45 Birthday wishes Angel Sayings for good people

Celebrate the Birthday of Your Angel with Beautiful Wishes and Creative Messages

When a birthday child is a good-natured person, birthday wishes for angels will bring you the right words for WhatsApp and a birthday card.

There are more angels in the human form than with wings. Such people deserve particularly beautiful words and greetings for the weighing festival.

So you are exactly right in this post. Regardless of whether you are looking for birthday greetings for WhatsApp, congratulations for the greeting card, or just for inspiration – you will find them here.

You are welcome to adopt or change original, loving, and creative congratulations, short sayings, and poems with angel motifs.

Birthday wishes Angel Sayings

Have fun thinking!

Heartfelt Birthday Greetings for Your Angel – Perfect Wishes for the Birthday Card

Would you like to tell the jubilee that he or she is an angel? You can make that straight or about beautiful angel sayings.

Many pearls of wisdom make you think, laugh, or cry and remain in particular memory of the birthday child.

You can use my following sayings as templates for your creation or simply take over and send what fits well.

1. Happy birthday, my angel! Every moment with you is surrounded by light and love. Even if we argue, your bright eye smiles at me lovingly, so I can never really be angry with you. You are such a treasure!

2. So often the thought shoots through my head that you must have fallen from heaven. Your kindness is simply stunning and your presence in my life is a blessing. Thank you for that and all the best for your birthday!

3. Thank you for all the wonderful feelings and experiences that you brought into my life! I can say that you are a real blessing from above! Angels surround you or you are one yourself. I am so happy that I have you and wish you all this luck twice and triple back. Happy Birthday!

4. Even if birthday wishes flutter only once a year, my good wishes should accompany you every day of your new year of life. You are my angel and the source of my joy! I am sure that higher protection is above you. Happy Birthday!

Expressing Love on Their Special Day – Heartwarming Birthday Messages for the Card

5. I will always remember the day I saw you for the first time. A light surrounded you, and your smile beamed. That has to be an angel, I thought at the time. And I am still convinced of it today. I wish you the most beautiful birthday on earth!

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6. I am there on your birthday and I am happy about it! There is nothing that I want more than hugging you. And nothing good and beautiful that I would not wish you for the new year. You are my angel!

7. May my prayers come true on your birthday and in the new year of life. Certainly, they are heard, after all, you have brought so much joy and happiness into my life. For me, you are an angel and I am so grateful to have you in my life. Happy Birthday!

8. I have nothing but the most beautiful wishes for an angel like you. May all of your loved ones come true and bloom your heart with happiness. Even in my dreams, you are a radiant being that watches over me. Happy Birthday!

9. I wish that it rains light and love for you and accompanies you in the heart of sunshine. That’s the case because an angel like you always stays happy. Happy birthday!

Birthday wishes angel – enchanting birthday greetings via WhatsApp

Angel-like people are happy about beautiful sayings for a birthday with a spiritual background. Even a short birthday greeting can send a particularly beautiful message if you find the right words.

For WhatsApp, I collected my suggestions here that can please your angel. There are also so many ways to say “I love you”!
They all bring color to your words and thoughts for the dear birthday child if the following short sayings are not sufficient.

1. I wish you a wonderful birthday! An angel like you deserves a bright day. All the best!

2. Happy Birthday, my angel! Enjoy this special day with many dear people! No person doesn’t like you.

3. All the best and a lot of blessings on your way, you angel! May the good deeds with which you make others happy and life easier come back to you.

4. A lot of joy and happiness for his birthday! So that you continue to enchant everyone with your bright smile. You’re an angel!

5. You may not have wings, but you are still an angel! Your empathy and your goodness are a blessing to everyone who knows you. Thanks and happy birthday!

6. Another world seems to be from your smiling eyes, so it always seems to me when I look at you. Happy birthday, you angel!

7. Thanks to the sky that he sent such an angel to me! I will always carry you in my heart, come what? Happy Birthday!

WhatsApp Wonders: Sending Enchanting Birthday Wishes to Your Angel

8. With all my heart, and all the best, you the epitome of kindness! I thank God every day for having you in my life, my angel. May God’s blessing always accompany you!

9. Celebrate your birthday with as much joy as you give it to others, you angel. Congratulations and my best wishes!

10. An angel also needs help! Let me start preparing something very special for your birthday, namely the best party far and wide!

11. Coming into this world for another year, giving many lovely people a lot of courage and joy. I wish you your birthday is carefree and happy!

12. You bring so much luck and joy to your environment that it is no wonder if all angels call you. Break and notify your cradle-resistant!

13. You enrich my life with ease and joy. I wish you the most beautiful birthday party with beloved people, you angel on earth!

14. There is nothing more important to me than you, my angel. I wish you a particularly good mood and a more than a nice day!

15. If you are near me, I am happy and peaceful. No wonder I call you an angel because you are one! I wish you luck down to the sky and back again!

Birthday wishes angel – creative birthday sayings

For a birthday request to address the soul, unique creativity is required. Your thoughts can be solemn or funny.

With the following sayings, you will find the right tone for every taste. The congratulations are suitable for partners, family, and good friends.

If the jubilee likes it classic, then maybe a nice Irish blessing is the right choice.

1. Happy birthday, your wishes may be fulfilled in the next year of life. I believe in you so much that my heart dances with your angel!

2. Today, the angels also sing for joy that you were born! Such a person is certainly celebrated in heaven. Happy Birthday!

3. A high for your life! You are my angel and I will try to be worthy of yours. My very best wishes!

4. Sometimes an angel, helpful and clever, sometimes an angel from which the nonsense screams – I love you, no matter what predominates. Happy Birthday!

5. perfect and without defects, you are not, but your heart is full of love and light. Everything you do and think can be understood. I wish that it always stays that way. Congratulations on your birthday, you angel!

6. Even if you are not an angel – you are the only person I believe in my heart. Please stay healthy and cheerful and let yourself be celebrated today. Happy Birthday!

7. When I’m lonely and desperate, I think of you. Your life is an example for me, your presence gives me comfort and courage. I only wish you the best on your day of honor and for your new year of life, you angel!

Artistic Expressions: Creative and Heartfelt Birthday Wishes for Your Angel

8. Happy Birthday, my angel! When you spread my hair, I have the feeling that a hint of heaven touches me. So that you stay in my life forever!

9. My greatest thanks and the most beautiful thoughts and wishes for your weighing festival. I will never forget how you held my anxious hands and protected me.

10. You don’t believe in angels, but for me, you are one! Thank you very much from the bottom of your heart, that you are the way you are! I am a real pleasure to celebrate with you every year. Congratulations on the day of honor!

11. Happy birthday! May Angel especially surround you today – because they gather where there is pure joy!

12. You change and turn again and again how angels do it. For your birthday, I wish you to keep the amazing adaptability with which you master life. All the best!

13. For your birthday, I wish you that your angelic patience will always pay off and that you will be rewarded for your goodness! Happy Birthday!

14. Do you become […] years old? I’m not interested, because angels don’t age. Happy Birthday!

15. Inspired as you are, you have to be an angel! Keep your sunny mind and your amazing carefree in the next year of life. Happy Birthday!

16. Angels are laughing on your birthday when we see each other again! I am so happy about it and I wish you the most beautiful days of the year by then!

Congratulations angel – Rhymes for original birthday poems

There are birthday sayings in rhymes that belong to classics or come from the assembly line. If your message is as special as the birthday child, you are on the right track with an occasional poem.

Here I selected five poems with angel motifs that are wonderful but quite unknown. A great opportunity to send a unique birthday card!

Here, too, you can change verses so that they are better than a birthday poem.

Of course, beautiful love poems are also great for lovers.

Poetic Mastery: Crafting Original Birthday Rhymes for Your Angelic Friend

1. “Angels like you
are here
If you need them
Angels like you
Just listen to
Share with you
What complaints do you
and delighted

Angels like you
often do not know themselves
How valuable they are
That’s why I’ll tell you:

“You are the angel”

Maybe believe
You not
I’ll tell you
Through this poem

It’s just like that:
a more loving
Man as you
there is not any”
– Gudrun Kropp (*1955), poet, Aphoristician, children’s and non-fiction author

Verse Virtuosity: Unique Congratulations in Rhyme for Your Angel’s Birthday

2. O may an angel dictate the writing,
that every word is delighted and lust
an angel leads your feather
The magic inside lives unconsciously!

So when I solve the seal,
Happiness pours out of it,
And no cloud, no bad,
My spirit reads from your spirit.
– Friederike Kempner (1828 – 1904), Poet

3. Heavenly

“You need to
be an angel.
How else
could you, me, and my life
Lend your wings? ”
– Ernst Ferstl (*1955), Austrian teacher, poet and aphoristician

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Rhythmic Celebrations: Creating Original Birthday Poems for Your Angel

4. “Sometimes I’m an angel
I am sensitive and convincing.
Have the heart in the right place
and stop my arms very far
to give hold and warmth.
Sometimes I’m an angel

Sometimes I am a villain
I turn the world upside down
Throw the rules in the trash
And let my devil out.
I live as I want!
What And’re think doesn’t shed me.
Sometimes I am a villain
And sometimes an angel. ”
– Helga Schäferling (*1957), Social worker

Rhyming Elegance: Crafting Distinctive Birthday Congratulations for Your Angel

5. Angel

I no longer saw the light
Had lost my dreams.
The ship of love sank into the sea,
Empty nights without morning.

Then an angel came up to me
saved me on the shore.
You were the angel of hope
Ibetd myself on clouds.

You are the light in the dark
lead me back into life.
Like stars that sparkle from afar,
My heart wants to give you love.

When I saw you for the first time
Your smile awakened me.
I didn’t know how I happened
I covered my tears.

Amor’s arrow met me
When the fear of closeness paralyzed me.
Your love gave me hope
You were what I longed for.

Angel, you are more than a poem.
I want to be with you until the day’s end.
I see your face full of love
Hold up and never leave yourself alone.
– Markus Scherrmann (*1967), Author

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Birthday wishes angel – what t nice birthday wri! e?

Dear birthday child,

My congratulations should be light as a feather to do justice to your angelic being. Please do not resent me that the solemn tone gives them an unintentional severity …

I know you don’t like big words and, above all, no exaggeration. But I don’t feel overdoing when I say that you are half angels for me.

Fortunately, you are also human with quirks and pitfalls that make you tangible.

I love you exactly as you are and wish you a heavenly birthday and all the best for the new year of life!

Yours […]

You are also welcome to see how to formulate a nice congratulations card with particularly stylish congratulations.

Final thoughts

Birthday wishes for true angels are particularly loving. You can have a solemn tone and beautiful style or come with humor. The main thing is that the birthday saying expresses how dear and unique the birthday child is.

In this article, you were able to find many suggestions and templates. You are ready to send, but you are welcome to adapt and add to the saying of your choice.

If the jubilee is a believer, our most beautiful Bible quotes and Bible sayings may bring you the right inspiration for your birthday. You can also round off your congratulations with the right saying about Guardian Angel.

I hope I could help you to highlight the special and fascinating things about the birthday child and write the perfect birthday greeting.

Remember: more input brings more inspiration, so I hope you enjoy browsing further!


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