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Installing Brand New Windows – What To Keep In Mind


When building a home, one of the most important steps is the installation of your windows. Windows can make or break a home. They regulate a lot more than most people think. First of all, your windows keep cold air out in the winter, and cold air in during the summer.

If your windows don’t do this right, your energy bills are going to go through the roof. For example, if your furnace is trying to warm up all the air coming in from outside, it’s going to need a lot of power! Not to mention your furnace may be damaged in the process.

Windows are also very important for protection. Windows is your front line of security. If you don’t install your windows properly, and they simply fall in on themselves when touched, your valuables are not secure! With all of this in mind, we’ve put together a guide that will help you install windows perfectly all on your own.

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Planning – The Most Important Step

When it comes to installing anything at all, planning and preparation are incredibly important. Before buying your windows, be sure to take all the necessary measurements and calculations.

Failure to do so could result in improper installation. You will also need to ensure that the materials you are using will work together. You don’t want your window to be too heavy, nor do you want it to be the wrong size! We can’t stress this enough.

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You need to take every little detail into account if you’re going to successfully install these windows. As for preparation, be sure to have all the necessary materials and tools on-site before the job goes underway. If you’re halfway through the job and realize you don’t have the proper tools, or worse, the proper materials, you may have to undo everything you’ve done and start over! Nothing worse than wasting valuable time! Time is money!

Preparing Your Materials

Before you get started on the job, you’re going to want to get your materials into fighting shape. In other words, you want everything to be ready so that it all fits together like Lego when the job goes underway. This includes cleaning all surfaces for easy attachment. You’ll want to make sure all mechanisms are out of the way but are also easy to make available.

Make sure all sealant materials are ready to be applied. You also want to make sure your sealant is preserved properly. If it sits at an incorrect temperature or in an incorrect environment it may damage your window over time. Materials like this are designed to fluctuate with climate and weather. If they can’t fluctuate you’ll see intense frost heaves and overall just a lot of damage.

Installing Your Window Frame

Installing a window frame is probably the most important installation step. If you do this wrong you’re going to mess everything up! Think of it this way. A house is typically built on a foundation. If that foundation crumbles, there are going to be a lot of problems with that house.

Your window frame is your window’s foundation. If the frame doesn’t sit right or is damaged upon installation, your window may not even open correctly. Water may seep in during rainstorms, and temperature control inside your home will be ineffective at best.

To ensure that the frame installation goes smoothly, be sure to prep where the frame sits. Sand everything down. Make sure there are no bumps or warps. If there are, you’ll need to restructure that part of the house! Doing so is incredibly expensive, and very time-consuming. Do it right the first time and you won’t have to worry about this!

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Mounting the Actual Window

When it comes to actually mounting the window, you need to be extra careful. When you’re screwing things in and hammering at parts, you need to be sure everything is as precise as possible. Also, if you decide to wail away at nails and screws with a hammer and torque gun, you may be knocking other parts out of place.

Installing windows is not like building a wooden house. You can’t just beat on the materials until they fit together. That’s not going to work for you!

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Final Thoughts

Ensuring that you keep all the above in mind will take you far when installing windows in your home. Installing a window correctly ensures that your home is secure, energy-efficient, and so much more.

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