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Best 7 Seater Car – Split and Go

Best 7 Seater Car – This time Yankodesign’s Designer Kenan Haliloglu really won my heart with their recent concept design of Ultra Future Electric 7 Seater Car plus conventional van that splits to turn into a two-seater small car for urban use. Perfect for …
Concept Design - The Hybrid Laptop

Concept Design – The Hybrid Laptop

In the age of multifunctional gadgets,Kévin Depape has came up with a concept like the Paysage Laptop sound pretty acceptable. Here is a 14.1-inch laptop that features an inductive stand for the home. no doubt It looks super sexy in its brushed …

Anisha Lamp By Foscarini

The Anisha Lamp by Italian design studio Foscarini is not just a lamp, but a surprising, personal object you will fall in love with this modern lamp at first sight. Italian design lamps, modern lamps, Torchiere Floor Lamp, touch lamp sensor, bedside …
LIttle Electricity Savior

LIttle Electricity Savior

Myung-gyu Kim Designer of Yankodesign presents of useful concept with us. Well Usually It’s happened to all of us…when you’re working at the computer when a power failure occurs and you lose… EVERYTHING. Thats really worst! — Autosave is great solution of …

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