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Your Handy Guide to Get Started with Fantasy Cricket


If you are intending to play Fantasy Cricket and do not have any idea on the process of playing it and how to earn maximum profit with maximum fun, then this article is to solve all your queries regarding the game. The game is very simple.

An important question that needs an explanation is ‘what is fantasy cricket’Fantasy cricket is a gift for cricket lovers. There are various apps wherein you can bet on upcoming real-world games. You can create your team and have the chance of winning huge amounts of money.

Here are some tips and guide to playing the game

Try to create balance when you create your team with a mix of best batsmen, good fielders, and bowlers. Do not just randomly choose any player without looking at their previous performances.

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Stay tuned with upcoming matches, be updated with the weather conditions, injured players, pitch conditions, or any other last-moment change. Try to choose those players who are competitive. Do not be emotional while choosing the players, be practical.

Do not invest all that you have in a single match. To increase the chances to win, play various matches. But do not play if you lack information about the game. Always choose different players from different teams. You might use a bonus code if you lack money.

The process

  1. If you are a cricket fan, then the fantasy cricket app is what you need to try.
  2. Firstly download the fantasy cricket app. Make sure you download it from a trustworthy gaming platform. After installing, register yourself via the phone number or the email address.
  3. The next step is to select which match you are interested to play. Now, when you use the app you will see a lot of upcoming matches over there. You are free to choose any match as per your choice.
  4. The next step is to select your team members, create your team virtually. You would have 22-25 players in the option from which you would have to choose 11 players. The vice-captain and the captain will also be of your choice. Try to select these two wisely as the vice-captain worth’s 1.5 times and the captain is twice the worth of a normal player.
  5. You are supposed to select one wicketkeeper, four mixed roles, three bowlers, and 3 batsmen. Every player would have their rating as per their performance.

There is no restriction on the number of contests you could play in Fantasy Cricket. You here have the option of playing different matches like Small Leagues, Head- Head contest, and Grand Leagues. The fees of playing all these matches are low and moderate. Try to play those matches on which you know higher your chances to win. Once you are done with your part of forming the team and choosing out all different players now is the time for you to enjoy the game.


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