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6 Amazing Ways to Style Up Your Diamond Jewellery


Diamond is a versatile precious rock. Not to mention that it is the strongest substance known to man. As such, it can be put into various kinds of jewellery styles without any issue. This gives you a lot of variety to choose from. But if you are confused with all the variety on offer and don’t know what kind of diamond jewellery to go for or how to wear it to make you look amazing, then there is no need to worry. We are here to tell you all about it.

How Can You Look Gorgeous Using Diamond Jewellery?

  • Choose diamond earrings

Whether you are planning on entertaining guests at your home or are going out to a casual party, diamond earrings are your friend on both occasions. But the kind of earrings you should wear will vary according to the event you are heading to. For causal parties and house guests, wear diamond studs. But for formal parties, you can wear dangling diamond earrings coupled with a great Kurti or saree.

Note that since diamond goes with all kinds of skin colour so you don’t need to worry about it not looking great. But wearing only earrings for any occasion won’t look great. So you can pair it up with Melorra gold pendants the get a great look.

  • Try diamond necklaces to look elegant

Diamond necklaces look elegant and vintage. It also makes one look classy and unique. So if you are heading to a private party or a formal occasion then such necklaces are the way to go. Note that glittering risking necklaces will look great with a black and gold or red and gold saree. Other than this wearing a black dress will also match your necklace.

  • Wear diamond rings for special events

No matter what event you are heading to, diamond rings will suit you fully. It will draw attention to your hands and the dress you are wearing. Know that you should wear a gold bracelet along with the rings to enhance the awe-inducing effect that it will have on other people.

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  • Pair your diamond choker with a low neckline dress

Chokers are a piece of jewellery that can’t be pulled off by everyone. But if you feel confident that it will look great on your slim neck then go for it. The ideal way to wear a choker is by pairing it with a low neckline dress and a scoop neck top. It will make your neck look slim and long.

  • Wear diamond bracelets for parties

While diamond bracelets won’t look great for everyday use, but you should wear them for parties. It will draw attention to your slim hands and also the dress you are wearing. Make sure that you are wearing a black dress during such functions.

  • Don’t overdo the diamond

This last piece of advice or tip isn’t about how you can pair a piece of diamond jewellery with clothing. Here we will tell you that if you feel like you are going overboard with the jewellery, then simply wear less. It’s better to have an understated look and wear less rather than going overboard.

It’s easy to pair your diamond jewellery since it looks great for all kinds of parties and with all skin types. However, when it comes to dresses or sarees, choose black always since it will go along with it.


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