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41 Birthday Wishes and Quotes For Budding Bikers

Celebrate Your Biker Friend's Birthday with the Perfect Motorcycle-themed Greetings!

For motorcyclists, the machine is to be compared with their partner. No joke, the motorcycle is almost sacred to them! My husband proves it every New Year’s.

Experienced motorcycle fans are very familiar with machines. Some prefer classic cars.

For your birthday greetings with the right picture, it is not unimportant which machine the jubilee is driving.

Having figured this out, you can send the most original congratulations.

In this post, you will find beautiful and funny sayings for motorcyclists, whether on WhatsApp or for birthday cards.

Biker birthday wishes with a motorcycle – birthday sayings for motorcycle fans

Anyone who hasn’t tried it can’t understand it – the passion of being on two wheels. It’s not about how cool it looks, it’s about how it feels.

Birthday Wishes and Quotes For Budding Bikers

The following birthday sayings show you how to congratulate a motorcycle fan. Like congratulations for men, these examples are lighthearted and light-hearted.

Just like bikers are!

1. “Dear birthday boy, I wish you good wind, great roads with light traffic, nice weather, and many days off in the coming year! Enjoy the ride!”Lena Lorenz

2. “Happy Birthday! May you continue to roam the streets and show the kids of today what a classic car can do!” – Unknown

3. “Happy birthday, full throttle into the new year! I wish you great curves in the most beautiful areas!” – Unknown

4. “Happy Birthday! Above all, the weather should play along and you should have plenty of time for your tours. So that you can fill up on your special joie de vivre!” – Unknown

5. “Happy Birthday! I wish you many great views, acquaintances, and experiences on all the many trips!” – Unknown

6. “Happy birthday bikers! What I wish for you also applies to me – many tours together this year!” – Unknown

7. “Happy birthday! Even if dark clouds are not a threat to you, I wish you lots of sunshine so that you can enjoy many happy tours!” – Unknown

8. “Happy birthday and have fun with your great classic car in the future! You are to be envied!” – Unknown

Birthday wishes for motorcycle fans and cool birthday pictures

There are not many birthday pictures with motorcycles. The short birthday sayings with the original pictures are great for sending via WhatsApp, right?

Birthday Wishes and Quotes For Budding Bikers

So your congratulations might catch the motorcyclist right on the journey.

1. “Life doesn’t take a break any more than you do on your machine! I wish you the best rides into the sunset on your birthday!” – Lena Lorenz

2. “Have a party, old house! Your machine is far from gone. No wonder, you are both gorgeous! All the best!” – Unknown

3. “Finally time for the laps on the motorcycle again! The birthday is only a welcome side effect. All the best!” – Unknown

4. “A little rust, a dent here and there – what does it matter when someone has so many years… uhh.. kilometers behind them? Happy Birthday!” – Unknown

5. “Happy Birthday! I wish you that you lean into life as much as into the curves! Let me see you more often!” – Unknown

6. “Happy birthday and love! I wish you an always full tank and plenty of time with your motorcycle!” – Unknown

7. “Happy Birthday! May you keep showing everyone your taillights and speeding away. That’s a great sight!” – Unknown

8. “Happy birthday! May your freedom on two wheels last a lifetime!” – Unknown

Birthday wishes motorcycle – quotes and wisdom for greeting cards

If you have a biker as a partner, you can enrich their birthday wishes for him with motorcycle quotes. It looks very chic on the greeting card.

Birthday Wishes and Quotes For Budding Bikers

The following statements are also great for printing on T-shirts. You can also make your best friend very happy with this!

Just let yourself be inspired!

1. “The wheel that turns does not rust.” – From Greece

2. “Nothing is what moves you; you are the wheel that runs out of itself and has no rest.” – Angelus Silesius (1624 – 1677), German doctor, priest, and poet

3. “Books are old-fashioned, expensive, heavy, and take up a lot of space. Just like my motorcycle. Still, I would never trade it for an electric scooter.” – Manfred H. Kramer (*1956), writer

4. “People protest against fur more violently than against leather because they find it easier to be conspicuous against rich ladies than against a motorcycle gang.”

5. “The bike you work on is yourself. The machine that appears to be “out there” and the person that appears to be “in here” are not two separate things. Together they grow into quality or move away from it.” – Robert M. Pirsig

6. “Motorcycling breaks down boundaries. Man and machine, nature and technology, everything becomes one.” – Hubert Hirsch

7. “Motorcycling is the wildest play of a peaceful soul.” – Helmut A. Gansterer

8. “If I could marry my motorcycle, I’d walk it down the aisle.” – Flip Wilson

9. “Of course I’m talking to myself. I’m a biker and sometimes I just need expert advice.” – Unknown

10. “You don’t need a therapist if you own a motorcycle.” – Dan Aykroyd

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Birthday wishes motorcycle – birthday sayings with pep

If you’re as close to a motorcyclist as I am, you know how much humor bikers have. Under the seemingly hard and rough surface hides a cheerful and tender core.

Birthday Wishes and Quotes For Budding Bikers

Funny birthday wishes are therefore always a very special hit for bikers!

With the following selection, you will certainly come up with your ideas. And if not, simply adopt a suitable saying with a picture, and off you go with the message!

1. “Like your classic car, you get better with each passing year. Happy Birthday!” – Unknown

2. “They say life is hard. Thanks to the motorbike, however, it is particularly livable despite the lack of comfort. She’s only for wimps. Happy Birthday!” – Unknown

3. “Happy Birthday! If you party like you ride, you should keep your helmet on!” – Unknown

4. “I don’t wish you to grow very old. As soon as you can no longer get on the motorcycle, life no longer makes sense. I wish you good health and happiness for your new year!” – Unknown

5. “Happy birthday! Remember, you’re only young once, but you can stay a kid on a bike for life!” – Unknown

6. “Happy birthday old man! Take me back to the slopes soon! I also promise to be nice around corners.” – Unknown

Birthday Cheers for Bikers – Lively and Vibrant Motorcycle Birthday Sayings

Birthday Wishes and Quotes For Budding Bikers

7. “Happy Birthday! I don’t need to wish you luck in love. Only you know how many women you’ve brought home with your motorcycle…” – Unknown

8. “Stop, a message: Congratulations! Slow down, otherwise getting older is like a race! All the best!” – Unknown

9. “How do you know you’re getting old? You hear your motorcycle worse! Happy Birthday!” – Unknown

10. “Every generation produces a particularly good biker. He congratulates you on your birthday!” – Unknown

11. “Not every motorcyclist owns a Harley Davidson, but for everyone, it’s a star in the firmament. Happy Birthday!” – Unknown

12. “Happy birthday dear biker! I heard you save every coupon for a new bike. Well then, may 200 more birthdays come!” – Unknown

13. “You’re not old, you’re awesome. Just like your motorcycle. Congratulations on your birthday!” – Unknown

14. “Life is a journey. But really. Get ready for the best ride on a motorbike! Happy Birthday!” – Unknown

15. “Happy birthday you crazy motorcycle fanatic! I hope you get the day off to do your rounds!” – Unknown

Final Thoughts

For true bikers, male and female, motorcycling is a special passion that permeates all areas of life. It’s not just about the much-cited freedom on two wheels. What many don’t know: motorcycling is not comfortable on many machines.

But to feel the machine, which like a human has its peculiarities, is incomparable. Speeding into the corners, becoming one with the bike, a highlight of the day.

If you know a biker, birthday wishes & motorcycles should come together.

In this post, I wrote birthday sayings and quotes that you can accept or change.

Hopefully, they will help you put yourself in the shoes of a motorcycle enthusiast to better understand this particular passion.

So you will come up with the perfect saying that will be remembered for a long time!


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