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40+ Sarcastic Birthday Wishes For Best Friends

Celebrate with Laughter: Sarcastic Birthday Greetings for Friends


Hey Guys, Today I was feeling like sharing something different with UltraUpdates.com’s readers so I just came up with the idea of this Article. If you’re not insulting your best friend and not making fun of him/her then keep in mind that s/he is not your best friend.

I keep sharing sarcastic memes with my best friend especially those memes which are related to them. And I don’t forget to turn their special day into the worst day with my sarcastic wishes. :)

Best Sarcastic Birthday Wishes for Best Friends

Here I’m sharing 40+ Sarcastic Birthday wishes for your best male and female friend. Do not forget to share your sarcastic one in the comment so that I can include your words in my collection. :)

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Funny Sarcastic Birthday Wishes with images

Before we get started I must tell you that feel free to share these sarcastic birthday wishes with your friends and you may also keep them as the status on your WhatsApp and other social media profiles. But at your own risk, you might get an emotional response from them which will make you say sorry to them. :P

  • For your birthday today, I’m giving you what you give me every day- sarcasm, a bucket load of trouble, and a handful of naughtiness. Happy birthday.
  • Cheers to you on this very special day. What day is it? It’s the day you shot through your mother’s uterus! Happy birthday.
  • I will not make any age-related jokes because I feel bad about how old you are. Happy Birthday!
  • Wishing a big happy birthday to the guy who makes me feel like I finally have a little sister! Happy B-Day, bro.
  • What?! You’re how old? That’s almost dead in doggy years…. Here’s hoping you make the most of the few years you have left. Happy birthday.

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  • Oh great, I hear it’s your birthday. Does that mean today you get to use that as your excuse to get wasted? Ok, ok… I’m in… but only because it’s your birthday. #favors
  • Hey! It’s your birthday! I love this day because we both get to party hard and live large this one day of the year. Thanks a million for making your big day mine too!
  • May you live long enough after today to eat lots of cake, kiss someone’s ass, and rob a bank so you can go out in style. Happy birthday, you big troublemaker!

Witty and Humorous Birthday Greetings Paired with Images

Celebrating a special occasion like your girlfriend’s birthday calls for more than just the usual greetings. How about adding a touch of wit and humor to your birthday wishes, making the celebration even more memorable?

In this collection of “Witty and Humorous Birthday Greetings Paired with Images,” we bring you a delightful blend of laughter and visual delights. These clever and funny birthday wishes are crafted to add an extra layer of joy to your girlfriend’s special day.

Paired with vibrant images, these greetings are designed to bring smiles and laughter, ensuring that your girlfriend’s birthday is not only celebrated but remembered with a cheerful twist. Get ready to infuse your birthday wishes with a dash of wit and a splash of humor for a celebration that’s as unique and lively as your amazing girlfriend!

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  • Wishing you all the Facebook messages from your crushes that your heart can handle. Happy birthday to the stalker of the century!

sarcastic birthday wishes

  • Young and immature. Those are two words that usually go together- but with you young is gone and immature somehow stayed for a while. Oh well, I guess old and immature works for today. Happy birthday to you, you expired and irresponsible human.

funny sarcastic quotes

  • If there was a list of words to describe you on your birthday this would be it: bad, naughty, less than perfect, helpless, wasted, immature, badass, embarrassingly hilarious… well, you get the point, right? Anyway, happy birthday. I hope that after today I can still put up with you for another year.
  • Happy Birthday! Welcome to the Middle Ages.
  • Let’s turn this birthday of yours into the official annual Let’s Get Drunk Day. What do you think? Sounds good right? Happy birthday to my new drinking partner.

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Humorous and Witty Birthday Greetings Accompanied by Images

  • I try my best to like people. But most of them are so stupid I just can’t. Thank God you’re not one of them- happy birthday.

sarcastic gif

  • If today was my birthday I would tell you what I think of you. But since it’s your birthday I just got you some duct tape so you can shut me up for the next 24 hours. Enjoy it while it lasts.
  • Hey! I hear today is the day you were born into this world… great job for staying with us this far. Happy birthday to the only real psychopath I know.

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sarcastic quotes for best friend

  • Before I found Pinterest, you were the most creative, interesting, and coolest person I knew. Well, nice job for trying, and happy birthday.
  • Some say that age is just a number. I say that’s bullshit. I mean, you’re getting old. Happy birthday anyway.
  • Your LOL Message! | Funny Birthday Wishes for a Friend

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  • Tell me again how old you are. Wasn’t your childhood pet like… a dinosaur? Ha ha… happy birthday you ancient old, awesome human.
  • Happy Birthday! Congrats on reaching an age when getting a “quickie” means a 15-minute nap.
  • On your birthday this year, I thought I would do something extra nice. I posted a ton of birthday wishes on your Facebook timeline so you would look way more popular than you are- you’re welcome. Happy birthday!
  • I might not label you an angel, and ‘amazing’ might be a stretch. Special? Well, honesty counts, especially on your birthday. Cheers to someone uniquely wonderful, in their own way. Happy Birthday!

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Witty and Sardonic Birthday Greetings

  • It’s like time has stood still- you haven’t changed a bit all these years. Is that a good or bad thing? Either way, have a great birthday.
  • They say that age is just something we experience in our minds- well if that’s true then I guess our bodies didn’t get the memo. Have a great birthday old person.
  • Here’s to wishing you a birthday that doesn’t suck! You deserve it. Cheers.
  • How old? Congrats on reaching an age that doesn’t mean anything at all.
  • You know that we are good friends when I remember your birthday without a Facebook reminder- happy birthday to my best friend ever!

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best funny birthday wish

  • Hey birthday girl, I hear you were born today. Congrats on the achievement.
  • Hey birthday boy, I hear you were born today. Congrats on that.
  • If we could reverse time I would want to go back to this very day: the day you were born. Then I could laugh at all your imperfections just like I do now- you must have been one little hot mess. Now you’re just a bigger hot mess. Happy birthday.
  • After all these years I can’t believe you still put up with me. Well, I guess it’s only fair since I still put up with you. Happy birthday.
  • Here’s me wishing you all your heart desires on this day. Things like ice cream, sexy men, donuts, fast cars, and more. Happy birthday, you big troublemaker.
  • If life was only about living with love and finding happiness, God wouldn’t have made other stuff: like money, cake, and sex. Here’s hoping you get all these things on your birthday. Happy birthday to someone who deserves it all.

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Sarcastic Birthday Greetings: Humorous and Witty Message

  • Happy birthday! Congrats on joining the 28-year-old Forever club. We have millions of members all over the world.
  • Congratulations! You only look one year older than you did on your last birthday.
  • It’s a special day – your birthday! Let’s go out and celebrate you being one year closer to removing your age from your Facebook profile.
  • I’m so sorry for sending you belated birthday wishes. Honestly, I didn’t think you would live this long. Happy birthday!
  • I believe you forgot my birthday present last year. I’m returning the favor this year. I’m afraid a Happy Birthday is all you’re going to get.


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