OpenAI’s GPT Builder will try to build an AI-powered chatbot that can perform these. From the time of DevDay it has been possible for developers to be capable of creating and sharing GPTs with other users via on the ChatGPT site directly, but they are not able to publicly display the GPTs.

Uncertain is whether there is any indication that the GPT Store will launch with the possibility of a revenue-sharing plan or any other type of. In October, Altman as well as CTO Mira Murati informed the colleague Devin Coldewey that there wasn’t any concrete strategy for GPT revenue sharing, and the announcement in the email about the GPT Store’s launch doesn’t mention what developers are likely to see on the payment aspect — if any.

An OpenAI spokesperson has told that there will be more information disclosed next week.

Like as I wrote in semiregular AI newsletter a few months ago The transition of OpenAI towards a shift from AI models provider into a platform was an interesting move to be sure but it’s not completely unannounced. The company announced its plans in March when it announced the release of plug-ins for ChatGPT its AI-powered chatbot. It allowed third-party companies to join OpenAI’s modeling ecosystem, for the first time.

GPTs enable a broader participation in the process of generative AI application development (at most for apps using OpenAI’s models. In reality, GPTs can eliminate consultancies whose business model is based on the creation of GPTs, which are basically GPTs to be used by customers.

Does that make it something that’s good? I’d say no. However, we’ll have for the outcome of how it all unfolds.

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