Know These 8 Things About a Tall Tubular Battery

Selecting an inverter can be a complicated task. Unfortunately, even if you have finally selected the right inverter for your requirements, the work doesn’t end there. You need an inverter battery to operate your inverter. An inverter draws power from an inverter battery that eventually helps you run your appliances in the events of a power outage.

Having said that, if you have been looking for an inverter battery, we think you must have heard about a tall tubular battery. If you don’t know much about inverter or inverter batteries, there’s no doubt that you would have several questions about tall tubular batteries. How are they different from other types of batteries? Is it the right inverter battery for me? What are the pros and cons that I must know about?


If the struggle sounds familiar, we are happy to help. This comprehensive guide will enlighten you all about a tall tubular battery.

1. Tall Tubular Batteries Have a Longer Life

Tall Tubular Batteries last more than standard batteries or flat pate batteries. With frequent maintenance, tall tubular batteries can last for 5-7 years, given that you pick a reliable brand, such as Luminous.

2. They Have a High Cycle Life

One charge and one discharge make a cycle. Tall Tubular Batteries have a longer cycle life. In other words, it offers a greater number of cycles than any other battery. Life of tall tubular battery is comparatively higher.

3. Tall Tubular Batteries Can Handle Heavy Appliances and Load

Heavy appliances can be efficiently operated with a tall tubular battery. These inverter batteries, which are a type of Lead-acid battery, have higher temperature resistance and larger plates that help them tolerate more rough handling without breakdown. These larger plates or electrodes also make these inverter batteries last longer.

If you are looking to operate a few heavy appliances such as TV or Air Conditioners, Tall Tubular batteries can be the right pick. Even though they can handle higher voltage loads well as compared to other types of inverter batteries, it is not recommended to strain tall tubular batteries with excessive loads that they are not built to handle.

4. Tall Tubular Batteries are Named After a Tubular Electrode Structure

Every type of inverter battery has plates, also known as electrodes, that produce current. The shape of these plates defines the type of battery. As the name suggests, tall tubular batteries have plates shaped like a tube. They are relatively thicker in width and lengthier in height.

5. They are suitable for homes that face frequent and longer Power Outages

Having a long battery backup and a build that can handle high voltage and heavy appliances, tall tubular batteries are best suited for homes that face frequent and longer power outages.

6. Tall Tubular Batteries Require fewer Water Top-ups

An inverter battery requires distilled water to operate. While other batteries require frequent water top-ups, tall tubular batteries require fewer and infrequent water top-ups to function smoothly.

7. Tall Tubular Batteries Demand More Space

Being batteries that have a structure that is much taller and wider, tall tubular batteries demand more space. This is obvious, as tall tubular batteries are made to house a higher amount of electrical energy.

8. Tall Tubular Batteries are Expensive

Tall tubular batteries are on the higher end in terms of price, given that they handle excessive loads. However, despite being expensive, they have a longer life as compared to other types of batteries.

In a nutshell, tall tubular batteries are better if you have a larger space, heavy energy requirements, and no budget constraints. However, before you make your pick, be sure of your energy requirements. Going for tall tubular batteries if you don’t face frequent power cuts would be a bad idea since underutilizing an inverter battery is a big NO for its health.

9. Tall Tubular Batteries Battery Size

A Tall Tubular Batteries size chart provides valuable information about the dimensions and specifications of various tall tubular batteries available in the market. These batteries are commonly used in applications that require high power and long-lasting performance, such as backup power systems, renewable energy storage, and industrial equipment. The size chart typically includes details like the battery’s height, diameter, weight, and capacity. It also provides information about the different voltage options and the specific applications that each battery is suitable for. This allows consumers and professionals to easily compare and select the right tall tubular battery for their specific needs.

On the other hand, a button battery size chart provides a comprehensive overview of the sizes and specifications of button batteries, which are small, compact, and commonly used in electronic devices like watches, calculators, key fobs, and medical devices. The chart typically includes information about the battery’s diameter, height, voltage, and capacity. It may also mention the compatibility of each battery size with specific devices. This enables users to easily identify the appropriate button battery size required for their electronic devices and ensure compatibility and optimal performance.



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