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Heartfelt Joyful Birth Wishes for the Second Child

Cherishing the Miracle: Beautiful Wishes and Sayings for the Arrival of Baby Number Two

Regardless of whether there are brothers or sisters, there is always something unique when the family grows.

Birth wishes to 2nd child – family and friends honor the great luck with lots of congratulations.

If you have no experience with such congratulations, you are wondering what to write on the greeting card for the birth of the second child.

What are new parents happy about? What congratulations are classics? And are funny sayings also suitable?

Birth wishes to 2nd child

In this post, you will find the answers.

Short saying for second birth – the right saying for WhatsApp

Would you like to report briefly and briefly with the happy parents and congratulate them?

Whether via WhatsApp or another digital channel, you can take over or adapt the following short sayings.

  1. “Congratulations on the second baby! We can hardly wait to take part in the joy and get to know a little miracle. ”
  1. “Congratulations, now you are a family of four! All the best and love for the birth of the second child. ”
  1. “Congratulations on the second baby! We wish the new earthly and his family a lot of love, strength, health, and God’s blessing. ”
  1. “Congratulations on the second baby! Space free in the children’s room, in the hearts anyway! We are very happy with you and wish you a peaceful time getting to know each other. ” 
  1. “For the birth of your second sunshine, we wish you a lot of joy, harmony, and time to get to know you. We’ll come to it later and can’t wait. ”
  1. “Congratulations on the second child! The expenses and laundry mountains become larger, but love far exceeds all of this. We think of you and look forward to getting to know each other. ”

Other casual short sayings for the birth of the second child

  1. “Congratulations on the second baby! We hope that you will be a great team and everyone finds support in the other. See you soon, we are looking forward to getting to know the child! “
  1. “Congratulations on the second dwarf! Five babies and you are a Snow White family! Fun aside, good luck, strength, and patience in the first few weeks we wish from the heart. ”
  1. “Congratulations on the secondborn! As great parents, you should not stop at the second child. We wish you good luck and harmony and are very delighted with the joyful event. ”
  1. “No less warm than the first, now take your second born in your life. Now you have already gained experience and hopefully, you can get more relaxed about the care of the baby. Congratulations on a new life! “
  1. “The family grows and of course the joy with her. All the best and warm congratulations on the birth of the second baby! I wish you and the bright sibling all the best and good luck. ”
  1. “A sibling, how great! The very best wishes to you three for this very special event. May the new earthly thrive well and your family will be even happier with him!”

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Saying for birth 2. Child – the most beautiful sayings in rhymes

Many classic and beautiful sayings for birth are written in short verses.

They sound good, are memorable, are often funny, and always happy.

The birth of a new life is very special.

It is best to add some personal words to the parents of your message.

Below I show how you use a saying, rhyme, or quote to design your text.

Congratulations on the birth of the second child – A Girl

These nice congratulations are adapted for the birth of a girl. The little princess brings her family a lot of joy. From what you used to say, there are nice congratulations in rhymes.

Alternatively, you can also be inspired by cheeky and touching daughter sayings. Choose a quote and add it with your words and congratulations.

  1. “All the best for the birth of the daughter,
    Happiness cannot be greater
    When a child is born healthy
    And illuminate the hearts of the family. ”
  1. “A little daughter, like wonderful,
    Your dream will finally come true!
    With the young sibling
    There is a lot of hope and joy.
    Congratulations on the sweet daughter! “
  1. “A little daughter, how great, how splendid!
    We look forward to having a very powerful with you! “

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  1. “Little princess, so dear at first glance,
    soon turns out to be a heart thief.
    She will borrow mom’s make-up
    Your rounds do it until morning,
    promise their heart
    And not just a break from Dad.
    The beautiful daughter is always the princess of your heart.
  1. “You mastered that well,
    We are enthusiastic about the little princess!
    Congratulations on the birth of your pretty daughter! ”
  1. “Congratulations on the second baby!
    A daughter, what a treasure!
    Certainly, this sentence is also correct:
    A daughter, graceful, fine,
    is always the house sunshine! “

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Congratulations on the birth of the second child – A Boy

Many faces have good wishes for the birth of a son.

But of course, they are all cheerful and celebrate the new life.

You can take over or change the following rhymes and send them via WhatsApp or write them on a greeting card.

Of course, we also provided beautiful and creative son sayings.

For special opportunities as for everyday life. Maybe there is something great about the birth card.

  1. “With your son, you are now four,
    That gives a lot of cycling, which is guaranteed.
    As a team, you will do a lot
    And make the future brighter.
    Congratulations on the birth of the second child! ”
  1. “Hurray, a little prince is there!
    That everything runs peacefully and happily –
    We don’t just wish that today.
    The little argument, a loving tone
    And no dispute over the throne. “
  1. “Finally your boy was born
    We heard that with a lot of joy!
    The two young feet are still small,
    But that won’t always be the case.
    May the siblings understand each other well
    Love, laugh, and go together! “
  1. “Now he’s there, the little man,
    who can only delight?
    Newborn and very small,
    he moves into the heart.
    Congratulations on the birth of your second baby! ”
  1. “Your son was born you
    And sleep is lost again.
    But now smile on two children
    Then what do the pair of parents think?
    The gift of love delights life
    There can be no greater luck. “
  1. “Congratulations on the little brother,
    Lots of love, fun, and laughter!
    Soon the sibling can play games with him. ”

Saying for birth on Second Child – great birth sayings for birth cards

Here you will find great baby sayings in rhymes and prose. Since they are a little longer, make a nice impression, especially on birth cards.

Poems for birth 

  1. “Hands, feet, nose, tiny small – small –
    That must be the second baby!
    Be welcome, little mouse!
    You bring double luck into the house.
    Your sibling went alone for a long time
    Soon the parents don’t always have to be there.
    We wish you love, peace, happiness
    The biggest piece of everything is good! ”
  1. “For a rather long while
    Six feet didn’t go alone
    But two tiny feet will soon come along
    Accompany you at every turn
    May they bring happiness and joy
    With the many new diapers.
    May they grow together?
    Always respect each other,
    The siblings understand each other
    And sometimes go together.
  1. “Shouting children and children’s laughter,
    Everything will make you happy.
    A lot will be repeated
    Now that the second child was born.
    But experience is now richer,
    Much becomes easier.
    We congratulate you with vigor,
    It goes down calmly. “
  1. “How fortunate you are, experiencing happiness anew,
    with the light and laughter of two children,
    four hands joining in delightful mischief,
    four feet pattering joyfully, and curious eyes sparkling in sets of four.

    The first child got a sibling
    And we heard that with a lot of joy.
    Welcome to this world,
    The greatest happiness is ordered for you. “
  1. “From today you have to double
    Because the little sprout will quickly hop,
    Through the apartment and the rooms,
    Makes the chaos a little worse.
    But that’s the best time
    Because after that it is time.
    But until then it is long
    So don’t worry at all.
    Wish a great time
    that it stays that way for a long time. “
  1. “When a star falls from the sky,
    a child sees the light of the world.
    For your family, you will be happy to fall
    Now two stars from the sky.
    All the best for the birth of the second child!
    Enjoy love every minute.
    And also sneak up
    Are you not alone with them –
    We are happy to be there for you
    And we are very happy! “
  1. “The most beautiful sight in the world,
    When the sibling holds the baby.
    Children’s hearts have found
    After long-awaited hours,
    Is the little person finally there,
    Everyone finds that wonderful.
    You should enjoy your family’s happiness,
    May your little offspring sprout quickly.
    Always healthy and happy,
    We wish you
    All the best to the second child,
    What we are very satisfied with. “
  1. “If the child remains alone
    So it only has one advantage – it doesn’t have to share.
    But in pairs, you can do a lot more
    Play, argue, and laugh together.
    We wish you quiet nights and lots of strength
    that love over your watches. “
  1. “In the second child, you stay relaxed
    Nothing left your stool.
    Change diapers, make bottles,
    All normal things.
    The children’s room is ready
    For the next baby time.
    Only the best for the new happiness! “
  1. “A child alone – that’s good
    But a second child does
    make you twice as much joy,
    Brings twice as much laughter.
    Everything you can do
    starts again from the front.
    We congratulate the second child,
    Because we are very happy about it! “
  1. “Long and very much expected,
    The sibling couple is now starting,
    In a very funny time
    So keep ready.
    Strong nerves and lots of strength,
    We wish you to do everything.
    Because two children are not easy
    the strength is always enough for you! “
  1. “From today you have to double
    Because the little sprout will quickly hop,
    Through the apartment and the rooms,
    Siblings make the chaos worse.
    Enjoy the turbulent time
    If they are big, it’s over with it.
    But until then it is long
    So don’t worry.
    We wish you a great time
    and that your luck will always be preserved. “

Inspirational congratulations on the birth for the birth card

  1. “Love that has taken shape, happiness for which there are no words, a small hand that means more than the whole world – for the second time you can experience this incredible feeling. Congratulations on the second child! After this joyful event, relaxation is now announced. I wish you a cozy time! ” 
  1. “An Italian poet once wrote a long, long time ago that the children’s eyes come from paradise. You can now call the second pair of paradise children’s eyes. I wish you all the best for the birth of your second child! ” 
  1. “My most intimate congratulations on the birth of your second baby! Health, cheerfulness, and happiness should accompany you and the siblings rarely argue. May they love to win, do not want to miss the other, and always help them. Welcome, little sunshine! ” 
  1. “A couple of feet medium small and a new, tiny small, yes, happiness will be double! Congratulations on the birth of your second child! A small being now enriches your life and family and gets you to grow beyond you again. I wish you good relaxation, new strength, and lots of inner peace! ”
  1. “New life, new happiness – for the birth of your second my warmest congratulations! You can now find out yourself how exceptionally love finds entry into your life again. How the second child is immediately horned. And how happiness doubles. May health, happiness, and peace turn your house! ”

Greetings on 2nd Birth – sayings for birth by the parents

Apart from the many sayings for the birth, you can find with us, I will show you some free text templates here.

Perhaps you are missing the words out of sheer luck.

I also congratulate you on the renewed miracle of life and the growth of your family!

  1. “Hard to believe, but was our second baby! Healthy and lively, thank God, it was born. As you know, such luck is not to be put into words. We send greetings and love to you! ”
  1. “We did not expect to feel such overwhelming happiness again after the birth of our first child. But our youngest baby taught us better. We love [name of the child] infinite. Many greetings!” 
  1. “We are grateful, proud, and happy. Our second great happiness has seen the light of day healthy. You are amazed at this miracle every time. As enraptured as we are, we could still choose a third child. Warm greetings!”
  1. We are stunned by the birth of our little princess. The three of us have been waiting for this day for a long time and are now completely blown away. Our son is completely away from the stool and does not want to part with the little one. We will send you overjoyed greetings! ”
  1. “It is the greatest pleasure for us to tell you that our son has finally seen the light of day, healthy and happy. Above all, the sibling could hardly wait to put the little mouse in their arms. We look forward to your visits until then greetings! ”

What do you write about the birth of the second child?

My dears,

You definitely can’t stop marveling at [name of the child]. That he/ she has such small hands and feet, tightens the index finger, breathes, and the tummy lifts …

Yes, with the second baby, you are also surprised about the miracle of life. About the perfect little nails, the sweet snack nose. And I wish you that this is a surprise and delight, blessed, amazement.

After birth, I particularly wish the mom a lot of time for relaxation and the dad a lot of strength for the new challenges with toddler and baby.

Hopefully, the two get along well and help each other in their lives. Since you are such great parents, I don’t doubt it.

The warmest congratulations and all the best of


This is what your text can be on for the birth of the second baby. I was inspired by this model template by Astrid Lindgren’s quotes that are suitable for birth.

Final thoughts

Someone from the family or the circle of friends got a second child – this is a particularly joyful event.

Every time you are amazed at the miracle of life and the happy birth.

Birthday wishes to the second Child – If you are looking for a particularly beautiful and loving congratulations on the birth of the second baby, you will find it here.

In this post, I made a selection of rhymes, sayings, and congratulations for WhatsApp and the greeting card and wrote my texts.

You are welcome to adopt what you like or add to it better suits the family.

Is it the birth of twins?

A rare thing that naturally requires special ingenuity.

So keep looking around with us!


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