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A Thank You to Special People: More than a Nice Gesture

If dear people do something for us or are there for us, it is at least a good thing to thank you. Our thanks to special people show via sayings what you can thank for.

It is not only for the congratulations from well-wishers or for help and support to thank you. Also, a nice word or smile deserves thanks.

In general, you should always send a thank you when you feel a wonderful feeling of gratitude.

Most of the time it is friends and family who stand by. With a nice quote about the meaning of the family, for example, you can express your appreciation well.

In this article, you will find beautiful sayings for WhatsApp and thanks to thank you to thank special people. Take care of what you like or get inspired!

Thanks to special people – sayings that just say thank you

Thank you words do not cost anything. Maybe you need a little overcoming; Maybe you think words are not enough. My tip: don’t think too much!

If you are missing the right words, you may find the right thank you in the following suggestions.

Incidentally, you can also find inspiration for your thank you to the parents.

A Thank You to Special People-01

  1. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there for me. For your time, effort, and friendly words. I would have been stuck without you. I promise to never forget that and be just such a support for you.
  2. Thank you for being part of my life! I am so happy to have met you. In the short time, you helped me so much and infected me with your courage to live.
  3. A little favor also deserves a big thank you, especially when it comes to your help. You are always there for me at the right time. Thank you very much for it!
  4. You are one of the most important people to me. Even without your steady support, I would like you. But your willingness to help knocks me over so often. I just want to tell you to thank you.
  5. From the heart, thank you from the heart for getting me without batting an eyelash. Thank you for being the way you are and do not expect any consideration. It comes, but all the more because I know your modesty well.
  6. Thank you for never using my weak and sensitive areas to my disadvantage. Thank you for never letting me feel the consequences of my mistakes for a long time. Thank you for having so much understanding and never running away with difficulties. Thank you for existing!
  7. Your courage and your strong attitude to life have given me a lot to think about. You are my role model. Thank you for your motivation!
  8. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your simple, warm humanity, your helpful, open hand, and your understanding eye. Please take this little attention, I very much hope you like it.

Thanks to special people – sayings for friends

Everyone is happy about small attention. They deserve good friends in particular! Just say thank you or choose another saying that shows your affection.

The following thank you show the many things that you can thank for good and best friends.

A Thank You to Special People-02

  1. Big thank you for your help and support lately. I would have been stuck without you. I don’t exaggerate, you have torn me out of despair. I will never forget that.
  2. It is said that good friends are there to help each other in difficult times. And you are surprised when it comes to that and hardly anyone shares your hand. I don’t just want to say thank you, but show it with an act. Get in touch when you have time.
  3. Thank you for always relying on you and you always get agreements. I admire it all the more because you also have your family, but always find time for your friends. Especially if you need help. You have a noble heart, please keep it, and thank you for that!
  4. Without you, my son would go under forever. I know you don’t like exaggeration, but I just feel it that way. And I feel great gratitude that you are such a special person in my life. On the fact that it always stays that way!
  5. Many thanks to my best friend! Simply for the fact that you like, and respect me, help me on the jumps, and enjoy the time with me. You’re a sweetheart! P.S. Enjoy the chocolates!
  6. A small gesture for a big friend: thanks for the always open ear and the guards. Thanks for the honesty, especially if it doesn’t flatter me. Thanks for the always right words that comfort me and help me on my feet.
  7. A big thank you for all the nice hours, the great rounds, the happy memories, and the feeling that I am never alone in this world!

Thank you for a special WhatsApp thank you sayings

It is also appropriate for the simplest birthday wishes to thank you.

Especially with close congratulations, you will not miss sending a thank you for the congratulations. But all other good wishes for life also earn a small thank you.

How much does that apply to dear people who take time for you and take action?

A Thank You to Special People-03

  1. I really appreciate what you did for me. Thank you very much!
  2. Forever I will be grateful for your help! Many thanks for everything!
  3. Even a big thank you is not enough to express my gratitude. I prefer to let a good deed speak. I love you and see you soon!
  4. My heart is full of gratitude because I know you. This is also a big gift. And thanks for that too!
  5. Thank you very much for your kind words and encouragement. That is so incredibly good!
  6. Thank you from the bottom of your heart that you didn’t let me down. You mean the world to me.
  7. You always have a shoulder left for me. I thank you with all my heart!
  8. Thank you for your friendliness and lovely words!
  9. I just want to tell you to thank you for being part of your life. I love you so much.
  10. I would like to spend time with you. You give me such an indescribably nice feeling. Many thanks for that!
  11. I know your schedule and know how difficult it must be for you to find a time when I need your help. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your efforts!
  12. Thank you for always strengthening my back! I feel so protected with you.
  13. Thank you for your advice, and wisdom, and for your understanding that I do it differently!
  14. Thank you for your intimate love and affection, your sacrifice, and your kindness!
  15. The most beautiful thanks to the most beautiful people I know!

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Quotes for your WhatsApp status and your thanks

Make wisdom, I think a stylish impression as a WhatsApp status or another kind of status message.

I also selected some of the large selection of proverbs and aphorisms that can be found through gratitude. Let yourself be inspired by you for the most beautiful thanks.

For example, you can refer to them in personal words of thanks. I will show you my suggestions below.

Quotes for your WhatsApp status and your thanks

  1. “thank you for this moment is the only way to perceive the glow of eternity.”
    – Unknown
  2. “Thank you nothing costs, and God and people like it.”
    – German proverb
  3. “The one that God loves, he also gives the heart to thank.”
    – Unknown
  4. “What you cannot pay with money at least pay with thanks.”
    – German proverb
  5. “Every happy moment deserves gratitude.”
    – Unknown
  6. “For a blessing as large as a drop of water, give back a bubbling source.”
    – From China
  7. “Gratitude is the yardstick for the culture of the heart.”
    – German proverb
  8. “Good advice is rare, gratitude for it even less often.”
    – From Turkey
  9. “With every gift or victim, there are two types of gratitude, the immediate when we accept something, and the deeper when we give something away.”
    – Unknown
  10. “I thank God because he gave you a good heart. And I thank you because you showed me. ”
    – Unknown
  11. “If you have any other thanks, you have a nice treasure.”
    – German proverb
  12. “And there would be none in the world that does good works and none who knows how to thank – what would they be good for?”
    – Unknown
  13. “Gratitude makes life rich.”
    – Dietrich Bonhoeffer (1906 – 1945), Lutheran theologian
  14. “It is a commendable custom: whoever gets something good would also like to thank you.”
    – Wilhelm Busch (1832 – 1908), Draftsman, painter, and writer

How do I say thank you to a dear person?

I also have to think about the personal texts for the little sister. You can see a variety of possibilities that you can personally thank a particularly lovely person.

I found this message here in my memory box. I asked her to be my best friend when I got engaged.

My love,
Gratitude is a yardstick for the culture of the heart … I am pleased that I feel great gratitude to have you in my life!
Thank you very much that you are my best friend!
You have always had an open ear for me over the years. But that’s not all!
Even if you weren’t in my opinion or thought that I was making a mistake, you have held back with hasty words.
You managed to mix care, concern, and trust so nicely that I feel comfortable in your presence. You never criticized my decisions, even if you knew that nothing good came out.
You have always respected my worldview, my feelings, and my attitudes in an admirable way.
I hope at least I can be a mother if I am not a friend.
I love you!

Thanks to special people – sayings to the team

Many employees experience it again every year: the words of thanks from their superiors shortly before Christmas and the end of a year of operation. If a big thank you comes unexpectedly, it really warms up the hearts of the people.

The following sample texts are examples of how to thank the team at the same time formally and easily.

If the service anniversary of a colleague or a colleague is pending, you are right in our anniversary sayings.

  1. Thank you very much for your hard work and exemplary cooperation. So that thanks are also active, there will soon be a company outing. On this occasion, I hope that we will relax together and have a good time. There is nothing more important than strong cohesion and the satisfaction of the team.
  2. Dear colleagues, a big thank you for the fantastic work that was done! Everyone has contributed to the fact that this big project gets on their feet well. After the hard and difficult times, the reward for all efforts and the overflowing stress will certainly not be absent.
  3. Dear employees,It is important to express thanks at the end of the year. It is important to me to say that my thank you is not just a nice gesture but actually comes from the heart. Thanks to the commitment and the great performance of the team, we made profits.
    I am impressed by the team spirit and the willingness to work on the norm. I do not consider this to be a matter of course and have decided to reward all the effort.

Our customers also thanked our extraordinary work punctuality and expertise.

I wish everyone relaxing days and nice holidays with family and friends. Of course, I expect to welcome many colleagues at the Christmas party. I send warm Christmas greetings to those who travel or cannot be there for other reasons.

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Thanks to special people – sayings, rhymes, and poems for the thank you card

Rhymes are always something special and remember, whether with congratulations or thanks. They are perfect for the thank you card.

You don’t have to seal a masterpiece. A few verses are enough to show that you particularly tried to thank you.

Here are my suggestions. Take over them or change them as you like.

  1. Thanks for your lovely look in the morning,
    Thank you for your encouragement with worries
    Thank you for doing so much for me
    And are still in a good mood and laugh!
  2. Thanks for peace with you
    Thanks for your mild face
    Thanks for the tender love
    And for being my life!
  3. I was looking for and looked for special words
    From the stylish, special variety.
    But the thing is not magic
    And the words only need three:
    Thanks so much!
  4. Time with you passes so quickly.
    Thanks to you, my days are particularly bright.
    May our band never pass
    but always exist.
    I am grateful for this nice luck
    And like to look back on everything.
  5. For all the beautiful moments and things
    I would like to say thank you from the heart.
    That you make life easier for me
    Think of me and give me many skills so well.
    Thank you very much and don’t be surprised
    As a small gift, take this little poem.

Poems for Mother’s Day and other occasions

What is better suited for Mother’s Day than a poem that says thank you? A small gift for the mom rounds off the thank you card nicely. Of course, we also have the right sayings and poems for fathers.

You can also use the following poems for your birthday wishes.

The last two poems exhort people to gratitude. You have educational value.

  • “Thank you, Mother, for life,
    For the love ’who belongs to us,
    Thank you, Mother, for forgiving,
    For your being on this earth.
    Could we keep you forever
    always in this world,
    You would make them so nicely
    that no shadow falls on her.
    Let us also thank the Lord,
    Simply there are mothers
    Nobody will falter in life
    When a mother loves him. ”
    – Unknown
  • “Thank you …
    I just want to say thank you
    For that there is you.
    Just want to say thank you
    For that, I can think of you.
    Just say thank you
    For listening to me without having to.
    Say thank you,
    for the fact that you don’t promise me anything
    And explain to me, your frustration.
    For everything you are and
    What I always love.
    for the fact that you always become there for me
    Even if it is more difficult. ”
    – Tim Junge
  • “Thank you for finding me.
    Thank you for existing.
    Thank you for never forgetting me.
    Thanks for your laugh.
    Thanks for the feeling that you give me.
    Thank you for your love.”
    – Roger Pfaff (*1974), Aphorist
  • “I wish everyone from the heart
    that he can experience
    what it means,
    To have friends, colleagues, and partners in one (at the same time).
    It is wonderful.
    Just unbelievable.
    that I was able to experience that with you. ”
    – Miranda B.
  • “I would like to say” thank you “today.
    For our way in all the days.
    Through many things I realized
    Where my own shadow was.
    I learned, loved, and suffered.
    It was often not easy
    – very undisputed. ”
    – Irina Rauthmann (*1958), Aphoristician and poet
  • “Thank you
    Thanks to all the people who are always there for me
    Thanks to everyone who gives me a nice word,
    Thanks to everyone, give a smile, give me a smile
    Thanks to everyone who listens to me,
    Thanks to everyone who laughs with me,
    Thanks to everyone who criticized me,
    Thanks to everyone who knows my bad properties
    And still my friends.
    Many thanks to all my dear friends! ”
    – Rainald Manthe
  • “The thinker must
    become a thank you.
    By recognizing the world,
    of heaven, the earth,
    The thinker will|
    led to astonishment.
    And before it is familiar
    Will the heart of the brain
    – Carl Peter Fröhling (*1933), Philosopher and Aphoristician
  • “Don’t always look for what you are missing;
    Humble fills your soul.
    Thanks for fulfilling your mind.
    All flowers, all flowers, and underneath a boast
    blossom for you too. ”
    – Theodor Fontane (1819 – 1898), Writer and Journalist

Thanks to special people – funny sayings

From the solemn tone of the poems, we now come to cheeky thanksgiving that makes you laugh and look at life from the cheerful side.

If you make it difficult for inhibitions or feelings of shame to thank you, you will definitely find the right words here.

  1. Thank you for calling me so late yesterday. After that, I fell asleep like a baby, but you probably did not.
  2. I just wanted to say thank you, Mom, that I got so great!
  3. I have such a strange feeling that I would like to tell you. At first, I thought it had something to do with my digestion, but then I came across it: it’s gratitude!
  4. Thank you for being my therapist even though you don’t get wages!
  5. I thank you from the bottom of my heart! But don’t think that you can get away without consideration!
  6. It almost scares me how you have the right advice and helping hand ready every time. Thank you for being so creepy!
  7. I know, I know … once thank you very much is enough. So please, that’s it. (Says someone who has never thanked.)
  8. These people who do not know how to thank you … as if they had never heard of flowers, chocolates, others, and money. Well, a thank you card does it too … so, thank you!

Final thoughts

In this article, you have found a large selection of options to say thank you. You could read life wisdom and words of thanks in sample texts and templates as well as funny sayings.

The most beautiful thank-you sayings come from the heart of course. But it doesn’t have to be a thank you card or a personal letter every time. Some people find it difficult to find the right words or have inhibitions to thank you.

Our thanks to special people through sayings should help to express them properly. With this article, I would also like to motivate us to thank ourselves more often.

Unfortunately, mundanity can often be found. If something like that happened to you, don’t despair. Our sayings about ingratitude can help overcome the disappointment.

Showing gratitude is part of the good tone and is a nice gesture. At least!

A nice, honest thank you is also a small gift that warms the heart and strengthens bonds.

So, the pen or cell phone in your hand and just say thank you!



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