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Ultimate Guide To Find The Perfect Jeans For Women

Ultimate Guide To Find The Perfect Jeans For Women

Jeans being one of the most popular pieces of clothing has a wide variety you can choose from. No wonder many people find it confusing when selecting jeans. No matter your age or gender or any criteria, everyone owns a pair. So there are a few things you might need to consider while looking for your jeans.

Understanding Your Body Type

The first step in finding a perfect piece of clothing is knowing and understanding your own body. The size and shape of the body have a major say in what kind of clothing will suit you. And this rule of thumb applies to jeans as well.

Hourglass: Having an hourglass figure means that you have a bust and hips of similar size, but your waist is narrow. You should always look for jeans with a high waist and mid-rise as they will highlight your best features.

Pear: Women with pear-shaped bodies have hips and thighs wider than their upper bodies. This kind of body shape can be brought to balance with flared jeans. However, you should avoid jeans with heavy details on the hip area as it would draw all the attention and give you an unflattering look.

Apple: Apple-shaped bodies are more robust around the waistline and upper body while their thighs and legs are slimmer. This type of body can be accentuated with high to mid-rise jeans which helps to conceal the well-endowed waist area. You can also opt for straight or flared-style jeans to balance your appearance.

Rectangle: Rectangle or pencil body-shaped women do not have defined curves. From their bust to their hips, they have similar measurements, creating the illusion of a rectangle. For such body shapes, skinny jeans and high-waisted jeans with pockets and details on the waist are the best choice.

Different Styles of Jeans

After figuring out your body type, the next step would be to learn about different kinds of jeans. Due to its versatility, jeans come in all shapes, sizes and styles.

Skinny Jeans: As the name suggests, these types of jeans for women stick on your body like a second skin. It hugs your figure snugly and shows off your figure. On top of that, it can be paired with any kind of top.

Straight-Leg Jeans: Straight-leg jeans have a straight cut that goes from the hips to the ankle. This feature makes it look classic, which can fit the theme of any setting.

Bootcut Jeans: Bootcut jeans can be recognized by their tell-tale sign of slight flare. It fits on the hips and thighs, but once past the knees, it flares outwards. These types of jeans for women are best suited to balance the women’s appearance with wide hips. Once you pair it with heels or boots, you are ready for anything.

Flared Jeans: Similar to bootcut jeans, flared jeans add drama to your looks. It has a fitting form from top to knees but expands outwards from below the knees. These jeans are perfect for women looking to add dimensions to their lower body.

High-Waisted Jeans: High-waisted jeans are known for their speciality of highlighting the person’s waistline. These jeans have an expanded waistline which provides support to your midsection. They are especially useful for women looking to make their legs appear longer.

Choosing the Right Fit

After determining your style, it is important to choose the jeans of your size. Wearing ill-fitting jeans is a disaster waiting to happen since they can provide neither comfort nor style like a perfect pair of jeans types for women.

Waistband: As the name implies, this part sits over your waistline. It is important that it fits right, neither too tight nor too loose, to give you maximum style and comfort. A good way to measure its fitness is to insert two fingers between the waistband and the body. If the fingers fit, it would be perfect for you, otherwise, it is best to look elsewhere.

Rise: The rise of jeans is incredibly important in clothes fitting. It is the distance between your crotch and the top of the waistband, which determines where your jeans settle once you wear them. Low-rise jeans sit below your waist, mid-rise jeans sit at your waist, and high-rise jeans sit above your waist. So, you need to know what would be comforting and flattering to your body as you choose your jeans.

Length: The length of the types of jeans is also a very important factor when choosing your jeans as it can affect the way you look. Choosing the wrong length of jeans can make you look shorter or taller than you are. Therefore, always choose the jeans of length that would complement your height. The best length of the jeans is when you wear them, it will skim the floor when you move around.

Denim Washes and Colors

Types of Jeans for women come in a variety of washes and colours, and they carry their personality. They can also add the element of drama and flare to grab the attention of surrounding people.

Dark Wash: Dark-washed jeans carry the ability to make you look slim and fit. This versatile wash can suit any occasion and event.

Light Wash: This variety of wash is more relaxed and suits daytime events more. Light-wash jeans can give you a casual and vintage appearance based on other factors.

Tips for Trials and Shopping

Try Multiple Sizes: Size matters. Wearing the right-sized jeans can make a huge difference in your look. So, try multiple sizes despite their tags and find the right fit for yourself.

Move Around: When you wear clothes, you don’t stand still like a mannequin. So, don’t do that while trying on them either. Try to mimic your everyday movements and find out if they are comfortable as well while being stylish.


Even if finding the perfect jeans seems like a monumental task, you can find your perfect fit with little time and effort. Take the above factors into consideration while shopping, and look at choices and options. Explore your taste and find the types of jeans for women that increase your wow factor.

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