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Self-Care Sundays Just Got A Little More Fun!

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Self-care is a practice that is nearly universally enjoyed. It takes many forms, including physical versions like skincare and mental health practices like healthy communication. When people think about self-care, they often imagine their happy place. For some, that may be meditating on the beach. For others, it may be indulging in some retail therapy! No matter what self-care looks like for you, there are a few common denominators—for example, caring for your body. Regardless of what your self-care Sunday plans look like this week, there are a few options to help you take it to the next level.

CBD Products

The CBD industry is booming, and for good reason! Many people use CBD to quiet an overactive mind, promote restful sleep, and alleviate physical discomfort. In some cases, your pet may even beneft from CBD usage. For an ultra-relaxing night in, consider utilizing a CBD product from Devine Dispensary. CBD comes in a variety of forms, including oils, tinctures, and edibles like gummies. Depending on your needs, your usage may vary. For example, you may choose a CBD spa product to add to a warm bubble bath after a long day at work. Perhaps you spice up your nighttime tea with some CBD to help you achieve ultimate relaxation.

CBD is a cannabinoid, similar to THC but without any of the effects that produce the “high” most people associate with THC usage. Instead, its primary function is discomfort relief and alleviation of symptoms related to the inability to rest. Your CBD dose will vary depending on your desired effect. The best practice for beginning a new treatment regimen is to consult your doctor frst to determine the best dosage for you and go over any possible side effects.

Nail Care

Some of us became our own nail technicians over the lockdown associated with COVID-19, while others just let our nail beds run wild. You probably gave it a try and quickly realized that gel manicures are tricky, and nail glue is hard to get off your skin! Ladies and gentlemen, your solution is here. Press on nails are more durable and versatile than ever before.

If you’ve been putting off going to the salon all week but struggle to manage the nail art you like on your own, press-one are a perfect solution. Stick-on gel nails are a much easier alternative to a gel kit complete with tools and lights. Not to mention, for those with finicky styles, you have the opportunity to change your nails up for every outfit!

Fake nail companies like Mani Me use toxin and cruelty-free formulas so you can ensure your manicure is as ethical as it is pretty.

Face Masks

Face masks have been a staple of self-care for as long as self-care has been around. There are many options to choose from, including mud masks, clay masks, and sheet masks. Face masks are an excellent way to remove impurities and reset your pores for the week ahead. After a face mask, a great practice is to follow it up with a nourishing moisturizer. By moisturizing after you’ve applied and rinsed your mask, you can ensure you’re locking in the hydration and helping your skin recover from a treatment that can be a bit drying for some sensitive skin types.

The main idea of self-care is self-explanatory: it is the practice of caring for yourself. It only differs depending on what you need as an individual. This care practice might be a mani-pedi or some quality time with your best friend. This Sunday, determine what it is you’re lacking and go out and get it! The self-esteem-boosting properties of a fresh manicure, facial, and good night’s sleep can work wonders on the soul.


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